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Chief Editor And Betting Expert

Hi, I’m Marcus Delaney, and I am currently the Editor-in-chief of SafeHamsters. My journey in the world of journalism started back in 2014 when I started writing articles about football. My passion for the sport, combined with my keen eye for analysis, quickly caught the attention of industry insiders and paved the way for my successful career in the betting sector.



Columbia University


Journalism and media


Expert in Betting Reviews and Crypto Analysis

Betting Experience

10 years

Favorite sport


Favorite type of bet


  1. My favorite game is World of Warcraft
  2. Go Lakers!
  3. Love to watch how BTC’s growing 🙂

Over the years, my dedication and expertise caught the attention of others in the industry, allowing me to establish myself as a trusted voice. With more than a decade of experience under my belt, I have become known for my sharp insights and ability to provide analysis that few can rival.

While many may have expected me to continue down the path of football journalism, I decided to venture into the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrency. This shift may have surprised some, but my knack for dissecting complex topics and presenting them in an accessible manner made me a perfect fit for the crypto scene.

Before stepping into my current role as Editor-in-chief, I took on the responsibility of managing football content and setting editorial standards. Leading teams of writers, I ensured that we delivered top-tier coverage to our readers. Now, as the head of the SafeHamsters division, I have the opportunity to guide a new generation of journalists, instilling in them the importance of delivering fact-based, insightful content in any subject matter.

I believe that in this digital age, it is crucial for journalists to adapt and explore new territories. With my background in football and my understanding of the cryptocurrency landscape, I am able to offer a unique perspective that is valued by our audience.

Outside of the professional sphere, you can find me indulging in my love for travel and exploring new cultures. Embracing new experiences allows me to broaden my horizons and bring fresh ideas to my work.

I am deeply committed to the world of journalism and am dedicated to continue providing valuable insights to my readers. With each article I write, I strive to inform, inspire, and engage my audience, delivering content that is both informative and entertaining.

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