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Formula 1 betting with Bitcoin

Best Sites For Formula 1 Betting With Bitcoin & Crypto 2024

Formula 1, the pinnacle of world circuit racing championships, stands as the premier racing spectacle globally. Its allure for bettors stems from the intense competition, the thrilling nature of the races, and the extensive betting options available. This arena, graced by the era’s finest pilots, inevitably draws substantial financial interest.

Opting for Bitcoin in Formula 1 betting amplifies the advantages, making the gambling experience even more rewarding. Crypto use streamlines and enhances the betting process, unveils new betting avenues, and unlocks exclusive bonuses.

By selecting a crypto Formula 1 betting site from my curated selection, you’ll get to experience firsthand the ease and excellence of betting with cryptocurrency.

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Advantages Of Using Bitcoin For Betting On Formula 1

Analyzing the popularity of crypto staking on F1, I identified its main advantages. Let’s discuss the benefits of Formula 1 betting with Bitcoin below:

  • Enhanced privacy. Blockchain technology allows making anonymous payments.
  • Accelerated transactions. Crypto payments do not have to pass through banks, so they are much faster (generally, they take from several minutes to 3 hours).
  • High limits and low fees. The decentralized nature of crypto makes money transfers cheaper and ensures fewer restrictions.
  • Special bonuses. Sportsbooks reward clients for using crypto tokens with extra bonuses.

Is It Safe?

Formula 1 crypto betting is completely safe if you gamble on a reliable sportsbook with high-grade security measures like SSL encryption. To pick a trustworthy platform, use my selection of licensed bookmakers. In addition, to make crypto gambling secure, use trusted crypto wallets and exchanges.

How To Pick The Best Crypto Formula 1 Betting Site?

I’ve spent years immersed not just in gambling but also in analyzing the gambling sector. Through this journey, I’ve learned that snagging a dependable sportsbook with top-notch service drastically shapes your overall gambling vibe. Here, I’ll break down the key factors to consider, ensuring you nail the perfect pick for a BTC Formula 1 betting bookmaker.

Cryptocurrency Options

I personally recommend choosing a platform that offers at least 3-4 virtual currencies for deposits and cashouts. It’s not even a matter of freedom of choice, which in itself is certainly important, but mostly it’s about safety. After all, being tied to only one currency is not entirely rational because some technical failures may occur with it, and you will be limited in its use.


Licensing And Regulation

Remember that you can trust only licensed Formula 1 crypto sportsbooks. Before registering, check for a license from an authorized body and make sure that the site is regulated by some institution.

Formula 1 Market Depth

The more staking options, the more chances to win. Moreover, the variety of markets makes gambling more exciting. That’s why I recommend you choose Formula 1 Bitcoin sportsbooks that provide a possibility to stake in multiple F1 markets.

Odds And Payouts

Before deciding on the sportsbook on which I want to gamble, I compare the odds offered with several other reputable sites. If the indicators are more or less the same, it means that the bookmaker is not trying to deceive me and lure me with inflated odds.

Also, take into account the payout time. Check what transaction time your chosen cryptocurrency has and compare it with what the sportsbook offers.

Bonuses And Promotions

Sportsbook bonuses provide additional opportunities to win and sometimes save money. Take into consideration Formula 1 crypto betting platforms with good bonus sets and VIP programs.

Reputation And Trustworthiness

Before making a decision, read the reviews about the bookmaker that is of interest to you. Testimonials from real punters and professional reviews are the best sources of useful information. 

Customer Support

I recommend giving preference to sportsbooks that present at least 2 communication channels (email, live chat, phone). Also, it is great when at least one of them works 24/7, so you can get necessary technical support anytime you need it.

Steps To Begin Wagering On Formula 1 Races

Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start. I have prepared a special guide that describes in detail all the steps you need to take to start Formula 1 betting with Bitcoin:

  1. Register a Bitcoin wallet. A reliable digital wallet is a necessity for everyone who wants to make transactions using cryptocurrency. A wallet account is a safe virtual storage for the tokens you purchase on the exchange or get from other sources.
  2. Set up a personal sportsbook account. Choose a bookmaker from the list of top betting sites that I have prepared. Provide the site with the required data and confirm your account creation.
  3. Make a deposit. Go to the Payment section to replenish your account. Enter the amount considering the minimum limit set by the bookmaker, specify crypto as the main payment option, and initialize the transfer in your wallet.
  4. Start gambling. Get acquainted with the F1 rules, pick a strategy, evaluate the odds, set a staking budget, and start placing wagers.
  5. Get your winnings. Navigate to the Payment section, specify the sum, and pick virtual currency as the transfer method. Go to your crypto wallet to check the transfer completion.

Popular Tournaments For Bitcoin Formula 1 Betting

Formula 1 is one of the most spectacular sports due to the scale of the racing tracks and the unpredictability of the results. The main tournaments of the season attract the attention of thousands of fans. I briefly described the main competitions that gamblers should not miss.

Formula 1 crypto betting

Saudi Arabian Grand Prix

This is a new event in the F1 world that was held for the first time in 2021. This is a stage of the Formula 1 World Championship that is organized in Saudi Arabia, in the city of Jeddah. The series presents full-night racing, already the fifth in the history of F1 after the Grand Prix of Singapore, Sakhir, Qatar, and Bahrain. The event includes 50 racing laps, each 6,174 km (3,836 miles) long. The total race length is 308.450 km (191.662 miles).

Formula 1 betting with Bitcoin

Australian Grand Prix

When you choose Formula 1 betting with Bitcoin, this Grand Prix series is one of the most popular staking options. This is an annual event and one of the oldest motor racing tournaments. The first competition was held in 1928 at Phillip Island. In 1985, the series became a stage of the F1 World Championship. Today, the Albert Park Circuit in Melbourne is the place where the event has been taking place since 1996. The tournament presents 58 laps, each 5.278 km (3.280 miles) long. The total race length is 306.124 km (190.216 miles).

crypto Formula 1 betting sites

Monaco Grand Prix

Of course, Formula 1 Bitcoin sportsbooks provide a possibility to place bets on the most prestigious race in the world – Monaco Grand Prix. This F1 tournament has been held since 1929. The main track is the Circuit de Monaco. Winning this competition is one of the most significant achievements in any driver’s career. The series presents 78 laps, each 3.337 km (2.074 miles) long. The total race length is 260.286 km (161.734 miles).

Special Bonus Offers And Promotions

In addition to the standard set of bonuses offered by most sportsbooks (welcome deals, reload bonuses, holiday promos, tournaments for VIP users, etc.), the best Bitcoin Formula 1 betting sites present special bonuses. These exclusive encouragements are available to punters who prefer to make crypto stakes. Thus, crypto users get a chance to receive such unique rewards as cashback, free stakes, limited seasonal promos, etc.

Most Popular Markets At Formula 1 Crypto Sportsbooks

I think it is important to note that Formula 1 crypto betting presents the same markets as traditional F1 sportsbooks. So, when choosing a virtual currency for gambling, you will not encounter any limitations. Moreover, crypto bookmakers often offer more favorable odds. Let’s take a look at the most popular markets below.

Formula 1 betting with Bitcoin

Total Season Wins

Predictably, this is the market that attracts the most gamblers every season. It offers the simplest type of gambling – staking on the performance of the team in the upcoming season. This market presents a lot of opportunities for those who want to experiment with such bet types as futures.

Formula 1 crypto betting


This market at crypto Formula 1 bookmakers invariably raises the level of excitement. The head-to-head bet type involves a direct confrontation between two drivers or teams since you place your wager on the fact that one participant will beat the other at the finish line. This wager type is also quite simple as it assumes only two outcomes.

BTC Formula 1 betting

The Constructors’ Championship

The Constructors’ Championship has been one of the most significant events in this sport since 1958. Every year, the FIA (the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) awards the best constructor of the season according to the points collected during this period. This is an attractive market for bettors since the event attracts many fans, and a lot of analytical information is publicly available.

Formula 1 crypto sportsbooks

Individual Grand Prix Markets

The Grand Prix is a series of races that are held during the season of Formula 1. This is a huge sports event that takes place on multiple continents on specially prepared tracks or public roads that are closed during racing. Formula 1 crypto sportsbooks always present a wide range of staking opportunities during the series because it is a tournament for both drivers and constructors. The series is considered the highest class of racing internationally for single-seater real-life racing cars in motorsport.

Most Popular And Successful Modern Formula 1 Drivers

Motor racing is a sport in which talented participants become real stars. This feature of Formula 1 is of interest to gamblers for the reason that the more popular a driver is, the more attention their races receive. This means that all events with their participation offer high odds and a variety of betting options. Besides, successful drivers are famous for their consistency.

Formula 1 Bitcoin sportsbooks

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis Hamilton is a British racing driver from the Mercedes Formula 1 team. He is a seven-time world champion and the first driver in history to have more than 100 victories. Hamilton also holds 104 pole positions and 197 podium finishes. Bitcoin Formula 1 betting sites always offer high odds on all his races.

Formula 1 crypto betting

Max Verstappen

Max Verstappen is a hereditary Dutch and Belgian racing driver. Pilot of the Red Bull Racing Formula 1 team. Three-time world champion in the Formula 1 class (2021, 2022, and 2023). In 2022, he got the title of Officer of the Order of Orange-Nassau. Verstappen is a record holder for the number of victories in one season (19) and the number of Formula 1 Grand Prix races won in a row (10). The driver won both achievements in the 2023 season.


Lando Norris

British racing driver and participant in the Formula 1 World Racing Championships. Norris is the 2018 vice-champion in the Formula 2 class. From 2015 to 2017, he won titles in five different championships, including European Formula 3. Since 2019, he has been competing for the McLaren team in Formula 1.

Types Of Bets On Formula 1 With Crypto

What I really love wagering on F1 for is the variety of available types of stakes. Not every sport can boast of this. Below, I list the most popular staking opportunities that can be used on crypto Formula 1 betting sites:

  • Moneyline. Betting on a specific driver/team to win.
  • Podium finish. Betting on a driver finishing in the top three.
  • Pole position. Wagering on a driver securing the first starting position.
  • Prop. Wagering on a specific scenario that can happen during the race.
  • Futures. Betting on long-term predictions, for example, on the winner of the season championship.
  • Head-to-head. Wagering on one driver finishing before another.
  • Live F1. Placing bets during the race.

Strategies And Tips For Betting Success

Betting on one kind of sport always differs from gambling on another one due to the individual characteristics of the game rules, standards of tournaments, etc. If you do not take into account these features, then your chances of successful gambling will be very low. To avoid this, I advise you to use my useful tips for Bitcoin Formula 1 betting:

  • Study statistics. Analyze the races of pilots and teams, their average indicators and records, a sequence of results, and so on.
  • Consider weather conditions. Such factors as rain, snow, temperature, etc., have an impact on the track quality and can influence the race results.
  • Follow the changes and news. Follow the development of sports, the transition of drivers from one team to another, technical achievements, etc.
  • Pay attention to qualifying results. This will help you analyze the performance of a driver or team and is especially useful for race-winner staking.
  • Provide bankroll management. Establish your betting budget and pick the most appropriate strategy based on the bet type you prefer.

Pros & Cons of Using Crypto On Formula 1 Betting Sites


  • Anonymous payments
  • Accelerated and simplified transactions
  • Special bonuses
  • Low fees and high limits


  • Volatility
  • No chargebacks
  • Limited number of Bitcoin Formula 1 bookmakers

Final Thoughts

As a result of my Formula 1 crypto betting research, I can safely say that the future of gambling lies with crypto sportsbooks. They offer betting conditions that even the most experienced gambler cannot resist. The use of crypto significantly simplifies the process of placing bets, making it faster and safer.

So, if you, like me, have managed to appreciate all the advantages of crypto gambling, I would like to remind you to take a responsible approach to choosing a Bitcoin Formula 1 betting website. To avoid encounters with low-quality bookmakers or even scammers, use my selection of top-notch F1 sportsbooks.


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