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Best Litecoin Sports Betting Sites 2024

For many bettors, one of the most crucial criteria when selecting a gambling platform is anonymity. That is why thousands of online sportsbooks, together with conventional fiat payments, allow their clients to use cryptocurrency payment gateways as well. However, finding a legitimate and safe website accepting Litecoin can be a challenging task.
Hence, our team of experienced reviewers did extensive research and came up with a ranking of the best Litecoin betting sites available in 2024. Continue reading, and you will learn the pros and cons for each position in the list and which criteria framed this compilation.

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How Does Online Betting With Litecoin Work?

The crypto betting process in a sportsbook itself is identical for both crypto and fiat lovers. It does not impact the odds or the diversity of available sports events. However, in order to fund your account with Litecoin (LTC) or with any other currency, you need to provide your unique wallet address in the cashier section. Hence, an opened digital wallet and available LTC coins are necessary if you want to try LTC betting.

Why Switch To Litecoin On Sports Betting Sites?

You might be wondering why it is worth giving up on fiat money over cryptocurrency if Litecoin sports betting has the same mechanics as when you use the Dollar or Euro. However, our team has found at least seven major advantages of LTC so far. Flexibility, anonymity, greater storage value, and even better conditions by sportsbooks are only the top of what you will be eligible for if switching to Litecoin. So, we are sure that once you start using crypto for betting, you will not return to conventional deposits.

The Value Of Fiat Currencies Is Decreasing Every Year

Reducing The Value Of Fiat Currencies

Any fiat currency in the world is not a commodity itself, as it is issued and backed by the government; hence, it has no intrinsic value. The value of fiat currency is mainly determined by the ratio of supply and demand within the market. So, once, due to any reason, a pull in demand or push in cost happens, the purchasing power of fiat decreases. For example, inflation has eaten 67% of today’s purchasing power of the American dollar if compared to what it was in 1983. At the same time, cryptocurrency is a digital asset with a limited supply, which is an inherent scarcity, so your savings are secured from the ravages of inflation.

Litecoin May Rise In Value

Litecoin May Rise In Value

The only drawback regarding Litecoin’s price is that it has a volatile nature. Even though it may become cheaper, you can also expect it to rise in value with the same probability. But, thanks to the fact that Litecoin’s supply is limited to 84 million, hyperinflation is not possible in this case. That is because if the demand for LTC increases, the supply will always be stable, so the value of your assets will increase. Moreover, we looked into the price history of LTC, and it clearly shows why it’s worth investing. In May 2017, the price of Litecoin was not lower than $20, but already in May 2021, the price reached its all-time high – $412.96.

No Geographical Restrictions On Use

We know that in many countries, any form of gambling and betting is prohibited by law. Consequently, you may bump into the problem that the website from our list does not accept punters from your area. However, there will be no problems with accessing the website itself, as you can use a VPN. Yet, there is another problem that will interfere with your play. Once you make a deposit using fiat money, your bank will track where they went. As a result, your gambling activity may be reported to the authorities. Hence, in this case, the only way is to use a combination of VPN and sportsbooks that accept Litecoin as an untraceable legal tender.

Withdrawal Times

Fast Payouts

Experienced bettors are well-familiar with how time-consuming a simple withdrawal might be. Usually, it happens due to the bulky system of confirmation traditional banks have. There are a lot of regulations and requirements for the banking system, which causes the average waiting time for receiving payouts from a gambling website to be up to 3 working days. On the contrary, the market of cryptocurrencies has a significantly lower level of red tape. The blockchain system behind each cryptocurrency is way faster and takes a few seconds to record the transaction and validate its authenticity. So, using Litecoin for withdrawals saves you time and nerves when dealing with bookmakers.

High Deposit And Withdrawal Limits

Traditional betting websites usually allow you to deposit as many funds as you can, but when it comes to withdrawals, you will find many restrictions. Moreover, many sportsbooks will either suspend your account or restrict the betting limits if you happen to win too often. Usually, it is not a problem for most bettors, who prefer to risk a handful of dollars at most, but if you happen to be a high roller, then account suspension can become your routine. But, with Litecoin betting sites, this will not be the case, as the websites presented above offer either reasonable cash-out restrictions or allow you to withdraw limitless amounts.

Privacy And Anonymity

Even if online betting and gambling are absolutely legal in your country of residence, you can get into trouble for using such websites. Not with the law, but the banks in all countries have no tolerance for even occasional usage of such websites. If a betting deposit appears on your bank statement, you may not be able to get a loan or mortgage. The bank will monitor all your other transactions more closely as you will become a risky client within their internal ranking system. At the same time, crypto allows you to both deposit and withdraw money from Litecoin betting websites without your bank discovering it.


Financial Freedom

Receiving all the advantages described above, using cryptocurrency will surely grant you financial freedom. You will be able to pay without endless commissions in any country in the world while not risking becoming an unreliable client in your bank. The faster transaction and greater limits from betting websites make it perfect for punters. Finally, LTC and similar currencies are your hedge against inflation. So, even if you do not use your crypto for betting, it will always be a good asset for your storage of value. Blockchain-based tokens are only gaining popularity, and the whole market value is already over $1 trillion now. So, it is totally wise to at least start your Litecoin portfolio.  

Litecoin Sportsbooks Vs. Classic Sportsbooks

From a certain point of view, traditional and Litecoin-supporting sportsbooks share a lot in common. For example, the variety of betting options and data encryption measures are usually the same for legitimate bookmakers regardless of whether they accept fiat or crypto. 

However, by utilizing LTC-supporting bookmakers, you receive numerous advantages, starting from faster and limitless transactions and finishing with a greater level of privacy and financial freedom.

FeaturesFiat-supporting SportsbooksLitecoin-supporting Sportsbooks
Prevalence on the market YesNo
High level of privacyNoYes
Speed transactionsNoYes
Lower possibility of losingNoNo
Geographical restrictions YesNo
Speed and seamless payoutsNoYes
SSL data protocols are applied YesYes
Betting process lowers your credit scoreYesNo
Intuitive dashboard YesYes

How To Begin Online Sports Betting With Litecoin

If you are an experienced bettor but have never used crypto, you are still familiar with most steps you need to take before starting with betting sites that accept Litecoin. In case you are a complete newbie to both blockchain and betting, then read carefully all the steps. Our team has analyzed all the possible steps for a bettor and came up with the shortest and most sustainable guide below.  We will guide you through the whole process, from buying the first tokens to your first withdrawal.


Open A Wallet And Buy LTC

The first and foremost step will be buying LTC. This is an open-source cryptocurrency, which you can find on most online crypto exchanges and trading platforms. There are hundreds of them, but we can highlight Binance, Kraken, Coinbase, Gemini, and others. You can buy LTC tokens using other cryptocurrencies or fiat like USD, EUR, GBP, INR, and dozens of others according to the offered rates. Afterward, transfer the assets to your prior set-up digital LTC wallet. Creating a wallet is easy and can be done by creating an account in a dedicated application of your choice. Also, you can keep coins right at the exchange.


Choose A Sportsbook And Sign Up

The next step is finding an appropriate betting website. Our team has already meticulously selected the 10 best Litecoin sports betting sites with generous bonus offers and a high range of betting options presented above. However, you will probably not play all of them, so we advise you to go one by one and select which one you like the most. After you select one, visit the home page and click on the Register button. Afterward, fill out all the registration forms and complete the account creation process.


Make A Deposit And Claim Your Bonus

Right after the registration, it is time to transfer your newly bought LTC coins to the account. To do this, proceed to the cashier section within your personal cabinet. The system will ask you which payment method and exact currency is preferred for you. Select the crypto getaway and click on Litecoin (LTC). Open your LTC wallet and scan the QR code, indicate the amount of tokens you want to deposit, and complete the transaction. Or you can copy the wallet’s address of the sportsbook and enter it in your LTC wallet (it is a unique number, which consists of a mix of numbers and letters).


Place Your Bets

Once you have an account at any Litecoin-powered sportsbook from our list, and the tokens have reached your account, it is time for the sweetest part. From now on, your LTC tokens can be used as any other fiat money, so you can start betting. Just log in and visit the homepage of the chosen website, select the preferred sports event or a few, indicate the type of bet, and place a wager. Usually, there are no upper limits per stake, so the more you believe in the win, the more you can bet. After the event finishes, your wager plus coefficient will be added to your account.


If You Win, Withdraw Your Winnings

If you are lucky enough, and your bet turns out to be a winning one, you will see bigger numbers in the cashier section than prior to the wager. In this case, you have several options: you can wait for some time, withdraw your LTC right after the win, or use the tokens to continue betting. The withdrawals are also easy and straightforward, as you have to go to the cashier and indicate the wallet address and the amount you want to cash out. However, bear in mind that withdrawals usually take more time than deposits, and the amount may be limited on some websites.

Bonuses On Betting Sites That Accept Litecoin

After a thorough analysis, our team has discovered that traditional sportsbooks usually offer a lot of different bonuses, but the placed stipulations make them impossible to utilize. Litecoin online sports betting websites offer a smaller promotion selection but with much more generous payouts and reasonable stipulations. Except for prevalent welcome and deposit match bonuses, some websites provide punters with reload bonuses and even regular cashback. Keep reading, and you will be prepared for the most prevalent promotions on crypto sportsbooks.

Welcome Bonus

The most widespread bonus, which is now available at any online casino or sportsbook (including those that accept LTC), is a welcome one. To be eligible for this bonus, you need to be a new client on the website. The goal of the betting company here is to spark your interest in playing after the registration. Such a welcome package always activates after the first deposit and can include additional free cash, a deposit match, a certain number of free bets, etc. However, our team advises you to read all the wagering requirements carefully, as usually, you will not be able to withdraw a cent before clearing the bonus.

Deposit Match

Deposit match is usually the central part of the welcome promotion at both Litecoin betting sites and at the classical fiat-powered websites. The sense of this bonus is that when you make your first, second, and even, in some cases, third and fourth deposit, the betting company adds the same amount (or even more) of free cash to your account. For example, if you deposit 4 LTC, the website will deposit 4,6, or even 8 Litecoins more. You can find such offers within most betting websites, but remember that you need to wager the free cash a few times before being able to cash out the profit. Otherwise, the free cash will be pulled from the account.

Free Bets

Another prevalent type of bonus is free bets. For example, after you make a first deposit, the bookmaker will also allow you to make some bets without spending your funds. But, usually, you are limited in the selection of sports or events you want to use your free bet for. Also, there are strict time frames for utilizing this promotion. However, if you comply with the requirements, all the profit you get from free bets will be accounted for right after the win. Hence, you will be able to withdraw it.

Cashback Bonus

One of the most favorite types of bonuses for experienced punters like us is a cashback. As a rule, such promotions are related to your losses. Of course, each gambler loses sometimes, but some bettors are willing to compensate a part of their losses as cashback. The system is similar to what some banks offer. For example, if you spend 1 LTC during the week/month for betting, the system will return 10-20% of it after a certain period ends. The trick here is regularity, as the sportsbooks are trying to keep your Litecoin sports betting going.

Reload Bonus

The core of the reload bonus is also quite simple. Given the strategy of keeping punters playing, bookmakers also encourage existing clients to return. For instance, if your account was already active for some time, but after withdrawal or losing the whole deposit, you decided to stop, you may receive such a bonus. Your return will be granted with bonuses in most Litecoin betting sites on the market.

VIP Bonus For Large Litecoin Deposits

Most betting platforms that accept Litecoin as a payment method value their high rollers the most. Hence, the most lucrative set of promotions is baked for VIP punters. Some websites offer special marathons, daily promotions, higher coefficients, prioritized customer support, or even faster payouts for VIPs. To be eligible for such promotions, you need to either make regular large deposits or become a regular user with a higher than average bankroll.

What Sports Are Available For Betting On Sites With LTC?

Betting sites that accept Litecoin as a payment method offer the same or even wider selection of betting options for bettors. After our comprehensive exploitation of dozens of LTC betting platforms, we can confirm that they offer the following sports betting options:

Conventional sports

You can expect to be able to bet on football, basketball, tennis, cricket, hockey, volleyball, and many other conventional sports. Although not every championship or league will be included in the betting list, you will definitely find something that suits you.


If you are a fan of Counter-Strike or Dota 2 championships, you are able to use Litecoin when betting on many esports. Though LTC is not the most popular cryptocurrency in the world, you can still use it for crypto esports betting on all platforms from our list.

Virtual sports

Even virtual sports are widely presented on most Litecoin sportsbooks. So, if you do not like conventional sports, there will still be virtual football, basketball, or hockey for you.

Types Of Bets At Sportsbooks That Accept Litecoin

While betting with LTC, you will be given the opportunity to use all the available types of bets you know from traditional sportsbooks. Both single and multi bets (parlay) will be available for you. Moreover, except for the exact outcome, bettors can also use the following options:

Over/under (totals). A wager on the total goals the players of one or both teams will score. For example, “over 3” or “under 5”.
Point spread. A bet on the margin of the victory (added points to underdog and deducted to the favorites).
Futures. This is a type of bet where you guess not the winner of the next match but the winner of the tournament. 
Middle bets. A wager on both sides of the same bet at different lines.
Propositions (Props). It stands for minor exact events during the match (the exact number of corners, fouls, etc.).
Live bets. All the wagering after the start of the game can be called live bets.
Points betting. Similar to point spread, but in this case, your win or loss depends on how much a team has surpassed or missed the spread. 

How To Choose The Best Litecoin Sports Betting Site?

With many blacklisted and problematic websites presented on the market, no wonder that many bettors are very careful when it comes to selecting trustworthy Litecoin betting sites. So, you can do your own research or use the list presented above. Our experts have applied strict criteria to make sure you will have an outstanding betting experience.

License And Reputation

A must-have for all Litecoin sports betting sites is a proper betting license. Possessing such a document binds the company to obey the rules of responsible gambling, meaning that there should be self-exclusion and setting personal limits mechanisms. Moreover, a proper license also points out that the website’s software is safe and fair. Needless to say, all listed above bookmakers possess a license or even a few.

Global Accessibility

Availability And Legality In Your Country

In each country, there is a list of restricted websites, especially when it comes to online gambling. It’s important to pay attention to legality since entering a forbidden website may cause problems. Yet, in our list, you will find a fine selection of crypto betting websites that can be accessed from most countries.


Litecoin Betting Markets And Odds

When selecting the right bookmaker, we also advise you to pay attention to the available betting markets because not every website can offer you to bet on your favorite team or player. Moreover, the offered odds are also different from sportsbook to sportsbook. We tried to include in our list the best websites with great coverage of betting markets and profitable odds.


Another sensitive issue for most bettors is the level of privacy and anonymity on Litecoin sports betting platforms. Unfortunately, there are no fully anonymous gambling websites in the whole world, but by using LTC, your activities will stay in the shadows from the banks. Moreover, Bitcoin sportsbooks are less demandable when it comes to KYC procedures, so our list will grant you the highest possible level of anonymity.

Bonuses & Promotions

LTC-powered sportsbooks that offer the most generous and accessible bonuses are included in our list above. With all the mentioned websites you will be able to claim a generous welcome bonus. Meanwhile, further promotions seriously differ from the sportsbook to the sportsbook and may include a cash back bonus, reload bonus, or free bets. However, always remember that after claiming the bonus, you will be given a certain period to fulfill the wagering requirements. Only after that, you will be able to withdraw the profit.

Fast LTC Payments

When making a final decision, pay attention to the payment speed the website promises and read the reviews by other punters. Even though sportsbooks that accept Litecoin all offer faster payouts than fiat-powered websites, the timing still may vary. Luckily, our team had an experience testing both deposits and withdrawals, and we can confirm that the 10 mentioned websites provide almost instant payouts.

Live Betting

A considerable share of punters do not like to bet on future events. It is totally understandable, as you cannot predict accurate results without knowing all the entry data. Furthermore, live betting is also more profitable sometimes and grants fantastic emotions during the event. Hence, the availability of live betting was also one of the most important criteria for our research.

Customer Support

Finally, multilingual, easy-to-reach, and available 24/7 customer support is something that every self-respecting betting site that accepts Litecoin has to provide. Also, it is important if you can call, write an email, or utilize the live chat on the sportsbook’s website to reach the support. 

Pros And Cons Of Litecoin Betting Sites


High level of anonymity
Fast and limitless payouts
Accessible from any country
Huge selection of sports and betting options
Lucrative promotions without pitfalls
Availability of casino games on the same platform, as a rule
Cheaper transactions


Volatile nature of Litecoin
The crypto is not that widespread at betting platforms

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