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Champions league betting with bitcoin

Best UEFA Champions League Bitcoin Betting Sites 2024

The most competitive European football tournament admired worldwide is the Champions League. The 2023 final match was watched by 450 million broadcast viewers. No wonder so many football fans are seeking to make their hobby not only exciting but profitable. At the same time, a lot of punters do not want their bank to know about their betting.

Therefore, the best way in this situation is to bet on the Champions League with Bitcoin. In this comprehensive review, as an experienced bettor, I will explain why a crypto-betting platform is the best solution. Also, you will learn how to select the best website, what the available bets on such platforms are, and which tips I have for profitable betting.

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Why Choose Bitcoin for Betting On the Champions League?

There are over 23 thousands of different cryptocurrencies to choose from. However, the top position among most users still keeps Bitcoin. It is the oldest and most widespread token in the world. However, besides its popularity, I can name 5 more reasons why you should select BTC for betting:

Anonymity And Privacy

The first reason why you should switch to the best Bitcoin Champions League betting sites is hidden in keeping your bank away from it. If you ever deposit money at fiat sportsbooks, your bank will know that you were betting and will most likely lower your credit score. With cryptocurrency like BTC, your betting would stay in the shadow. 

Lower Transaction Fees

To make the whole bulky bank infrastructure that operates fiat funds circulation is obviously costly. Hence, all the operations with fiat, including deposits and withdrawals at betting platforms, will cost you a relatively high transaction fee. In contrast, Bitcoin is a blockchain-based token, which means a significantly lower operation price and, thus, lower fees. 

Global Accessibility

In my experience, Champions League betting with Bitcoin also grants you wider accessibility. Unfortunately, it is a common situation when a certain sportsbook does not accept players from a certain area or country. But, with universal BTC tokens as a payment method and VPN systems, you will have the power to successfully access and play at any betting website. 

Quick Processing Of Payments And Withdrawals

Due to the blockchain nature of crypto, it only takes a few seconds to record the transaction on the public ledger and validate its authenticity. Yes, due to its huge popularity, Bitcoin transactions sometimes can take up to an hour and a half to be completed. Yet, it is still faster than with credit cards or bank transfers. 

High Level Of Security

My experience suggests that If you bet on the Champions League with Bitcoin, your privacy is safe. When buying BTC, players know that the network is almost impenetrable, as it uses a multi-layered security system. Therefore, no Bitcoin has ever been stolen from the blockchain throughout its history.

How To Select The Top Champions League Betting Site With Crypto

The list above was meticulously selected after evaluation of dozens of platforms, so you can choose any of them. However, let me introduce what exactly I mean when naming the best Champions League crypto betting sites. Below, you will find which criteria I applied to compose the mentioned list.  


Reputation And Trustworthiness

Unfortunately, some betting platforms tend to impose unreasonable limits or withhold withdrawals. Hence, first of all, I check if the bookmakers I recommend are not blacklisted, comply with fair play rules, and feature predominantly positive reviews. So, never use any betting website if it does not pass the test on reputation.  


Variety Of Betting Options

Another important sign of a worthwhile betting website is a wide betting line. Obviously, besides simple results of matches, punters must be able to wager on the MVP of the match, handicaps, both teams to score, and many other options. The more versatility in the line – the better for the player. 


Security Measures

You already know that Bitcoin applies strong security measures. Additionally, all the listed above Champions League betting sites with Bitcoin as a payment method use an SSL protocol to ensure a 128-bit level of data encryption. Also, they offer two-factor authentication (2FA) to additionally secure your account, funds, and all the sensitive information it might contain.


User Experience And Interface

The fourth criterion, which allows me to understand which platforms really care about their clients, is always website navigation and user experience. It is crucial for sportsbooks to offer a well-adopted mobile application, advanced search tools, and an eye-catching visual appeal of the website design. Otherwise, you will get lost while trying to catch great odds for another Champions League match. 


Bonus And Promotions

Most bookmakers offer different bonuses to drive more clients to their websites. However, it is essential to pay attention to the number of such promotions and corresponding wagering requirements. I can assure you that all betting websites in this article will provide you with numerous profitable promotions, loyalty perks, and special soccer betting tournaments.  


Customer Support And Service

Finally, if you use one of the best Bitcoin Champions League betting sites, you will get proper customer service. It should be a multilingual professional team, which you can contact using your mobile phone, live chat, or email anytime. Rest assured, such customer service is a golden standard for reliable bookmakers. 

How To Bet On the Champions League With Bitcoin

Betting on football with cryptocurrencies features the same mechanics as betting with fiat, except for a minor difference. Therefore, I will describe the detailed step-by-step guide below:

  1. Buying Bitcoin. First of all, you need to create a digital wallet where you will store your BTC. So, select a reliable provider, create a wallet, and buy your first tokens using an exchange. 
  2. Choosing the sportsbook. Go through the UEFA Champions League crypto betting platforms above or do your own research to select the most suitable betting platform. 
  3. Account creation and depositing. Go to the selected website to create an account and make the first Bitcoin deposit in the cashier section.
  4. Choosing among available bets and placing a wager. Go to the Champions League section and choose the preferred match, type of bet, and predicted outcome. Finally, indicate how much you are willing to risk.
  5. Withdrawal. In case your forecast was correct, go to the cashier section and withdraw the desired amount of crypto.

Bonus Offers At Bitcoin Champions League Betting Sites

My rich experience tells that each Bitcoin betting platform tries to come up with some unique bonuses to spark the interest of bettors. The majority of Bitcoin Champions League betting platforms feature at least three following types of promotions:

Welcome promotion

This is the first deposit one-time bonus tailored for new players. As a rule, it’s a 100%, 150%, or even 200% matching bonus for the first deposit. For example, if you deposit $1000 in BTC, the system will add another $1000.

Loyalty presents

Many sportsbooks encourage players to become regular by offering them special perks as they climb to the next level. Such players get faster withdrawals, fewer betting limits, prizes for participating in special betting tournaments, etc. 

Odds boost

Another common practice among sportsbooks is to offer increased odds for Champion League crypto bettors. For instance, if the ordinary odds for Man City to beat Real Madrid are 1.63, you will be offered 1.86 if you are ready to bet more than $60.

Types Of Bets On The Champions League With Crypto

Champions League betting with Bitcoin is identical to fiat betting. Players are allowed to bet on all the outcomes offered in the betting line. Let’s take a quick review of the most popular types of bets most sportsbooks feature:   

Match Winner Bets

Probably the most widespread type of bet across all betting platforms is the money line. In other words, your task here is to predict the winners of Champions League matches. The match-winner bet is usually associated with a moderate level of risk, so the odds will be corresponding.

Over/Under Bets

With Bitcoin Champions League betting, one can also take a lower risk and make an approximate forecast of the number of goals per match. For example, you are sure that in the match between Barcelona and Bayern, there will be at least 2 goals. In that case, you can make a bet on over 1.5 goals. 

Handicap Betting

If you consider yourself a more advanced bettor, you can take a higher risk and bet on handicap. For instance, you can bet on Bayern with a +1.5 handicap, which means you will win only if Bayern scores 2 or more goals.   

Prop Bets (Proposition Bets)

On the best Bitcoin Champions League betting sites, you can try to forecast events that are not directly related to the outcome of matches. The number of goal attempts, fouls committed, or ball possession percentage by a certain team or a player are also popular types of bets. 

Correct Score Bets

One of the riskiest types of wagers is guessing the exact score in the match. For example, you believe that in the Arsenal – Juventus match, no goals will be scored, so you bet exactly on 0:0. The good news is that such a bet mostly relies on blind luck, so you can expect higher odds.  

Futures Bets

Finally, the biggest odds you can find for a single bet while using any Champions League betting site with crypto are future bets. Here, you need to bet on the qualifiers to the play-offs before the group stage, on the tournament winner before it starts, etc. So, basically, this is a long-standing forecast with a huge risk of losing. 

Tips And Strategies

Being an active football bettor for a few years so far, I can say that there are millions of factors that can intervene even in the best strategies ever. However, your winning frequency will be 100% higher if you will utilize the following tips:

Get advantage of statistics

The most important tool for any successful bettor is the analysis of statistics either of certain players or the whole team. It will help you to deepen your knowledge and make more informed decisions.

Do not take huge risks

The attractiveness of odds that the correct score or future bets offer is misleading. Yes, you get a great chance to win huge money, but the associated risks are too huge to be worth trying. 

Never use unreliable bookmakers

Such platforms usually offer better odds but apply high hidden commissions or even withhold payouts. So, only reputable and trustworthy platforms can help you in profitable Champions League betting with Bitcoin.

Pros And Cons Of UEFA Champions League Betting With Bitcoin


  • Enhanced anonymity and privacy
  • Better data security 
  • Lower transaction fees
  • Coverage of all UCL matches
  • Great bonus selection and specialties
  • No geographical restrictions


  • Volatility of Bitcoin
  • A limited number of websites accepts crypto
  • Time-consuming transactions in some cases 

Final Thoughts

From the technical side, there is almost no difference between fiat and crypto betting. However, the best Bitcoin Champions League betting sites enable you to bet anonymously and with lower transaction prices than with fiat sportsbooks. Moreover, crypto bettors enjoy more efficient data encryption and are not limited by borders. So, as an experienced player, I can say that making sports predictions at BTC betting sites is way better than at fiat platforms, considering all the factors above.

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