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NHL & Hockey Crypto Betting

Best NHL & Hockey Crypto Betting Sites 2024

Hockey, a crown jewel among winter sports, commands a prime spot across many sportsbooks. With hundreds of betting sites featuring hockey matches, newcomers might find the vast selection overwhelming and somewhat risky. To navigate these waters safely, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide on ice hockey betting with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

At SafeHamsters, our experts are well-versed in all things hockey betting. We’ll guide you through the crucial aspects of NHL crypto betting, including a step-by-step rundown on picking the best crypto sportsbooks and getting started with your bets. Additionally, we’ll cover potential bonuses and the various types of bets you can place, ensuring you have all the tools you need to dive confidently into the world of hockey betting.

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Why Is NHL Crypto Betting So Popular?

You might wonder why NHL crypto bookmakers overtake fiat ones, but several features of cryptocurrencies make them perfectly suitable for betting activities. As experienced bettors, we prefer using Bitcoin and altcoins for transactions at bookmakers, as they give us a sense of security and anonymity. Another undoubted advantage of those blockchain tokens is faster deposits and withdrawals with higher limits and quicker cashout request processing.

Key Factors To Check Before Selecting The Best NHL Crypto Betting Sites

As experienced bettors, it takes us several minutes to tell if the potential sportsbook is reliable and trustworthy. It is possible thanks to the precise criteria we use to evaluate a website and decide whether to include it in the list of recommended ones. The list of top features we check to select the best NHL crypto betting sites includes the aspects explained below.

Licensed To Operate Legally

The first thing we check is the availability of the license. As soon as the reviewed bookmaker holds a license, there is a high probability that it will treat its customers fairly. Licensed NHL crypto sportsbooks are audited regularly. Often, such websites have fair customer protection policies and tools for responsible gambling.

Variety Of Betting Options

Then, we also explore how versatile the sports lobby is. Of course, it is essential to check the variety of hockey leagues and events available to customers. Still, we also pay attention to other sports, as we know (based on our own betting experience) that many players enjoy placing bets on other popular kinds of sports from time to time.

Security Measures

The finest hockey crypto bookmakers boast robust security measures. Unprotected encryption is always a “no” for us. Therefore, all recommended betting websites on this page have SSL encryption. Moreover, many of them have a 2-factor authentication option to keep your funds safe. Some sportsbooks also have a KYC policy implemented.

Bonuses Or Special Offers

We also explore the variants of promotions and bonuses available for sportsbooks when deciding whether to recommend a certain website. As a result, you can be certain that you will have several bonuses to claim when you select one of the bookmakers listed in our guide. They often offer free bets and lucrative deposit match rewards.

Payment Options And Withdrawal Speed

The best crypto sportsbook for NHL betting is the one that has flexible banking. By flexibility, we mean that you are able to choose the most convenient payment method and receive your deposits and withdrawals quickly. We ensure that the selected website has all popular cryptocurrencies integrated, so you do not need to convert your funds additionally to make a deposit.

Competitive Odds

We also pay special attention to the odds offered at sportsbooks. Odds are a feature that directly influences the size of your rewards. However, it can also tell much about the bookmaker’s fairness. The best betting sites have odds that are neither too high nor too low. That’s the golden rule for this aspect.

Customer Support

Finally, we always test the efficiency and professionalism of customer service. Why? If you should wait for hours to receive a response to simple questions, most probably, any issue that you might have will not be handled properly. As for the top NHL crypto betting platforms, they provide bettors with multilingual live chat with a response time of under 5 minutes. Customer support by email and phone is also common for the best bookmakers.

How To Start Ice Hockey Betting With Bitcoin?

If you are an experienced bettor, you most probably are aware of the steps you should take to start betting on sports. However, newbies will find our step-by-step guide helpful. Complete those easy actions listed below, and you will place your bets soon. 


Choose A Reputable Betting Site

Finding the best crypto sportsbook for NHL betting is essential, as it allows you to move further in your betting journey. To save your time and start wagering in no time, you can select one of the websites selected by our experts.


Create An Account And Deposit Bitcoin

The next step would be account creation. Use the registration form and fill in all the required information to have your profile created. Often, email address, password, username, and phone number are enough to be able to make your first deposit. Copy the bookmaker’s Bitcoin address and insert it in the withdrawal section in your wallet. Confirm the transaction and wait for the money to be credited.


Explore The Options For Betting On Ice Hockey

Head to the lobby and find the hockey league or tournament you like. Some sportsbooks have ice hockey in the shortcuts, while others require you to use a search bar to find the events you like. No worries for this part, as top bookmakers for NHL crypto betting are known for their user-friendly interface.


Place Bets And Manage Your Bankroll

Select the bet types you like and determine the size of your bet. Then, confirm your choices to place bets. Once the events are over, the bets are calculated, and your wins will be automatically credited to your balance. You can withdraw your winnings after that.

Top Ice Hockey Tournaments For Bitcoin Betting

When you choose ice hockey bet with Bitcoins at any bookmaker, ensure that the selection of tournaments and available leagues is not too limited. As experienced hockey bettors, we listed the top three leagues that are a must for the finest betting website:

  • NHL (National Hockey League): This tournament does not require much explanation, as all bettors, even those who are new to sportsbooks, know about it. Based in Canada and the United States, this is the primary professional league. It has existed since 1917 and boasts matches between the best teams in professional hockey.
  • American Hockey League: This is the championship for minor professionals. Teams that compete in it might not be as famous as those in the NHL, but they still demonstrate high competitiveness and excellent skills. Thus, bettors can expect quite unpredictable outcomes with high odds.
  • Federal Prospects Hockey League: This is a relatively new league established in 2010. It unites teams in the south of the US that might find the competitiveness of the NHL or American Hockey League too high. 

Popular NHL Bitcoin Betting Options And Betting Odds

Regarding bet types, many hockey crypto betting websites boast versatility. Regardless of the selected decentralized currency, you can place one of the wagers explained below. We personally prefer prop bets, as they allow us to focus on the match and not on the winners.

Puck Line Betting

If you are familiar with point-spread bets in soccer, you will quickly understand how puck line betting works. An underdog team has several pucks added to their score by a bookmaker. Those extra pucks are taken into account when bets are paid out.

NHL Totals (Over/Under)

As for over/under bets, you are offered a chance to guess the approximate score in the match. Thus, your bet says whether it will be over or under a certain number determined by the NHL crypto betting site. As simple as that, and you do not need to predict the winner.

Parlay Wagering

If you are an admirer of high odds, parlay wagering might be your favorite. Parlay bets combine 2 or more stakes into one. However, high payouts come with high risks: you need to predict all aspects correctly to win. Therefore, many consider parlay bets not cost-effective. If you decide to test this bet type, we encourage you to make small-size wagers.

Prop Bets

With prop bets, you should have a good understanding of ice hockey and everything that happens during the game. Why? Prop betting allows you to place stakes on different aspects of a match. E.g., how many pucks will be scored, who scores them, and how many fouls there will be in the game. Sometimes, it is not that easy to make a correct prediction, but the odds are quite satisfying.

Moneyline Betting

As soon as you are certain about the match winner, you may opt for moneyline bets. You do not need to guess the exact score here; just put your bet on a team that will probably win. No deep understanding of ice hockey is required for moneyline bets, so it is perfect for beginner bettors.

Pros And Cons Of Using Bitcoin On Ice Hockey Betting Sites


  • Faster transactions
  • Deposits can be made directly from exchange sites
  • Anonymity provided
  • Withdrawals are processed quickly
  • Less regulations


  • Transactions are irreversible
  • High volatility of crypto

Final Thoughts

NHL crypto betting is currently on the rise, and it is highly popular in countries that have legalized cryptocurrencies. The high functionality of Bitcoin and altcoins allows bettors to benefit from faster deposits and withdrawals. Given that transaction fees are cheaper compared to fiat payments, it is no wonder that crypto sportsbooks attract more and more gamblers across the world. Furthermore, NHL crypto sportsbooks are open to different innovations. Try NHL bitcoin betting, and you will never get back to fiat money again!

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