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Best Horse Racing Crypto Betting Online Sites In 2024

Horse racing, a trailblazer in the betting world, has maintained its allure across the ages. Initially, bets were placed with cash on trackside, then transitioned to fiat currencies in the digital realm. Now, the baton has passed to cryptocurrencies, bringing a fresh edge to wagering on this classic sport. Watching the evolution of horse racing crypto betting is fascinating, yet nothing beats the adrenaline rush of placing bets firsthand. That’s our forte!

Leveraging our betting savvy, we’re here to guide you through the nuances of this modern twist on traditional betting and offer practical advice for a smooth start in horse racing stakes. Plus, we’ve curated a list of top-notch online sportsbooks where you can apply our insights and get into the action.

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Why Is Online Horse Racing Crypto Betting So Popular?

Looking for the quick scoop? Here it is: crypto betting is easier, quicker, and packs more punch than its fiat counterpart. That’s likely why loads of bettors, seasoned in traditional fiat betting, are making the jump to horse racing betting with Bitcoin. The cherry on top? Crypto bets come with the perks of anonymity and beefed-up security. Some crypto-exclusive sportsbooks might even let you skip the KYC rigmarole. Now, that’s a bettor’s dream!

How To Choose The Best Horse Racing Bitcoin Betting Sites

With a sea of sportsbooks out there, pinpointing one that ticks all your boxes while also being trustworthy can seem like a Herculean task. Going it alone? You could be at it for days. But hey, we’ve got a fast track for you! We’ve rolled up our sleeves, done the homework, and cherry-picked the crème de la crème of online operators for horse racing betting. Curious about what caught our eye first? Check out the list of features we zeroed in on below.

Betting Opportunities

We delved into the range of betting options at each endorsed horse racing crypto betting platform, guaranteeing a robust assortment of events for punters. Plus, it mattered to us that these bookies also cover a spectrum of other sports, giving you the freedom to switch up your betting game whenever the mood strikes.

License & Security

None of the brands we’ve listed would have made the cut if they weren’t greenlit by a respected gambling authority. We also took a deep dive into how they handle their customer’s security. Rest assured, these brands are fortified with SSL encryption and they’re big on nudging their users towards crafting solid passwords and enabling two-factor authentication for that extra layer of safety.

Smooth Banking Options

Naturally, we put banking through its paces. Our team scrutinized the assortment of payment options available and the simplicity of executing deposits and withdrawals. We’re confident in saying that even those dipping their toes into the crypto pool for the first time will find it a breeze to top up their accounts and cash out their earnings at our suggested horse racing bitcoin sportsbooks.

Quick Withdrawals

We didn’t skip over transaction speed, either. While the chosen token and network can affect timing, most transactions zip through almost instantly. So, by going with one of our recommended sites, you’ll sidestep those tedious waits for your deposits or withdrawals to clear, freeing up more time for you.

Mobile Friendly

For a top-notch betting site, being mobile-friendly is non-negotiable. That’s why we put each sportsbook through its paces on smartphones and tablets, checking for a user-friendly interface that makes mobile betting a breeze. We also verify that the site works like a charm on every device out there, ensuring you get a seamless experience wherever you are.

Customer Support

Wrapping things up, we never skip pinging the customer support crew to gauge their quickness and professionalism. For the cream-of-the-crop bookmakers our pros have picked out, getting back to you takes less than five minutes on average, with live chat on standby to make things super easy for bettors. Plus, speaking your language is standard at the top horse racing crypto sportsbooks we recommend.

Popular Bonuses, Promotions, And Rewards

If you ask our opinion, it is all about free bets in betting on horse races. No matter if you are a newbie or a regular, you can certainly get a generous share of those!

Still, let’s look closer at what you can expect from sportsbooks as you proceed from a newbie to a loyal customer:

  • Right after the registration, you can expect to get no-deposit bonuses. Most often, those would be free bets only. Still, such promotions are gems that are challenging to find.
  • Upon making your first deposit, you can treat yourself to some cash rewards and a bunch of free bets as well. This offer is a no-skip for us when we register at a sportsbook.
  • As you become a regular player, you can enjoy deposit match rewards from time to time or cashback on losses (which can also be returned in free bets).
  • If you are truly loyal to one horse racing Bitcoin betting site, you can receive generous rewards for leveling up.

A quick warning from seasoned bettors: practically all the rewards have wagering requirements that should be met and limitations on odds size and bet size. So, please be mindful of this.

How To Bet Bitcoin On Horse Racing Betting Sites?

Trying horse racing crypto betting for the first time might be overwhelming. We have been through this and have created a perfect guide for such a situation. Below you’ll find the points worth making if you would like to begin your betting journey without any issues.


Select A Bitcoin-Friendly Betting Site

First of all, decide what online sportsbook you would use for betting on horse racing. The safest way is to choose one of the brands listed above. However, you can also do your research. After that, create an account at the bookmaker. Simply provide your email, password, and any other personal data requirements to set up your profile.


Set Up A Wallet

After that, you would need to have funds on your balance to place bets. For this, we recommend settling a BTC wallet or having an account on one of the reputable crypto exchanges. 


Deposit BTC Into Your Betting Account

Return to the betting site and choose the cryptocurrency you would like to use for betting. Copy the generated wallet address or scan the QR code. Visit your wallet or exchange again and insert this address in the respective field on the withdrawal page. Select the matching network and confirm your payment.


Place Your Bets

In a few moments, you will have your money credited to your balance. That is when you can start choosing a desired horse racing event and start placing bets. You can wager on a single aspect or multiple aspects of the race at once. It all depends on your preferences.

Tips To Win

We have spent months enjoying horse racing crypto betting online and have managed to make up a certain strategy during this time. Thus, we have several valuable tips for beginner bettors. They will not guarantee you a payout but can make your betting experience more beneficial.

horse racing Bitcoin sportsbooks

Start With Small Stakes

Never go all-in and do not place big bets right after your deposit. You risk losing all your deposited funds for one bet. It is a much better strategy to place smaller stakes, especially if you are a newbie.

horse racing crypto betting online

Use Your Bankroll Effectively

Set up a budget for you and never go beyond it, even if you lose. You should also alter events and types of bets you place, as well as experiment with bet combinations to manage your bankroll efficiently.

horse racing crypto betting

Exercise Selectivity

Never select the first horse racing bet with Bitcoin that comes across your eyes. Be selective! See the betting options a bookmaker has and select those in which you are an expert and have background knowledge.

horse racing crypto betting site

Gain Insight from Past Errors

If you see that some bets are more difficult for you to predict or some events are unsuccessful for you, just drop them. Learn from your past mistakes and do not repeat them. Just pick another event or bet type. Luckily, there are plenty of them available.

Popular Competitions For Horse Racing Crypto Betting

There are hundreds of local events available at horse racing Bitcoin bookmakers, so it might be difficult for the newbies to decide which of them to select. We encourage you to start your horse racing wagering with some of the most famous racing events in the world, as there is a lot of information available for pre-betting research.

horse racing bitcoin sportsbooks

Kentucky Derby

This is an annual horse racing event that takes place on the first Sunday of May since 1872. Being one of the oldest horse racing competitions, it is highly followed by bettors. It is also one of the shortest as every Kentucky Derby race lasts around two minutes.

horse racing crypto sportsbooks

Preakness Stakes

Preakness Stakes take place in America. This event is held annually on the third Saturday of May, so some of the best horses from the Kentucky Derby will most probably be present here as well. Thus, keep an eye on them and place small stakes on such horses using Bitcoin and any other decentralized cryptocurrencies to your liking.

horse racing Bitcoin betting site

Pegasus World Cup

The Pegasus World Cup is a relatively new horse racing event. It has been held in the US since 2017. Horses of 4 years or older compete here, and they run on the mud track.

horse racing crypto betting

Dubai World Cup

The Dubai World Cup horse races have been taking place since 1996 in the UAE. This is one of the richest events in this sport. You can see the best horses of four years or more compete in Dubai on the third Saturday of March. We will certainly bet on it this year!

Haskell Stakes

Haskell Stakes has been held annually since 1698 in New Jersey. This is an event for three-year-old horses that compete on dirt. It takes place in July, just in between the US Triple Crown races and Breeders’ Cup. This is one of the main summer events for horse racing.

Types Of Bets & Markets

When it comes to the types of bets, horse racing boasts a list of bets that are mostly different from wager types in other sports. All of them can be divided into three groups, namely Standard, Exotic, and Futures. Each of the groups unites bets on certain aspects of the race.

Standard Wagers

Practically all horse racing crypto bookmakers have the following standard wagers:

  • Win: a perfect choice to bet on the winner. This is a cost-effective bet, as choosing the victorious horse might often be not that challenging.
  • Place: this bet gives you more chances for a win but the odds are slightly lower. Your favorite must come either first or second for you to receive a payout.
  • Show: excellent for newbies, as you can receive a payout if a chosen horse finishes in any of the first three places.
  • Across the Board: a bit challenging and suitable for experienced bettors, as you can combine all three bets mentioned above.

Exotic Wagers

  • Execta: a challenging bet, as you should guess the winner and the second-place horse in the correct order.
  • Quinella: it gives you more freedom, as you still should select two horses to finish in first and second places, but in any order.
  • Trifecta: one of the most challenging bets in horse racing, as you need to guess all first three places in the correct order.
  • Superfecta: this one allows you to predict the result of the first four places. It should be done in the correct order.
  • Super High Five: it offers you to guess all five best horses in the races in the correct order.
  • Daily Double: you can pick the winners of two consecutive races. 

Futures Wagers

If you are pursuing high odds, you can try your luck with future wagers. You can place bets on the horses early in the season. The risk with such bets is that it is still not known if the horses that you select will qualify and run in the finals.

Popular Horse Racing Jockeys

Even though horses, their training, and breed are important for horse racing betting with Bitcoin, the set of skills and professionalism of jockeys are also crucial. The top three jockeys in the world are listed below. Keep an eye on them if you would like to enjoy successful horse racing betting.

horse racing crypto betting online

Irad Ortiz Jr.

Irad Ortiz Jr. is a Puerto Rican jockey who has led horses to trophies many times. He mostly competes in American derbies. Since 2012, he has taken the lead there. Thus, make sure to follow him if you are interested in American horse racing events, as his horses will be high in the ranking, in our opinion.

horse racing bet with Bitcoin

Frankie Dettori

Frankie Dettori is a famous  Italian jockey who has spent most of his career in Britain. He has been recognized as the British flat racing Champion Jockey three times. The last time was in 2004. Frankie was riding 23 winners of the British Classic Races, so you would certainly like to learn more about his career in horse racing.

horse racing Bitcoin bookmakers

Joel Rosario

Joel Rosario is one of the most renowned jockeys in American horse racing. He is the winner of the Dubai World Cup and Kentucky Derby, so you would certainly like to follow the horses he rides. Placing horse racing bets with Bitcoin on them might be a good idea.

Pros And Cons of Online Horse Racing Crypto Betting


  • Rapid withdrawals and lower fees
  • Enhanced security and better anonymity
  • Multiple betting options
  • Various bonuses and promotions
  • Worldwide accessibility


  • Irreversibility of deposits and withdrawals
  • High volatility of some cryptocurrencies
  • NFTs are not available

Final Thoughts

Horse racing crypto betting is an exciting and spectacular type of sports betting, so true admirers of this entertainment would not resist placing several bets on the best horses. Now that you know how to choose the best online bookmaker and what bets to make for the biggest profit, the only thing that is left to do is to try Bitcoin horse betting in practice!

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