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Best Sites For Golf Betting With Bitcoin & Crypto In 2024

The popularity of crypto gambling has continued to grow in recent years, mainly due to its numerous benefits, like anonymity and fast payment processing. Cryptocurrencies, like Bitcoin, have revolutionized the betting domain, surpassing fiat currencies and becoming the preferred choice for sports bettors. In this article, we will focus on golf betting with Bitcoin, unraveling all the intricacies of making bets on this sports discipline. Also, being avid sports betting enthusiasts, we have meticulously analyzed various sportsbooks and selected the best options that boast extensive betting markets and lucrative bonuses.

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Why Are Crypto Golf Betting Sites So Popular?

In our opinion, the popularity of crypto golf betting owes much to the multitude of advantages and innovative features, guaranteeing unparalleled convenience and security. Below, we present a detailed outline of the most significant reasons that contribute to the allure of Bitcoin as a favored alternative to traditional payment methods. 

golf betting with Bitcoin

Reduced geographical restrictions

Traditional payment methods are often subject to limitations and regulatory constraints.  Bitcoin operates on a decentralized network, enabling accessibility on a global scale without being confined by borders. Therefore, bettors who reside in regions with stringent gambling regulations may relish Bitcoin golf betting without any limitations based on geographic location. 

crypto golf betting

Confidentiality of activities

Bitcoin transactions offer an enhanced level of privacy compared to conventional payment methods. When using traditional payment systems, bettors disclose their personal details and the bank becomes aware of the betting activity. Cryptocurrency transactions, on the other hand, do not involve any intermediaries, guaranteeing confidentiality and reducing the likelihood of being marked as high-risk clients by financial institutions. The only thing that is required by crypto golf betting sites is the digital wallet to complete the transaction. 

Bitcoin golf betting

Financial optimization

The use of Bitcoin in online betting is associated with lower fees compared to traditional payment methods. Traditional banking systems and payment processors often impose fees for deposits, withdrawals, and currency conversions. On the other hand, with cryptocurrency, you usually pay only a small network fee, making it a cost-effective solution for bettors. Moreover, our research shows that golf Bitcoin sportsbooks typically have flexible betting limits, enabling bettors to place larger bets and aim at more substantial winnings. 

crypto golf betting sites

Financial independence

The decentralization of crypto tokens eliminates the necessity for third-party intermediaries, like banks or payment processors. The absence of centralized authority or government intervention enables direct peer-to-peer transactions, providing bettors with greater autonomy over their financial operations. 

golf Bitcoin sportsbooks

Faster withdrawals

Traditional banking methods may involve delays due to the involvement of intermediaries, which extend transaction processing time significantly. In contrast, the blockchain technology of cryptocurrencies eliminates the involvement of third parties and ensures that transactions are processed promptly. That is why golf betting with Bitcoin enables swift transactions, allowing bettors to receive instantaneous payouts. 

Important Aspects To Evaluate While Choosing Such Sites

As professional bettors with years of experience, we pay exceptional attention to meticulous evaluation to ensure that we select only the finest betting platforms. Our analysis is based on several criteria. 

Betting Odds

Sports, Lines, And Odds

First and foremost, we make sure that golf crypto sportsbooks offer a comprehensive coverage of sports disciplines and events. We recommend only those bookmakers that propose an extensive betting line encompassing major tournaments that will cater to the diverse preferences of bettors. Moreover, it is also crucial to make sure that the bookmakers offer favorable odds that will guarantee significant payouts. 

A Diverse Bonus System

We prioritize those betting platforms that offer a multifaceted bonus system with different types of promotions, such as sign-up packages for newbies, reload bonuses, free bets, and cashback for existing bettors. What is more, the best golf Bitcoin betting sites tend to reward bettors for their loyalty by offering VIP programs with exclusive perks for dedicated bettors. 

Customer Support

Trustworthy crypto sportsbooks should feature professional and effective customer service. We thoroughly investigate the accessible channels for reaching the support team and the response time. The most efficient channels for assistance are typically live chat, email, and mobile phone

How To Start Golf Betting With Bitcoin 

Submitting your first bet with golf Bitcoin bookmakers is indeed a straightforward procedure as long as you benefit from our comprehensive guide. We have prepared detailed instructions to walk you through every step of placing your initial bet on the favored golf event.

  1. Pick a reliable betting platform and sign up. The initial step is to select a reliable bookmaker featuring the possibility to wager on golf. We recommend you go through our list of best golf BTC betting sites.  Once you have identified a suitable betting site, create a personal account by filling out the registration form.
  2. Acquire cryptocurrency. If you already have a crypto wallet with Bitcoin, you can proceed to the next step. However, if not, you need to set up a digital wallet where you will be able to store cryptocurrency. Once you create a wallet, visit a reputable exchange like Binance or Kraken to purchase BTC.
  3. Top up your balance. Navigate to the Cashier section on your crypto golf betting platform and choose cryptocurrency as the preferred payment method. Copy the platform’s unique wallet address and insert it into the dedicated field in your crypto wallet to complete the transfer. 
  4. Explore the betting line and submit the bet. Once the funds are in your account, you are ready to explore the betting offers on the platform. Pick the betting market you want to wager on, enter the desired stake, and confirm your bet. 

Most Common Types Of Bets

Crypto golf betting is admired by bettors for its numerous possibilities for wagering. Drawing upon our experience as seasoned bettors, we have explored a broad spectrum of betting markets and prepared a brief description of the most popular ones below.

Outright Winner Bets

This betting market involves bettors making a prediction on which golfer will win in the entire golf tournament. This type of bet can be placed both before the event commences and in the course of it. Each golfer is assigned odds that mirror their perceived chances of winning. Unlike with other sports disciplines, an outright winner in Bitcoin golf betting offers the potential for substantial winnings due to typically high odd values. 

Match Bets

This is a popular betting market, especially among newbies, since the spotlight here shifts from the overall tournament to individual matches, providing bettors with a range of prediction options. They may forecast the overall winner of a particular match or try to predict the final score of the match. 

Top 5, Top 10, Top 20 Bets

This betting market provides bettors with more flexibility since they focus on a golfer’s performance relative to a specific range of finishing positions rather than forecasting an outright win. These top bets require bettors to predict whether a particular golf player will finish the tournament within the top 5, 10, or 20 positions in the leaderboard, respectively. 

First-Round Leader

This type of bet focuses on the performance of golfers only in the initial round of the tournaments. Bettors need to forecast which golfer will have the best score after the first 18-hole round. Despite the shorter timeframe compared to the entire 72-hole tournament, this market provides high odds, allowing bettors to obtain huge payouts. 

Head-to-Head Bets

With this betting market, bettors need to predict which of two golfers will perform better during a given round or in the whole competition. The bet focuses on the golfers’ scores relative to each other, irrespective of their performance compared to other golfers. We must note that one golf player doesn’t have to win the entire event but only to perform better than their competitor.

Prop Bets

This type of bet focuses on specific events or occurrences within a tournament rather than the overall outcome. This betting market opens a multitude of possibilities for making predictions on crypto golf betting sites. The most popular examples of prop bets include the following:

  • Hole-in-one bet, which requires bettors to forecast whether a player will successfully complete a hole with a single stroke.
  • Nationality of the winner bet, which focuses on predicting the nationality of the golf player who will perform the best in a specified category.
  • Lowest round bet, which involves betting on which player will record the lowest score in a specific round of the tournament.
  • Cut line prop bet, which involves predicting whether a specific player will make the cut or be eliminated after a certain round.

Popular Tournaments On The Best Golf BTC Betting Sites

Thanks to our practical expertise, we can assure you that golf betting with Bitcoin offers a plethora of possibilities for bettors. Sportsbooks propose numerous tournaments for wagering, suitable for different tastes. Below, we will provide you with an insight into the major golf events that are featured on the majority of betting sites.  

golf betting with Bitcoin

The Open Championship (British Open)

This competition, also commonly referred to as the British Open, stands as the oldest golf tournament globally. Established in 1860,  the Open occupies a prominent place in the golf calendar. The tournament is the final major golf event of the year, typically held in mid-July.  It is primarily a competition for professionals, but a few top amateur players may also qualify.

crypto golf betting

The Masters

This competition is among the four major competitions in men’s professional golf, featured by the majority of golf BTC sportsbooks. It holds a unique position as the first major tournament of the golfing calendar and takes place during the first full week of April. While the majority of participants are professional golfers, a number of amateurs are also invited to compete each year.

Bitcoin golf betting

The U.S. Open

This competition holds the honor of being the third among the four major golf championships presented on golf crypto bookmakers. This is a crucial event on the official schedules of both the PGA Tour and the European Tour. The U.S. Open takes place in mid-June and features 72 holes of stroke play spread over four rounds on an 18-hole course. Whichever player has the fewest total strokes is the winner.

3 Greatest Golfers In The World

If you are a newbie in Bitcoin golf betting, we will introduce you to some iconic players in the golf domain. These names are absolute favorites among seasoned bettors. 

golf Bitcoin sportsbooks

Tiger Woods

This player holds an undeniable aura at the Masters, capturing the attention of audiences with his remarkable dominance and artistry on the golf course. Woods achieved his first Masters victory in 1997, delivering a record-breaking performance and winning by an impressive 12 strokes. His success continued with additional victories in 2001, 2002, and 2005 and a memorable comeback win in 2019. Known for his dynamic play, extraordinary recovery shots, and clutch putting, Woods has cemented his legacy as a Masters legend.

golf crypto sportsbooks

Rory McIlroy

This golf player stands as one of the most accomplished and recognized players in the world of golf. Boasting an impressive track record, McIlroy has secured victory in 22 PGA Tour events, triumphed in 14 European Tour competitions, and claimed 4 Major championships. McIlroy has won numerous Majors, but despite his incredible accomplishments, he has not managed to win the Masters and earn the Green Jacket.  

Bitcoin golf betting

Jon Rahm

This a leading figure in professional golf, coming from Spain. His golfing journey has been marked by extraordinary achievements, including holding the esteemed number-one position in the World Amateur Golf Ranking for an impressive 60 weeks. Notably, Rahm made history in June 2021 by becoming the first Spanish golfer to triumph at the U.S. Open. 

Bonus Offers And Promotions At Golf Bitcoin Sportsbooks

Drawing from our experience, we can say that the best golf Bitcoin betting sites offer generous rewards tailored to bettors who use cryptocurrencies for payments. These incentives may take the form of matched deposit bonuses, free bets, enhanced odds, and other exclusive perks. We strongly recommend taking advantage of these special rewards as they may offer the possibility to boost the betting bankroll and acquire large payouts. 

Pros And Cons Of Using Crypto On Golf Betting Sites


  • Enhanced level of privacy and anonymity
  • Lower fees 
  • Favorable betting odds
  • Fast transaction processing time
  • Special rewards tailored for cryptocurrency bettors


  • Not all betting platforms accept cryptocurrency
  • Restricted in certain geographical locations


In conclusion, golf betting with Bitcoin introduces a multitude of benefits, like confidentiality, fewer geographical restrictions, financial independence, and exclusive bonus offers. If you are eager to obtain first-hand experience of wagering on golf using cryptocurrency, you should explore the list of our recommended bookmakers. Just pick the most attractive option for you, explore numerous betting markets, and reap benefits from enhanced odds and lucrative rewards. 

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