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Best Ethereum Tennis Betting Sites 2024

We have been following the changes in the sports betting industry for a decade already and cannot ignore the rising popularity of cryptocurrencies in tennis sportsbooks. Given the features of digital currencies and their benefits to players, it is no wonder Ethereum tennis betting sites are among the most visited ones.

To ensure you keep up with the innovations in the sports betting industry and are aware of all the beneficial betting options we have created this detailed guide. Thus, you can find here all the essential information about why and how you should choose ETH tennis betting and what you can get from it.

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Reasons To Bet On Tennis With Ethereum

If you would ask us to describe the benefits of betting with Ethereum in three words, those would be safety, efficiency, and convenience. Yet, Ethereum tennis betting has much more to offer. Based on our experience of wagering on this kind of sport, we have listed the reasons that convinced us to give up traditional sportsbooks and switch to ETH-friendly ones.

Decentralization And Security

Many cryptocurrencies available for deposits and withdrawals at ETH tennis bookmakers are decentralized. Thus, it gives your funds and transactions an extra layer of security. You do not need to worry about fraud and potential stealing of your funds if you opt for sports betting with cryptocurrency.

Fast And Cost-Effective Transactions

As a rule, transactions are processed much faster in sportsbooks that accept digital currencies. What is even more important is that ETH tennis betting sites do not charge withdrawal fees. Still, you need to pay a network fee, but it is usually quite low

Anonymity And Privacy

As all transactions are made via the Ethereum network, your bank cannot track your transactions and is not informed about your leisure. Thus, you get more privacy and anonymity than with traditional sportsbooks. Furthermore, when you choose crypto tennis sportsbooks, identity verification might not be required.

Global Accessibility

ETH-powered tennis sportsbooks are accessible globally, as Ethereum is legal in many countries on different continents. As a result, it is much simpler for a player to find an online gambling venue to place bets on tennis matches. Furthermore, crypto betting sites allow bettors from countries without regulated betting markets to enjoy this type of entertainment.

Smart Contracts

Smart contracts available for ETH facilitate your gambling experience and provide innovative possibilities. DeFi is a way for more secure gambling, and it is already available at the best betting sites. We encourage experienced gamblers to take advantage of the opportunities that intelligent smart contracts bring into betting.

Potential For Increased Value

Given the volatility of Ethereum and its steady growth, using it for betting can give you additional possibilities to increase your winnings. Thus, the increase in its price will also increase your budget.

How To Choose The Best Ethereum Tennis Betting Sites

Despite all the advantages of ETH tennis betting sites, it is not always safe to use them for betting. Why? Simply because not all such sportsbooks are reputable and reliable. That is why we pay special attention to the features listed below when deciding whether to recommend a certain bookmaker to you.

Reputation And Trustworthiness

We always read customer reviews, as they can tell a lot about the quality of services a sportsbook provides. Moreover, they help us understand what aspects of the reviewed betting website we should explore more thoroughly. Thus, only Ethereum tennis betting sites with prevailing positive feedback get to our list.

User Experience And Interface

We always register at the website under review to see it from a user’s perspective. Thus, we pay special attention to how easy it is to navigate the website and find desired tennis betting events. We also check if it is compatible with mobile devices and how smooth gambling on the go is.

Variety Of Betting Options

Moreover, we take into consideration how versatile the sportsbook’s lobby is. We check what sports are integrated and how good the choice of betting events is. Regarding ETH tennis bookmakers, we ensure that both professional and semi-professional tournaments are included.

Bonuses And Promotions

Promotions and bonuses are another essential feature that we explore before including a bookmaker on the list of recommended websites. We ensure that bettors can claim rewards here and that they have fair wagering requirements.

Customer Support And Service

Finally, we always contact customer support to see how effective this service is. Therefore, you can be certain that your issues will be resolved quickly if you choose one of the best Ethereum tennis betting sites selected by our experts. Moreover, most of them have a live chat, so you will receive a response within 5 minutes.

How To Start Betting On Tennis Using ETH

Now that you are well aware of how to select trustworthy Ethereum tennis bookmakers, let’s discuss how to set up your account and finally start wagering:


For account creation, use the “Registration” button and provide personal details that the bookmaker requires. Ensure the details you give are accurate to avoid any issues or account suspension in the future.


For making a deposit, use a button next to your balance. It will transfer you to the “Deposit” section. That is where you can select a desired token and network. Do not forget to copy the generated address. After that, head to your crypto wallet and make a money transfer to a copied address.


For bet placing, explore the lobby and find an event you like. Decide on the bet types (we overview them further in the article), determine your bet size, and confirm your choices.


For receiving payouts, you do not need to do anything. Just wait for the event to end; your bets will be processed, and winnings will be automatically credited to your balance. Then, you can withdraw them to your Ethereum wallet.

Best Tennis Tournaments

It is always difficult for us to decide what events to choose and from what tournaments when it comes to tennis betting. To avoid facing the same challenge, here are the top 3 tournaments recommended by many experienced tennis bettors:

Grand Slam Ethereum betting

Grand Slam:

this is a group of tournaments that unites the most significant tennis events, and the best tennis players participate there. The Grand Slam includes the Australian Open, French Open, US Open, and Wimbledon.

The United Cup Tennis Betting With Ethereum

The United Cup:

the international tournament with mixed-gender teams. All events take place on a hard court. It takes place annually during winter, and 18 countries compete there. Thus, it is perfect to choose if you prefer team competitions.

Exhibition Games

Exhibition Games:

the matches of this tournament are often seen as a warm-up before the biggest competitions. Still, it is a perfect option if you would like to place bets on up-and-coming tennis stars who are not yet participating in the Grand Slam.

Effective Tips For Ethereum Tennis Sports Betting

Based on our own betting experience, we can recommend the following tips for a positive betting experience:

  • Ensure you follow the results of the players you plan to wager on. This will help you to make better decisions at Ethereum tennis sportsbooks.
  • Alter small and big-size bets. You can place bigger wagers on clear favorites and stick to smaller bets on an underdog’s victory.
  • Make sure you stick to the determined budget and timing. Take cool-off periods when you bet too much and never exceed your budget.
  • Place several bets on the same event, but do not place too big stakes. However, avoid parlay bets if you are too hesitant about the match outcome.

Promotions And Bonuses At The Best Ethereum Sportsbooks

Ethereum tennis betting sites boast a wide range of bonuses, and they can be claimed by newbies and regulars. Most of them, however, have wagering requirements that should be met to be able to withdraw your winnings to an exchange account or your wallet.

Welcome Bonus

Sign-up rewards are the most lucrative. They can be claimed by new bettors only. As for the types of rewards that you can receive as a newbie, those often are cash rewards and free bets. Wagering requirements are quite high for a welcome bonus, though.

Loyalty Rewards

ETH tennis sportsbooks are known for exclusive loyalty programs for bettors who keep returning to them. Those can include free bets, level-up rewards, raffle tickets, etc. The higher the level you reach, the better rewards you can get.

Special Promotions And Tournaments

Sometimes, bookmakers launch temporary tournaments or exclusive promotions. Usually, they have cash rewards and free bets for the bettors with the best positions on the leaderboards. Such prizes often have zero wagering requirements, but it all depends on the selected sportsbook.

Options And Odds For ETH Tennis Betting

When it comes to bet types, the most popular among them at the best Ethereum tennis betting sites are as follows:

  • Match Bets: those are the ones that allow you to predict the outcome of the match, its score, and winners.
  • Handicap Bets: those are point-spread bets that allow you to predict the victory of a tennis player who might perform better than usual. How so? Bookmakers give them extra points that are considered when bets are calculated.
  • Prop Bets: those are bets on anything that happens or does not happen in a match. For tennis, variants of prop bets are endless and are often related to what a player does during the match.
  • Over/Under Bets: such wagers allow you to predict whether the score in a match will be higher or lower than a certain number determined by a bookmaker.

Pros And Cons Of Using Ethereum Bookmakers


  • Quick withdrawals
  • Increased deposit and cashout limits
  • Less strict regulations
  • More flexibility with payment methods
  • Enhanced bonuses 


  • Volatility of Ethereum
  • Irreversible transactions
  • Knowledge about how cryptocurrencies work is required

Final Thoughts

Ethereum tennis betting sites have plenty of advantages over traditional betting values, and they are steadily growing in popularity. If your country does not restrict the usage of cryptocurrencies, we highly recommend you select one of the websites from our list and try sports betting with ETH. Now that you know how to create an account, make a deposit, and what tennis tournaments to look for, your betting journey should be smooth and pleasant.

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