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Best Soccer Betting Sites That Accept Bitcoin 2024

Soccer betting with Bitcoin

Soccer is one of the most popular sports for betting, and it is chosen by millions of players. An advance in technologies allows bettors to enjoy even more dynamic and faster wagering. How? Many operators offer soccer betting with Bitcoin and other altcoins, and these cryptocurrencies can take your betting to a whole new level. In this guide, we take a look at how to select the best sportsbook, provide you with tips on successful wagering. Moreover, we explore different soccer leagues and tournaments and discover in what aspects crypto betting is better than fiat one.

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Why Switch To Bitcoin For Soccer Betting?

We have been hesitant about switching to Bitcoin soccer sportsbooks after years of betting in fiat currencies. However, once we have explored all the benefits of this innovative blockchain technology, we always opt for Bitcoin and altcoin wagers at online bookmakers. Some of the solid reasons why we encourage you to explore the option of crypto betting are listed below.

Higher Level Of Anonymity

ID verification rules are more flexible on Bitcoin soccer betting sites, so a higher level of anonymity is secured. When you make deposits and withdrawals, you do not need to share your banking details with a sportsbook, so your bank is not aware of your leisure.

Potential For Appreciation

The rapid growth of the number of Bitcoin soccer betting sites is only one of the perspectives of crypto betting in the future. De-Fi technology and other innovative blockchain projects have a chance to be reflected in the crypto sportsbook in the future. So, we encourage you to give this promising opportunity a try today, as crypto betting will certainly be the main sportsbook option in the future.

Secure Transactions

Cryptocurrencies are based on blockchain technology, and they have a higher level of anti-fraud and anti-hacking protection. Therefore, your credits are secured at Bitcoin soccer betting websites. Moreover, transactions are irreversible, so there will be no canceled payments as it can be with deposits or withdrawals processed by banks.

Speed Of Transactions

When we take a look at the speed of transactions at soccer betting sites that accept Bitcoin, it becomes clear that it transformed the betting experience. Crypto deposits and withdrawals are instant, so less than several minutes pass between your deposit and your bet. As a result, betting is more exciting and dynamic in crypto sportsbooks. 

Lower Transaction Fees

Another advantage of crypto sportsbooks over traditional ones is that deposits and withdrawals are cheaper. The best websites do not have any hidden fees or extra changes. You only pay a gas fee for block confirmations on crypto networks. They are often much cheaper than traditional transactions.

Global Access From Any Country

Bitcoin soccer betting is accessible to players from a wide range of countries across continents. As a result, those players who do not have regulated fiat sportsbooks in their countries of residence can easily enjoy betting on sports at cryptocurrency-friendly bookmakers. Taking into account the rapid integration of cryptocurrencies, the number of betting destinations that offer altcoins will grow steadily, and this type of wagering will be even more accessible.

Bitcoin Soccer Betting Vs Traditional Betting

FeatureBitcoin SportsbookTraditional Sportsbook
RegulationsLess strict regulation, more flexibility with ID verificationStrict regulations, ID verification is obligatory
Anonymity of transactionsDeposits and withdrawals are anonymousThe bank is aware of all your deposits and withdrawals
Speed of transactionsInstant deposits and withdrawalsDeposits are relatively fast. Withdrawals are often delayed
SecurityHigh-level anti-fraud protectionFraudulent activity is not uncommon
Transaction feesWithdrawals are often freeExtra fees for withdrawals are usually applied

How To Choose The Best Soccer Betting Sites That Accept Bitcoin

One of the challenges that bettors who would like to switch to crypto soccer betting face is how to select a reputable sportsbook. You do not need to worry about that, as our experts, who have already tested hundreds of operators, shared features that should be taken into account when choosing a bookmaker for your wagers

User Reviews & Ratings

Read honest user reviews. This is the best place to search for potential issues that might arise. If there are no critical points mentioned by users (like non-payment or account suspension without a reason) and positive feedback prevails, you can continue accessing the website.

Strong Security Measures

Discover if SSL encryption is provided by a sportsbook. If it is not, your personal details might be compromised. The best Bitcoin soccer betting sites provide a possibility for bettors to turn on two-factor authentication.

Wide Range Of Betting Options On Soccer

When you are confident in security measures, head to the sportsbook lobby and ensure that your favorite tournaments and leagues are among the betting options. A limited choice of sports betting events should keep you vigilant. At the same time, decent betting versatility is a feature of a reputable bookmaker that values its customers.

Competitive Odds

Do not forget to pay attention to the odds offered for soccer betting with Bitcoin. They should not be neither too low nor too high, as both variants are suspicious. You can also compare the odds to those on other betting sites. That’s what we often do to ensure the fairness of odds.

Payment And Withdrawal Options

Furthermore, take a look at the offered deposit and withdrawal options and make sure that the cryptocurrencies that you would like to use for transactions are integrated. Moreover, explore available networks. E.g., many bettors choose TRC20 for USDT deposits and cashouts, as the transaction fee is lower than on the ERC20 network.

Bonuses And Promotions For Crypto Users

Finally, visit the Promotions section and see if there are any bonuses available for soccer betting with Bitcoin. The best bookmakers in this category do have a tempting selection of special offers for bettors. Even if you do not plan to claim any bonuses now, you might change your mind in the future, so it is good to have such a chance.

How To Start Soccer Betting With Bitcoin

Now that you know how to select the best soccer betting with Bitcoin, it is high time to explore a step-by-step guide on how to start betting quickly and without any issues. Here is what we do when setting up our account to start placing bets:


Press the Sign Up button and fill in the registration form with the required information. Often, it is just an email address and password. However, some websites might ask you to indicate your country of residence and phone number.


Make a deposit with one of the relatively stable cryptocurrencies (BTC, ETH, USDT, etc.). For this step, head to a cashier and copy the wallet address of the selected token. Then, just insert the copied address in the withdrawal section of your wallet and indicate the network and the deposit amount.


Explore available events and start placing bets on matches of your favorite teams.


Ensure you have wagered your deposit at least once before a withdrawal request.


Once you have winnings from your bets credited to your balance, you can withdraw them at the cashier.

Deposits And Withdrawals At USDC Bookmakers

When it comes to bonuses, trustworthy betting sites have a wide range of them, and their customers can claim them at different stages of their betting journey, namely:

Right After The Registration

You can get a  no-deposit offer. Often, it contains free bets or risk-free bets for new players. No-deposit bonuses are quite rare, and they have high wagering requirements.

After The First Deposit

Practically all Bitcoin soccer bookmakers have a welcome package for customers on their first deposits. It often includes cash rewards and free bets. Wagering requirements are a must for sign-up offers.

After Regular Deposits

Get the advantage of reload bonuses that can be claimed by active bettors. Cash rewards are less generous than for newbies though.

The Most Popular World Soccer Tournaments For Crypto Betting

There are three most popular tournaments that Bitcoin soccer betting fans often select for their wagers. National teams compete in each of them, and bettors wait up to four years to enjoy a spectacular soccer feast and place bets on the best teams.

FIFA World Cup betting

FIFA World Cup

This is the main tournament that sees the best national teams from all continents compete with each other. It is the most anticipated event regardless of country of residence. If you are a soccer fan, you certainly would not like to miss the FIFA World Cup and try to predict the outcomes of matches or even guess the world champion for the next four years.

UEFA European Championship (Euro)

UEFA European Championship (Euro)

European bettors will be excited to place wagers on the UEFA European Championship, also known as Euro. The best national teams from Europe compete here, and this is a major event for the continent. However, bettors from Asia and Oceania also follow this tournament and place bets on it.

Copa America

Copa America

Latin America, for which soccer is another religion, has its own tournament for national teams, and this is Copa America. Same as the Euro, this tournament is a major event for the Americas. However, those are not only bettors from LATAM who cannot resist the temptation to place a bet when Brazil and Argentina meet! Players from all over the world wager on this match.

Top Leagues For Betting On Soccer With Crypto

For those bettors who do not like to wait four years to enjoy bets on spectacular football, we recommend selecting Bitcoin soccer sportsbooks with the best leagues integrated. If you are a newbie to soccer, make sure to select one of those listed below. In such a case, you will not only have a chance to enjoy plenty of bets but also to witness spectacular matches.

English Premier League logo

English Premier League

The English Premier League has millions of fans all across the world. Known for having numerous strong teams and a high level of competition, this league has high odds and a decent level of unpredictability. Each match can have a surprising outcome, so even the riskiest bets can work out.

La Liga logo

La Liga

La Liga is a perfect choice for bettors who appreciate Spanish football. The level of competition is no worse than in the English Premier League, so plenty of exciting sports betting events await you all year round. Moreover, no soccer bettor would like to miss “El Clasico” between Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Bundesliga logo


If you are a fan of German football, your chances of finding reputable soccer betting sites that accept Bitcoin with Bundesliga integrated are quite high. This league currently is not as competitive as the English Premier League, but it still has multiple exciting matches to offer to sportsbook fans

In addition, these sportsbooks feature more advanced betting options, such as the following:

MLS logo


Unlike the Bundesliga, MLS lives through years of rising popularity. Promoted by David Beckham and having Lionel Messi as a player of Inter Miami club, MLS finds more and more bettors across the world. It is currently not as common as English or German football leagues at betting websites, but the number of betting venues that offer MLS matches is growing steadily.

Serie A logo

Serie A

Finally, the once-legendary Serie A also attracts many players in Italy and the entire Europe. We also select matches of Serie A for our betting from time to time, as there are often no clear favorites in matches. If you appreciate the intrigue and unexpected outcomes, you should certainly place several wagers on events in this league.

Types Of Bets Offered By Bitcoin Soccer Sportsbooks

On top of a variety of tournaments and leagues, the best Bitcoin soccer betting sites offer a wide range of bet types to allow players to wager on different aspects of a match. Some of the most popular among them are:

  • Moneyline and spread bets: The first allows you to guess the winner of a match, while the latter offers an underdog extra points that are taken into account when the game winner is determined.
  • Under/Over and totals: They focus on the total score of a match. Under/Over bet gives you a chance to predict if the total score will be lower or higher than a certain number. Totals require you to guess the sum of all goals scored.
  • Prop bets: Choose those if you plan to bet on different aspects of a match that are not related to the total score or the winner. E.g., how many saves a goalkeeper makes or how many corners there will be in a game.
  • Parlay bets: They allow you to combine several wagers in one bet. Odds are higher for parlay than for separate wagers, but you need to have all correct predictions to win.
  • Future bets: A perfect bet type if you would like to guess the winner of the league or a championship early in the season.

Live Betting With Bitcoin At Soccer Bookmakers

While all the above-mentioned bets should be placed before the actual event, admirers of dynamic betting can explore live bets. Wagers are placed while a match is broadcast, so odds change often. Thus, your chances of winning big on risky bets are quite good. However, be ready not to follow events on the football field closely, as you will often be distracted by the changing situation on Bitcoin soccer betting sites.

Tips And Strategies

As experienced bettors, we have already had our list of strategic tips that allow us to have a positive and successful betting experience. Today, we will share it with you:

  • Select a trustworthy bookmaker for crypto soccer betting.
  • Never go beyond your budget and do not chase losses.
  • Alter big and small bets and wager on matches from different leagues.
  • Follow statistics of teams and matches to have a clear picture of favorites and underdogs.
  • Alter big and low size bets.
  • Place future bets at the beginning of the season.
  • Do not place big parlay bets, as chances of winning are quite low.
  • Claim bonuses that a betting destination has for sports events.

Pros And Cons Of Bitcoin Soccer Betting Sites


  • Lucrative promotions
  • Enhanced anonymity
  • Faster withdrawals
  • Better security measures
  • More flexibility in betting and cashout limits
  • Excellent customer support
  • Multiple rewards for VIP players


  • Cryptocurrency volatility
  • Irreversibility of transactions
  • Lack of regulation if the website is not licensed

Final Thoughts

If you are a fan of soccer and still use fiat sportsbooks for your wagers, we are certain you will change your mind about soccer betting with Bitcoin after reading our complete guide. Transactions are faster and cheaper, while the level of excitement is higher compared to traditional soccer betting. A variety of promotions and betting options combined with provided flexibility are also valued by many crypto bettors.

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