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Best UFC (MMA) Crypto Betting Sites 2023

It is not only the fights of UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) that are spectacular, but also betting on them that gives a blood-pumping experience. Being the most popular competition in mixed martial arts, UFC is the strongest and the most frequent association with MMA. Therefore, it is no surprise bettors keen on martial arts select UFC fights for their betting experience.

Both fiat currencies and crypto are accepted for bets on this championship, but UFC crypto betting is way more popular nowadays. If you have not tried placing bets with BTC, LTC, or ETH yet, you should certainly do it! However, make sure to select a reputable cryptocurrency-friendly sportsbook first. Our guide on the best UFC crypto betting sites can certainly answer many of your questions about this activity and provide you with useful tips on successful betting on MMA.

Why Use Crypto For UFC Online Betting?

Even though fiat betting is still more common, Bitcoin MMA betting is significantly growing in popularity. There are several reasons for that. The most essential among them is that BTC and altcoins have the features that are desired by bettors and that are not provided by fiat payment methods. Those are mainly anonymity and instant transactions. However, accessibility also plays an essential role in bettors’ decision to wager on UFC with crypto.

Pros And Cons Of Crypto MMA Betting

If the reasons mentioned above did not convince you to try crypto for MMA betting, you can look through a more detailed list of the advantages and disadvantages it has.


Anonymous and safe deposits with better anti-fraud measures
Instant deposits and withdrawals
Low cashout fees and no fees on a sportsbook’s side
Lucrative promotions
Transparency of transactions
Available in a big number of markets
Diverse betting options


Irreversibility of transactions
A necessity to learn about blockchain and how transactions work

The Most Used Cryptocurrencies For Betting On UFC

Online UFC crypto betting gives bettors flexibility in several aspects, and currency flexibility is one of them. There are hundreds of tokens in the crypto world, and dozens of them are available for sports bettors. However, not all of them are suitable for regular betting, so we encourage you to devote some time to choosing the token that will suit you the most. We have selected the top 5 cryptocurrencies with minimal risks for bettors.


Launched in 2009, Bitcoin stands at the origins of blockchain payments. It is one of the most popular and reliable tokens in the crypto world. Thus, choosing it at UFC crypto betting sites allows you not to worry about the rapid drop in price to zero or the suspicious reputation of the token. At the same time, fees for transactions are relatively high here, and minimum withdrawal requirements are high for bettors on budget. Therefore, consider other tokens as well.


Litecoin, much like Ethereum and Bitcoin, is another well-known cryptocurrency with its own dedicated network and a decent reputation, particularly favored on Litecoin betting sites. It has already proven to be quite stable on the market in the long run, ensuring that your winnings will not decrease significantly in a short period of time. For those interested in UFC crypto betting, bitcoin betting sites offer an attractive proposition due to the cheap deposits and withdrawals associated with this token. However, it is worth noting that while still efficient, transaction processing might take a bit longer compared to some other cryptocurrencies.


If the speed of transactions and fees are a priority for you, you can choose Solana. This is the third-generation token, so its fees do not change as often as it is with ETH, and transactions are processed extremely quickly. At the same time, SOL is not that reliable, and its price has dropped significantly recently. Still, it can be considered both a disadvantage and an advantage, as the price can go up in the future.


Ethereum, also known for its shorthand ‘ETH’, is the second most popular crypto for UFC betting at sportsbooks after Bitcoin, with ETH betting options becoming increasingly common due to its robust network. It is also one of the coins with the highest price, reflecting its significant market presence. This token operates on its own network, allowing transactions to be processed relatively quickly, an attractive feature for those engaged in ETH betting. However, it’s noteworthy that the fees are not as low as they are with some other cryptos, like Solana. Nonetheless, Ethereum maintains its status as a good example of a trustworthy and reliable cryptocurrency, making it a solid choice for sportsbook betting.


Dogecoin is one of those unusual tokens that were created as a joke rather than as a payment method. However, the crypto world accepted this currency with a dog on its logo, and it is currently offered in a wide range of the best crypto MMA betting sites. It is quite stable, and its price does not swing much, mostly due to being quite low already. The price of DOGE is unlikely to rise significantly in the future, so it is not that good for long-term investment but suitable for temporary betting in a sportsbook.

How To Choose The Best UFC Crypto Betting Sites

Once you choose the cryptocurrency that you would like to use for online UFC crypto betting, create a wallet, and buy some tokens, you can create an account at an online sportsbook. That is when a true challenge begins, as finding a reputable and trustworthy brand that meets all your expectations is an energy-consuming task. We, as experienced bettors, know what things to take into consideration when selecting a worthy betting platform, and we provide you with a guide on this below.


Instant Deposits & Withdrawals

Ensure that banking is flexible on the website you want to use for sports betting. We often head to its terms and conditions to find detailed information about cryptocurrencies, fiat payment methods, and time of transaction processing. At the best UFC crypto betting sites, deposits are instant, so they arrive within several minutes. At the same time, processing your withdrawal request should take no more than a couple of hours, depending on the crypto you use.

Anonymous Betting

If you are willing to enjoy crypto UFC betting at a sportsbook anonymously, you should pay attention to the KYC policy at the explored website. Most platforms have an obligatory KYC process, but there are some reliable brands that do not require your ID. Those are brands that only accept cryptocurrency payments and have no fiat currencies.

Multiple Cryptocurrency Support

All popular websites with an excellent reputation have multiple altcoins integrated. This is one of the signs that you will be given a choice when placing bets. It also means that such sportsbooks value their customers.

Crypto Bonuses

Another feature that shows that the betting website is reliable and values its customers is the availability of different bonuses. As you are a new player, you are mostly interested in the welcome package and its terms. However, you will also be willing to claim special rewards later, so explore the choice of reload and cashback bonuses. Furthermore, check if a loyalty program is implemented.

Low Commissions

Low Transaction Fees

While you are still in the terms and conditions of banking in a reviewed sportsbook, pay attention if they charge any extra fees for withdrawals or deposits. The best crypto UFC betting sites should not have any additional fees for deposits or withdrawals (except for those required by the cryptocurrency network itself). If there are extra charges applied, consider other betting websites.


Competitive Odds

A must-check section is the game lobby with a selection of sports betting events. Trustworthy brands have hundreds of betting options on different kinds of sports, both popular and niche ones. Moreover, the odds should be fair, meaning not too high or too low. Competitive odds are the sign that you are going to receive your winnings, and they can be withdrawn without any issue.

User Interface And Experience

The finest UFC crypto betting websites are preoccupied with the convenience of their customers, so they secure intuitive navigation and a quick search. A user-friendly interface is a must in the long run, as you want to place bets easily and not get confused by multiple unnecessary sections that do not allow you to find a desired sports event.

Reputation & User Reviews

Your first impression is important, but make sure to read user reviews about the crypto MMA betting destination you plan to use. Those who have already used the website can highlight the strong and weak sides of the sportsbook. User reviews are valuable for picking the best betting venue. We also pay attention to positive and negative customer feedback when deciding whether to include a certain platform in our ranking.

Withdrawal, Deposit & Betting Limits

The limits that a sportsbook has are crucial, as they won’t allow you to enjoy sports betting activities to the fullest if they are too low. Moreover, you can spend too much time withdrawing your win if it is a big one. So ensure that deposit and withdrawal limits are 5-10 times higher than you usually need. Also, check the betting limits for the kind of sports you plan to bet on. The range for bets should allow both extremely low stakes and high-roller wagers.

How To Get Started With UFC Bitcoin Betting?

Having all the tips for finding a trustworthy UFC crypto betting destination, you can start placing bets and collecting winnings for correct predictions. Follow our step-by-step guide below, and you will spend no more than 20 minutes between the first step and a successfully placed bet on a desired sports event.


Get Familiar With Bitcoin And Acquire Some

The most crucial thing for UFC bitcoin betting is to understand how BTC transactions work and buy those tokens. Head to one of the reputable crypto exchanges or exchangers, and you will be able to convert your fiat into BTC shortly. Also, you’ll need a BTC wallet or an account at the selected exchange.


Research Reputable UFC Betting Sites That Accept Bitcoin

If the first step has already taken plenty of energy from you, we have good news for you. You do not need to do your own research to find a reliable crypto sportsbook. Instead, you can select one of the recommended betting destinations selected for you by our team. Just ensure that Bitcoin or any other crypto you use is among the payment methods.


Create An Account And Deposit Bitcoin

Find the Register button and press it. You will see a form with the required fields. You will be asked to provide your personal information for account creation. An email address and complex password are a must. Then, you can also be asked about your preferred currency, country of residence, phone number, etc. You can also activate the welcome bonus at this stage.


Understand UFC And Place Your Bets

If you are a fan of UFC, good! If not, do at least basic research about this mixed martial arts championship before placing bets. To make predictions, you should use controls to define a bet and determine the size of your stake. Single or multiple bets can be placed on each UFC event.


Withdraw Your Winnings

Once the event is over, your bets are calculated. If you’ve made correct predictions, payouts will be automatically credited to your balance. All the best crypto UFC betting sites require wagering your deposit sum at least one time. After that, you can head to a cashier and make your withdrawal.

Deposits And Withdrawals At Crypto MMA Betting Sites

Depositing and withdrawing winnings from sportsbooks in crypto might seem challenging at first if you’ve never used this innovative payment method. However, once you try it several times, it will seem much easier for you than making payments with fiat money. Here are the steps you should take for successful transactions:


Head to the cashier at the selected crypto MMA betting site and select one of the cryptocurrencies available. Then, choose a network, and you will have a wallet address generated. Copy it and log into an app where your tokens are stored. Insert the copied address and the desired number of tokens there. Finally, confirm the transaction.


You should do pretty much the same as for deposits but in a different order. Copy the deposit address from your wallet and insert it in the Withdrawal section at the sportsbook.

The Most Common Types Of Bets On UFC At Crypto Sportsbook

Now that you know how to enjoy betting on MMA with Bitcoin deposits, let’s explore what types of bets are available at the finest sportsbooks. Usually, the exact choice of wagers depends on the selected sports event, but there are several common types that are offered for the majority of fights. They are explained below.


Fight Winner

The Fight Winner bet is self-explanatory. Any time you decide to use it for crypto MMA betting, you simply need to predict the winner of the fight. This wager has a 50% chance of winning and variable odds that depend on the fighters. If there is a clear favorite in a pair, your chances of scooping a big win are not too high.


Over/Under Rounds

When you place an over/under rounds bet, you are supposed to predict if the fight will be shorter or longer than a certain time predicted by a bookmaker. E.g., you have bet on ‘Under 2.5’. In order to scoop a reward, the respective fight should last less than 2 minutes and 30 seconds.


Method Of Victory

Rather than betting on a winner, you can place a stake on the way they would win. It can be knockout, winning by decision, or submission. This bet seems to be quite simple to make, but we advise you to learn about the strong and weak sides of each fighter first. Moreover, take a look at a favorite’s statistics before making the final decision.


Round Betting

Unlike under/over rounds bet, you do not need to worry about the duration of the fight much. Round betting allows you to predict the number of the round in which the winner will be determined. In other words, you place a stake on how many rounds there will be in a selected fight.


Prop Bets

Props in UFC crypto betting give bettors more flexibility and allow them to predict different aspects of the fight. It can be a chance to predict whether the fight will go at the distance or the time of the win. Prop bets are more difficult to predict than a fight winner, but they normally have better odds, so the risk can pay off.


Fight To Start Round X

This bet is similar to round betting, but it still has its unique feature. If you decide to place a ‘Fight to Start Round 3’ and you choose ‘No,’ it means that a fight should end in the first or the second round. If you would like to pick ‘Yes,’ the fight should last at least three rounds for you to receive a payout for this prediction.


Points Handicap

This bet is similar to round betting, but it still has its unique feature. If you decide to place a ‘Fight to Start Round 3’ and you choose ‘No,’ it means that a fight should end in the first or the second round. If you would like to pick ‘Yes,’ the fight should last at least three rounds for you to receive a payout for this prediction.

Popular MMA Championships For Betting With Bitcoin

Mixed martial arts is a kind of sport with several popular tournaments and championships that draw the attention of many bettors keen on fighting sports. If you are new to crypto MMA betting, you might be overwhelmed by the variety of tournaments and events. As experienced bettors, we encourage you to focus on one of the championships listed below first to dive deep into specific rules and statistics. You can bet on multiple tournaments at the same time in the future


UFC is the most popular championship in MMA sports in the world, and practically every crypto betting site has its events integrated. Speaking about events, they are held all across the world and in 12 different divisions, so bettors have a decent choice of betting options all the time. UFC is based in Las Vegas, US, and it has been running since 1993, growing its popularity year after year.


Bellator is an MMA organization based in California, US. It was founded in 2008 and is still highly popular with MMA fans. Actually, it is the second most popular championship in mixed martial arts worldwide after the UFC. It is broadcasted via different streaming platforms across the world, including the UK and South America, and the bets on it can be found on the best crypto MMA betting sites.

ONE Championship

ONE Championship is a Singapore-based organization that unites MMA, Muay Thai, and kickboxing. Its events are targeted at the Asian market, so if you are eager to follow Asian fights, ONE Championship is the perfect choice for you. There is at least one major event in Asia a month. For comparison, UFC holds one major event in Asia per year.

Professional Fighters League

Professional Fighters League is one more American MMA championship that has been established relatively recently. Its events have been running since 2018 and have already become popular beyond the US. Fights are streamed and watched on different continents. There are six weight divisions in the Professional Fighters League, and bettors have plenty of events for placing stakes.

RIZIN Fighting Federation

RIZN Fighting Federation is a relatively new organization in the MMA world. It was established in 2015 in Tokyo, Japan. However, it was born from the PRIDE championship that ended in 2005, so it has a great basis and unites many strong fighters. Its events are broadcast not only in Asia but in the United States and Europe as well. Its events are also integrated into many crypto MMA betting destinations, so you will have no trouble finding RIZIN events in the lobbies of sportsbooks.

Popular MMA Championships For Betting With Bitcoin

As for effective MMA betting tips, we, as experienced bettors, have our strategies that are useful for betting with positive outcomes:

Always do a deep dive into the sports and tournaments you plan to place a bet on. Learn about top fighters and discover their strong and weak sides.
Study statistics of previous fights to understand the potential outcomes of future fights. Pay attention to the duration of fights, their number, the way of winning, etc.
Define your budget and stick to it. Resist a desire to chase the losses if there are such. It is better to take a cool-off period for a couple of days if you cannot stop yourself from going beyond the budget.
Alter different bet types and the size of your stakes. Sometimes, placing a risky bet might be a good decision. Still, we encourage you not to place too big bets on events with a low chance of winning.

Explore possible variants of crypto tokens for MMA betting. Learn about the pros and cons of each cryptocurrency and select the one that offers the biggest benefits for your betting style.

The Future Of Online UFC Crypto Betting

We advise you to start your UFC crypto betting journey now if you have not started yet, as cryptocurrencies will most probably dominate in the UFC sportsbook in the future. We will see more tokens integrated, and the number of countries open to crypto betting will increase.

The crypto world itself constantly evolves, and new projects with innovative ideas emerge constantly. Those that will be most compatible with the betting activities will certainly be available to bettors. Some of them are already in testing mode, and De-Fi is one of them.

Final Thoughts

UFC crypto betting is extremely popular across the world, not only because of the popularity of MMA among bettors but also due to the features of blockchain and crypto payments that meet the requirements of sportsbook customers. This includes the burgeoning niche of Bitcoin esports betting, which caters to the tech-savvy bettor looking for dynamic wagering options. Upon reading our detailed guide on secure and successful MMA betting with Bitcoin and altcoins, you have become well aware of the types of bets and best championships for placing bets, including those within the esports domain. Furthermore, you should be able to differentiate a reliable sportsbook from a scam website.

All in all, you can always select one of the UFC crypto betting sites, which now increasingly accommodate bitcoin esports betting, recommended by our experts and start your betting experience right away!

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