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Best Crypto & Bitcoin Sports Betting Sites

The already incredibly popular sports gambling industry began to develop even more rapidly with the introduction of cryptocurrency. The whole point is that the use of crypto for sports wagering has opened up a new long list of betting opportunities, which has attracted a large number of new players to the industry. I personally and my team are no longer newbies in crypto sports betting, but many of our readers are just getting acquainted with this new product. So, we decided to collect all the most important information on this topic in this review.

Top Bitcoin Sports Betting Sites Of 2023

Online sports betting with Bitcoin or other crypto starts with the right gambling platform selection. We suggest you take advantage of our experience and use the selection of the best sites that we have compiled especially for you. The list below includes only the top licensed websites that will give you an amazing gambling experience.

What Is Crypto Sports Betting?

This is a classic sports gambling with crypto used as the main payment method for bets and withdrawals. The intersection of staking on sports and using cryptocurrencies represents a new frontier in the digital age. The fiat money implementation offers a fresh perspective, promising increased security, global availability, and faster transactions.

Why Use Crypto For Sports Betting?

The sports staking evolution has always been influenced by technological advances, and virtual currency integration is no exception. There are many reasons why betting with cryptocurrency is worth your attention, but let’s discuss the most basic ones below.

Most gamblers who switched to crypto sports betting cite financial autonomy as the main reason for changing the means of payment. Traditionally, staking sites offer payment methods that are provided through banks or other financial institutions, which leads to extra fees and delays.

Digital currency, being a decentralized form of currency, eliminates the need for these intermediaries. Bettors can now provide direct transactions, being sure that more of their earnings stay in their pockets. The next important reason follows from such independence of the cryptocurrency – the possibility of anonymous transactions.

Enhanced security is another attractive feature of crypto wagering. The blockchain technology on which the cryptocurrency is built guarantees transparent, encrypted, and secure operations.In addition, crypto sports betting greatly simplifies the entire process of placing stakes due to the simplicity of the method itself and its global prevalence.

How To Choose The Best BTC Sports Betting Site For You?

To ensure safe crypto sports betting, it is important to choose a reliable gambling platform. However, the selection process may be difficult if you do not know what to consider when selecting. Based on my personal long-term experience, I have identified the factors you should pay attention to when choosing in order to protect yourself and ensure a comfortable pastime.

Reputation And Trust

No one will tell you about any service better than its customers. Therefore, the best way to understand how a certain BTC-powered sportsbook works is to read the testimonials of those who have already used it and read the reviews on this website prepared by professional gamblers. However, here, you need to be careful about reviews

Available Payment Methods In Cryptocurrency

It is a huge advantage if a website accepts a lot of cryptocurrencies, as this ensures more convenience and flexibility and also provides more wagering options. Various virtual currencies may have different transaction fees and speeds, affecting the cost and speed of deposits and cashouts.

Anonymous Sports Betting With Bitcoin

If a website provides Bitcoin-powered online sports betting, you can be calm about your privacy. Due to the decentralized nature of the virtual currency (it is not controlled by any national bank and is not accountable to any government organization), crypto payments allow users to stay anonymous.

Fast Deposits And Withdrawals

Time is just as valuable in sports betting as money. After all, everyone wants to get their winnings as quickly as possible. And when it comes to sports betting, bets are often placed in real-time during the game. So, any delay in the payment system could mean missing out on a winning opportunity.
That’s why it’s important to pay attention to the simplicity and speed of the website’s payment system. Look for a site that makes it easy to deposit and withdraw funds and that processes payments quickly.

Available Sports, Lines, And Odds

The best gambling website is the one that gives you freedom of choice. That is why you need to look for a platform with a wide range of sports, including the most demanded options like football and tennis, as well as niche options like esports. Also, pay attention to the crypto sports betting platforms that provide access to live match broadcasts and online discussions.

When it comes to the odds, consider that they determine the potential gain from the winning stake.

Bonuses And Promotions

Top Bitcoin sports betting platforms provide great offers that increase the value of your stakes and chances of winning. All newcomers usually get a greeting offer, which allows them to get familiar with the new site without spending their own funds. There are many others crypto welcome bonuses that you can claim on betting site.

Also, platforms provide different promos (free stakes, monthly cashback, etc.) to encourage regular customers and keep their loyalty.

How To Make Your First Bet At BTC Sportsbook?

Want to try BTC sports betting but don’t know where to start? This is a widespread problem. So, for all beginners, we have prepared a small guide for the first steps of the crypto bettor.

  1. Make a research and pick a trusted gambling website.
  2. Sign up and replenish your account with the chosen digital currency.
  3. Get familiar with sports staking markets.
  4. Place your wager and wait for the event result.
  5. Go to the Payment section on the site and withdraw the winning to your crypto wallet.

Types Of Most Popular Sports Bets With Crypto

This may be a surprise for beginners, but there are a lot of different types of BTC sportsbook stakes. As an experienced gambler, I can state that not all popular bet types are as successful as they seem. So, below, I listed options that actually work and bring profit when done right.  

Moneyline Bet (Win Bet)

This is a standard wager that is placed on the game’s result. This means that you stake on a specific team or participant, which, in your opinion, will win a match or duel. Since this stake type is staking on a winner, there are not so many possible outcomes. If you’ve bet with crypto on the team that has won, you win as well. If the chosen team loses, then you lose money. Sometimes, an additional draw option is provided.

Point Spread

This option offers staking on the advantage in winning. This type is often used by football and basketball fans where there is a competition between two teams, and one of them is considered stronger. So, you stake not on the favored team but on the certain number of goals/points by which this team will win.

Over/Under (Totals Bet)

If you pick this stake type on Bitcoin betting sites, you wager on “the total” – the final quantity of points in the match. Here, you do not have to guess the exact amount. You stake on whether the total number of points/runs/goals gained by both teams will exceed or decrease a predetermined amount.

Parlay (Accumulator)

If you place two or more stakes and then combine them into one, this is called a parlay. Such a wager type is also called multi or accumulator, depending on the platform. The parlay stake will be winning only if each of the combined rates wins. In case at least one smaller bet loses, you lose the parlay. The best crypto sports betting sites often encourage bet pooling with increased payouts.

Prop Bet (Proposition Bet)

Another popular type that allows gamblers to stake not on the final score but on some specific events that are not directly related to the game outcome. You can wager on a certain player’s performance, specific moments within a sports event (for example, a fight), statistics, etc. Such stakes at the best crypto sports betting platforms add excitement and do not focus the gambler’s attention on the final but encourage them to enthusiastically follow the whole game.

The Most Popular Games For Online Sports Betting With Bitcoin

Today, the Bitcoin-powered sports betting market offers a diversity of sports, placing stakes on which you can try your luck. However, there are several positions that deservedly are known as the most popular options. The main reasons for such high demand are the simplicity of the rules and the popularity of the games themselves in the world, which leads to great excitement around certain matches or competitions like the Olympics or the World Cup.

Soccer (Football)

A wide choice of crypto staking options is available for all football fans. If you choose this game for gambling, almost all Bitcoin betting platforms will offer you all kinds of wagers and even special offers. Moreover, when it comes to football, you always have something to stake on. In addition to iconic international events, such as the European Championship and the World Cup, there are games of national leagues, such as the Premier League, as well as many local tournaments.


The fairly high result predictability and high performance of the game have made basketball one of the favorite options for BTC sports betting. Furthermore, the match split into quarters of 10 minutes at European tournaments and 12 minutes in NBA matches gives bettors additional opportunities to beat the bookmaker. In basketball gambling, predictions before the game are easier to make than in other sports. Most often, bettors try to predict the total points. You need to pay attention to the statistics of away meetings for guests and home games, team games among themselves, and the physical form and morale of both teams.

American Football

Staking on American football can be quite complex, especially for newbies in gambling, because there are many nuances to take into account. However, if you devote some time to preparing for wagering, then it is possible to make very good money on this sport. The rate hike occurs during NFL and NCAA games. Moneyline, point spread, and total stakes are the most common here.


Even though baseball is known primarily in the North American Bitcoin-suppporting sports betting market, today, its popularity is spreading all over the world. This game lends itself to statistical analysis, which, in terms of betting, provides a real opportunity to make a profit. No other league offers as many games at the highest professional level as Major League Baseball (MLB). The 30 MLB teams play 162 games each during a regular season that lasts less than 190 days (typically April through November), resulting in an average of 12 games per day during the season. So, there are enough opportunities to analyze options and find value stakes in the market on a regular basis.


Tennis has not lost one of the leadership positions in sports gambling for many years. The key benefits of tennis wagering are: no off-season as such (games of different levels are held almost daily, even on holidays), no draws (tennis matches are always either won or lost, and since there can only be two outcomes in a game, it is mathematically easier to name the correct outcome), and no big teams (tennis is played either by 2 players against each other or by 4 players as two opposing teams, so there is no need to analyze the successes and failures of a large number of athletes).

Tips For Cryptocurrency Sports Betting

Having gambled on various crypto betting websites, I was able to compile a list of universal tips that will be useful to you, regardless of which platform you choose to stake on.

The tips below are supposed to increase your chances of profitable cryptocurrency sports betting:

  1. Learn the basics of crypto rates. I especially recommend it to beginners in the crypto community. Read about the virtual currency mechanism itself, the basic principles of the most popular coins like BTC, LTC, ETH, etc., and the concept of a crypto exchange and digital wallets. And, of course, explore the best Bitcoin sports betting sites to understand how they work.
  2. Develop a strategy. Do not immediately take on multi-level strategies for the pros. Start gradually with the simplest – for example, set a budget that you are willing to spend on bets per month. Then, research the staking markets to find the best odds. Use analytical and statistical tools to assess the stake profitability.
  3. Manage the bankroll. To ensure long-term success, it is better to split your bankroll and try not to place all your money on one single stake. Pay attention to the staking planning (Fixed Fractional method, etc.).
  4. Take advantage of bonuses and promos. Most betting sites that accept crypto provide great encouragement for their users. Such offers help to buy time because the website allows you to study the rating system and get acquainted with the odds without risking your own funds and, sometimes, even increase your chances of winning.
  5. Stay up to date with the sports news. By staying up-to-date on the latest news, you can gain valuable insights into the teams and athletes involved in each event. This information can help you make more informed betting decisions and increase your chances of winning.

Pros And Cons Of Online Sports Betting With Bitcoin

Innovative staking opportunitiesHigh volatility of cryptocurrencies
Fast paymentsLack of legal regulation
Enhanced security
Global accessibility
Anonymous transactions

Future Of Crypto Sports Betting Platforms

Although crypto sports staking is becoming more and more popular daily, its development has not yet reached its peak and is only gaining momentum. This means that in the future, we will witness the appearance of an even bigger number of sites that organize sports betting with cryptocurrency. Also, it is necessary to consider that the development of such platforms will be directly affected by the development of the cryptocurrency industry. The more widespread the crypto is, the easier it will be for bettors to find an opportunity to place a stake in the crypto.

Final Thoughts

To summarize my review, I want to say that if you are in doubt about whether it is worth trying crypto sports betting, my advice is that it is definitely worth it. The use of crypto for wagering takes the usual sports gambling to a new level due to the increase in the number of betting opportunities, enhanced security and confidentiality, and accelerated and simplified transactions.

In order to ensure long-term success, be sure to learn the basics of crypto and try different stake types to develop a winning strategy. Good luck!