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Best Anonymous Betting Sites 2024

Cryptocurrencies have revolutionized betting, offering quicker transactions, lower fees, and more flexibility, leading many punters to favor altcoins over traditional fiat in sportsbooks. However, some bettors mix both, missing out on the full spectrum of crypto betting perks, like bypassing the need for identity verification and keeping personal info under wraps. Anonymous betting sites are the game-changer for those wanting to keep their identity and betting antics private.

We’re diving deep into the world of these anonymous platforms, understanding their mechanics. Our pros have pinpointed the crème de la crème of betting spots in this niche, ensuring you can kick off your betting adventure swiftly and confidently, with no qualms about the reliability and renown of your chosen site. In our guide, you’ll find pointers on picking the right anonymous bookies, deciding on the best cryptocurrencies for betting, and understanding the bet types to get the most out of your stakes.

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What Is Anonymous Betting?

Anonymous betting aligns closely with crypto betting in terms of function, especially when it comes to making deposits and placing bets. The real difference kicks in with the registration and cash-out processes. Opting for anonymous bookies means you can skip the ID verification rigmarole, both at sign-up and when withdrawing your loot. Plus, these sites ask for minimal personal info — sometimes just an email and password get you in the game.

Why Do Bookmakers Make Anonymous Betting Possible?

A segment of sports enthusiasts hesitates to dive into betting, wary of the paperwork and identity verification that comes with signing up at sportsbooks, not to mention the financial disclosures required with fiat currency usage. To meet the desires of these fans, and for those seeking a streamlined betting process, anonymous betting sites have emerged. Thankfully, the advent of cryptocurrencies has facilitated this revolutionary shift in the sports betting landscape.

Is It Legal?

If you are looking for a simple and general answer, it is “Yes”; anonymous sports betting is legal and can be enjoyed by many bettors across the world. Still, everything depends on a specific jurisdiction, as the legalization of cryptocurrencies and sports betting activities are essential for you to be able to register and wager on anonymous websites. If the usage of cryptocurrencies is not restricted in your country of residence, you can enjoy the anonymity benefit when wagering on sports.

Advantages Of Anonymous Betting Sites

Still, the possibility of avoiding the KYC process is not the only advantage of anonymous betting sites with Bitcoin deposits. There is a range of other benefits that are highly appreciated by bettors, including:

Safety: Cryptocurrencies are safe to use, and they are well-protected from fraudulent activities or hacking. Therefore, your balance is safe when you use cryptocurrencies at anonymous bookmakers. Furthermore, you do not have to disclose your banking details to third parties, so they cannot be compromised, and you will not face scammers.

Fast transactions: Cryptocurrencies offer instant deposits and withdrawals, which are not typical for fiat bookmakers. We can confirm that betting is far more engaging when you do not need to wait for hours to have your money credited to your account.

Low Commissions

Lower fees: Bitcoin and altcoins allow bettors to avoid any hidden fees, as there aren’t any. Very few top anonymous bookmakers have cashout fees, so you are only charged for the transaction itself by the cryptocurrency network. We should admit that the fees are much cheaper than those of traditional banking methods.


Even though the advantages of anonymous crypto betting sites prevail, there are several disadvantages that we should inform you about:

  • Volatility: Cryptocurrencies that are used at such sportsbooks are much more volatile than fiat, and their prices often change. So, we encourage you to be cautious and select tokens that are relatively stable. Some of them are overviewed below.
  • Accessibility: Even though there are hundreds of cryptocurrency-friendly betting platforms, the number of those that have no obligatory KYC is limited. Moreover, not all of them are trustworthy. Still, we have solved both of those issues for you and selected the top anonymous bookmakers. You can find them listed above on this webpage.

Anonymous Sports Betting Vs. Traditional Betting

FeatureAnonymous SportsbookTraditional Sportsbook
Banking methodsCryptocurrencies onlyMostly fiat (credit cards, e-wallets). 
Withdrawal limitsHigh and suitable even for high rollersRarely go beyond $2,000
Speed of transactionsBoth deposits and withdrawals are instantDeposits are relatively fast, while withdrawals are slow 
RegulationsOften licensed but with light regulationsLicensed and with heavy regulations
ID verificationNo KYCObligatory verification before the first withdrawal
PrivacyHigh privacy and anonymityLow privacy; both personal and banking details are shared with a bookmaker
SecurityHigh security as blockchain technology is usedDepending on the platform, fraud is possible
AccessibilityFewer websites but available in many countriesMore websites but many countries are restricted

What To Look For When Choosing The Best Anonymous Sports Betting Site

If you wonder how to select a reputable anonymous Bitcoin sports betting website and you are overwhelmed by the number of platforms that you can use, we can guide you through this. Our experts have reviewed dozens of sportsbooks for several years, and they shared the main points that should be taken into consideration. You can find them listed below.

Platform Availability

Reputation And Reliability

It is a good idea to read reviews of other players about anonymous betting sites that you plan to use for your wagers. Players often write honest feedback about positive and negative aspects of bookmakers based on their experience. Such feedback can help you understand how reputable and reliable an operator is. Pay special attention to what users say about sports betting and its versatility. Another good point is to find reviews of available bonuses for betting and how challenging it is to meet wagering requirements.

Anonymity And Privacy

Even if a sportsbook is advertised as an anonymous betting destination, we recommend finding this information on the website by yourself. Look through the terms and conditions, pay special attention to the KYC or Verification part, and check whether ID verification is obligatory or not and in what cases it can be required. On top of that, ensure that the chosen anonymous crypto betting site is responsible when it comes to the privacy of its customers.

Ease Of Deposits And Withdrawals

Another essential feature to explore is banking. Discover what payment methods are offered to bettors and how good the choice of networks is. Ensure that the website does not charge extra for deposits and withdrawals. Usually, top anonymous bookmakers have no hidden fees. Then, find out how much time deposits and withdrawals take and how easy it is to top up your balance. When it comes to cashouts, revise withdrawal limits and the time that bookmaker takes to process transactions.

Bets Offered

Betting Options And Odds

It is always a good idea to explore the choice of sports integrated into the sportsbook that you plan to use for betting to ensure there are leagues and tournaments with events you would like to place a wager on. The bigger the number of options, the higher the possibility that this is a trustworthy brand that is recognized by the gambling community. Moreover, pay special attention to the odds and their size. We encourage you to avoid websites with both too low and too high odds, as such operators can lack fairness in both cases. Low odds will not let you get decent rewards, while with too high odds, there is a chance of non-payment issues.

Bonuses And Promotions

If you hesitate between several websites, explore the bonus section at the selected anonymous bookmakers and see what promotions they have for bettors. It is also worth comparing their wagering requirements. As experienced bettors, we recommend you select the betting venue with the most versatile bonuses for sportsbook and moderate wagering requirements. Also, it is worth observing how often those promotions are updated. If there is a special loyalty program for VIP customers, it is another sign that a bookmaker values its bettors.

Security Measures

Last but not least, explore how the security of customers and their funds are provided. Select only those anonymous Bitcoin sports betting websites that have SSL encryption, as this is a good way to secure your funds from scammers. Another security measure that is implemented by top bookmakers is two-factor authentication. It provides an extra layer of security to your account and your balance.

How To Start Betting At Anonymous Sportsbooks

If you are willing to explore anonymous crypto betting, follow this easy step-by-step guide to begin your journey successfully and without any issues:


Choose one of the websites from our list. We have explored and tested them, so we are confident in their reliability.


Create an account by pressing the Register button and filling in all required information. It will take you no more than 3 minutes, as you should indicate only your email address and password.


Head to the cashier and select a cryptocurrency that you would like to use for wagering. Prior to this, we encourage you to have an account on one of the trustworthy crypto exchanges.


Make a deposit with a desired token. 


Activate a welcome bonus if you would like to have extra credits for bets.


Select a kind of sport you like, an event, and place your first bets.


When your deposit is wagered at least one time, you can withdraw your winnings from the cashier.

Payment Methods At Anonymous Bookmakers

Anonymous bookmakers often do not have any other payment methods than cryptocurrencies, so all transactions can be made via crypto networks. Three of the most popular among them are:

  • ERC20: It is the only network for deposits and withdrawals in Ethereum. However, other tokens can be transferred via it as well. It is fast, but fees are slightly higher than for other networks.List item
  • TRC20: You can transfer TRX, USDT, and other tokens via it. Fees are lower than for ERC20, as they are around $1.
  • BEP20: It is the Binance network, and it supports a wide range of altcoins, so whenever you choose a relatively new cryptocurrency, you can transfer it with the help of this network. Fees are extremely pleasant for any transaction – around $0.30.

Most Common Types Of Crypto At Anonymous Betting Sites

Also, you might be a bit confused about cryptocurrencies, as there are often 10+ tokens to choose from. Based on our experience with anonymous bookmakers, it is a good idea to focus on reputable and relatively stable coins. Transactions made with such cryptocurrencies are usually quick and well-secured. Moreover, you do not risk experiencing a decrease in winnings because of the abrupt price drop.


Bitcoin is the main and the most trustworthy cryptocurrency available. It is also the most expensive one. It all started with Bitcoin in 2009, and the prices of other altcoins are highly dependent on BTC. When it comes to betting, it might be a bit more expensive and slower in terms of deposits and withdrawals compared to other cryptocurrencies. Nonetheless, it remains one of the most popular payment methods on best anonymous betting websites.


Ethereum is the second most common cryptocurrency, which is often used by experienced bettors. It is less expensive than Bitcoin and secures faster transactions. Moreover, the transaction fee here is smaller than for BTC. At the same time, gas fees for ETH transactions are liable to change, so you never know when they might increase in price. Still, Ethereum’s high security makes it a good option for sports betting.


Litecoin is an excellent option if you do not mind waiting for a while until your deposit or withdrawal arrives at the anonymous crypto sports betting venue. This token processes quite a limited number of tokens per second. Yet, transaction fees are much lower than for Ethereum or Bitcoin, so you can save a little bit by waiting longer. Its stability and accessibility secure it a place in our top 5 cryptos.


Even though this cryptocurrency costs several cents, there are thousands of bettors that select it for their wagers on sports. There is also some pleasure in seeing thousands of coins on your balance, especially when their price is not that volatile. Dogecoin proved that it is a stable token after being in the top 15 best cryptocurrencies for many years. However, if you plan to keep your winnings in DOGE in anticipation of a quick rise, it is unlikely to happen.


Monero is a decentralized cryptocurrency with an excellent reputation and a good perspective for the future rise in price. One of the main reasons why it is widely used on anonymous betting sites is its untraceability. Unlike Bitcoins, which transactions can be tracked, Monero secures the anonymity and confidentiality of transactions. Thus, if no KYC is not enough, you can add more anonymity with untraceable transactions.

Bonuses On Anonymous Crypto Sports Betting Sites

Anonymous betting sites boast generous bonuses for all categories of players. The best brands in this category update their promotions frequently to allow their customers to have an even more engaging betting experience. The exact list of rewards differs from bookmaker to bookmaker, but there are several bonus types that are offered at all top betting sites.

Welcome Bonus

A sign-up reward can be found in practically every anonymous Bitcoin sports betting destination. It is often a package that includes rewards on several initial balance top-ups and/or free bets. The welcome offer is available to new bettors only, and it always has wagering requirements that should be met before withdrawals are allowed. Often, those requirements are high and might be challenging to complete.

No Deposit Bonus

Unlike sign-up rewards, no-deposit bonuses are extremely rare. So, we recommend you register with the operator that offers it to get some free rewards. As its name implies, a no-deposit bonus does not require a balance top-up to be claimed. It is given right after the registration process is over. Unfortunately, wagering requirements can not be avoided with this type of bonus, so you should meet them before withdrawal. Sometimes, you might be asked to make a deposit to be able to use your payouts from the no-deposit bonus.

Free Bets

Free bets are a special type of reward that can be given to players at any stage of their journey at anonymous sportsbooks. You can receive them upon registration, after the first deposit, as a level-up reward, as a part of a reload bonus, or even as a special reward that can encourage you to visit a website after a long time of inactivity. The choice of events and odds are often preselected by the sportsbook, and you can spend free bets on those selected events. If they are granted at a stage other than sign-up or first deposit, they might not have wagering requirements.

Risk-Free Bets

This is a special kind of reward that can be found at the best anonymous crypto sports betting websites. A risk-free bet means that your wager will be refunded in case your predictions are incorrect. Thus, it is a perfect way for new bettors to begin their wagering experience without fear of losing.

Reload Bonus

A reload bonus is offered to active bettors upon making their next deposit. It does not differ much from the sign-up offer. However, it is also a deposit match percentage with certain wagering requirements. This percentage is often lower than for a welcome offer. 

Popular Sports For Anonymous Crypto Betting

Anonymous crypto sports betting websites have as big a versatility of sports events as it is in traditional sportsbooks. So, you will have plenty of betting options to select from. We encourage you to begin with an overview of the available kinds of sports on the website that you choose. Some of the most popular sports that can be found practically at every anonymous bookmaker are:

Soccer or European football: It is watched by millions and is widely represented in sportsbooks. Numerous leagues from different countries are available to bettors.

Football or American football: It becomes more and more popular each year. This kind of sport is often selected by players on different continents, so many betting websites offer it.

Tennis: Spectacular matches of the best tennis players are also watched all over the world, and the types of bets available on it attract many bettors.

Hockey: Fans of winter sports certainly choose to place bets on this kind of sport. It is also a perfect alternative for football fans during winter break.

Martial Arts: Numerous events organized by UFC and other organizations have millions of spectators across the globe. The number of bettors in the fighting sports is no less.

Betting On eSports

Even though the choice of traditional sports is much more versatile, players of anonymous sportsbooks can also benefit from now-trendy betting on eSports. This section often includes popular shooters with professional gamers competing with each other. Some of the best eSports we can recommend you explore are Dota 2, CS-2, and Valorant. They are not only spectacular to watch but are also beneficial in terms of odds and bet types. 

Types Of Bets On Anonymous Betting Websites

Anonymous betting venues ensure their customers have flexibility when it comes to types of bets. Some of the most popular wagers that are often placed by bettors at such sportsbooks are as follows:


Moneyline: This is the most popular and the simplest bet. You simply need to predict the winner of the event. We encourage you to pay attention to the odds of favorites and underdogs for a bigger advantage.


Handicap: Bokmakers add certain points to underdogs to give them bigger chances for a win, and those points are taken into account when your bets are calculated. For example, when you bet on the winner of a Manchester City – Everton match, you can see +1 next to Everton. It means that +1 will be added to Everton’s final score. If the actual score is 1:1, the score for this bet will be 1:2, and Everton wins.


Prop bets: Those are bets on different aspects of a match. For example, that a certain player receives a yellow card or scores a goal.


Over/Under: These bets allow you to predict if the total score of a match is higher or lower than a certain number.


Totals: Similar to over/under bets, totals focus on the total score. However, you need to guess the exact sum of points scored by each party.


Future: This bet allows you to predict the winner of the entire championship or tournament when it has only started. We advise you to use a small amount for this bet and wager at the early stages, as the odds are higher then.


Parlay: You can combine several different single bets into one. This type has its advantages and disadvantages. Parlay odds are higher, but you need to guess all events to win.


Live bets: This is a special type of betting that allows you to wager on different aspects of a match while it lasts. You should divide your attention between the match itself and the bookmaker at the same time, as wagers and odds change all the time.

Tips For Safe Betting

As we are bettors with many years of experience, we would like to share several practical tips that work for us and bring us positive betting experiences with good wins. We hope those pieces of advice will be helpful for you, too:

Check if the anonymous betting sites you would like to register on hold licenses. This is extremely important for no KYC website with flexible regulations.

Do not go beyond your budget, and do not chase losses. A new day might bring you better outcomes.

Alter big and small bets. Experiment with low and high odds. If you decide to venture with high odds, stick to small bets.

Try to keep up with news, statistics, and games in preferred sports for betting. This will help you to make predictions based on your knowledge about this kind of sport.

The Future Of Anonymous Bitcoin Sports Betting

Taking into account how bettors value their anonymity and privacy, it is obvious that the number of no-KYC sportsbooks will increase steadily. They will also become available at a bigger number of markets, so those bettors who currently cannot benefit from the advantage of anonymous bookmakers should soon be able to enjoy their services. We also anticipate the expansion of esports events and tournaments as this section of betting finds more and more admirers.

Final Thoughts

Anonymous betting sites are the current trend in the betting industry, as cryptocurrencies allow players to have anonymity when it comes to this entertainment. We have created a complete guide on how to find the best no-KYC sportsbook and what features to explore to ensure its trustworthiness. If you are still hesitant about what sports to choose and what bets to place, our experts answered those questions as well. Thus, it is high time to go from theory to practice and explore anonymous betting if you have not tried it yet!

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