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Best Valorant Crypto Betting Sites 2024

Crypto betting isn’t just about the live sports action we catch on TV; there’s also a solid slice of the pie dedicated to esports betting on top-tier online platforms. First-person shooters make the cut for games you can wager on, with Valorant crypto betting shining uniquely in this arena. Dropped by Riot Games in 2020, this 5v5 shooter quickly climbed the popularity charts among gamers and bettors alike. Nowadays, a plethora of Valorant tournaments are up for grabs, offering a diverse array of betting options at sportsbooks that cater to esports.

Dive into our Valorant crypto betting guide to get the scoop on this first-person shooter and figure out how to spot the crème de la crème of online betting sites for your Valorant wagers.

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Top 10 Crypto Valorant Betting Sites In 2024

  1. hit the scene in 2018, merging a sportsbook and casino into one slick platform that welcomes an array of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. It champions anonymous betting, ditching the KYC rigmarole so you won’t have to sweat over identity checks. Dive into a broad spectrum of sports and esports, get in on live betting, or try your luck with casino games, all while enjoying the robust security and rapid transactions blockchain technology brings to the table.
  2. is a prime destination for Bitcoin sports betting, boasting a comprehensive suite of wagering activities. From sports betting and live action wagers to virtual casinos and horse racing, it’s famed for its extensive betting options and vibrant live betting scene.
  3. Famed for delivering a VIP betting journey and 24/7 customer service, this platform dishes out a smorgasbord of wagering choices, spanning a sportsbook, casino, and racebook. All this is sweetened with a mix of enticing bonuses and promotions.
  4. BUSR: This Bitcoin sports betting hub boasts a rapid one-click withdrawal feature and a risk-free betting option. BUSR gets thumbs up for its intuitive user interface and speedy, secure transaction methods.
  5. JackBit: This platform is a hot spot for esports betting, offering a broad array of games to wager on, and is renowned for dishing out hefty perks, including boosted welcome bonuses and ongoing promotions for loyal patrons.
  6. A crypto-centric digital sports betting platform with a focus on football and basketball.
  7. A comprehensive sports betting service accepting multiple cryptocurrencies and offering a wide array of betting options.
  8. This top-tier Bitcoin betting playground stands out for its live betting thrills. It’s acclaimed for offering competitive odds in sports betting, zippy payment processing, and stellar customer support.
  9. This online sports betting hub, where Bitcoin reigns supreme, serves up competitive odds on a wide range of sports. Known for its extensive game roster, round-the-clock customer support, and a diverse array of payment options, including several crypto choices, this site is a go-to for savvy bettors.
  10. This platform zeroes in on the esports and sports crypto betting scene, spotlighting major tournaments in both realms. It’s a haven for esports betting aficionados, boasting an extensive lineup of games and known for dishing out hefty rewards, including beefed-up welcome bonuses and regular promotions for its loyal clientele.

Why Use Crypto For Betting On Valorant?

Valorant betting with crypto is becoming more and more popular as it has many unique and beneficial features. From our own experience with Valorant Bitcoin betting, we can claim that it’s the advantages of cryptocurrencies that encourage fans of Valorant to use crypto for their bets.

Some of the main advantages of crypto sportsbooks are:

  • The safety and anonymity of blockchain technology used for cryptocurrencies.
  • The rapid speed of transactions and high deposit and withdrawal limits.
  • A chance to multiply your winnings by further crypto trading or staking.
  • Accessibility, as cryptocurrency-friendly sportsbooks are available on markets where fiat betting is restricted.
  • A big choice of popular currencies to select from.
Polygon Sports Betting Sites

How To Choose The Best Valorant Bookmakers

Despite all the advantages of Valorant crypto betting, fans of this game who decide to opt for esports betting at crypto platforms face some risks. One, and the most undesired one, is choosing a non-reputable online website for your betting activities. Fortunately, this risk can easily be eliminated if you know what features to pay attention to when selecting the sportsbook for yourself. You can find below the features we evaluated when picking the best Valorant crypto betting websites listed on this webpage.


Security and Regulation

First of all, we check if a sportsbook is licensed by at least one gambling authority. The regulation is crucial, as the presence of the controlling body that audits the services of a betting website means that this site follows terms and conditions signed by bettors. Thus, the risks of non-payment or unreasonable account suspension are low. Our experts also pay attention to the security of connection as you will make financial transactions. Thus, all operators we recommend have SSL encryption.

Reputation and Reviews

We, as bettors, know that reviews of other players can contain valuable information about the brand’s reputation and services. Thus, we always pay attention to the feedback about a platform at review sites and gambling communities. Only sportsbooks with a good reputation and prevailing positive reviews are listed among the best Valorant sports betting sites on our website.

Game Coverage

As esports is not available at every top-tier crypto sportsbook, we explore the selection of sports betting events available. We ensure that Valorant crypto betting is among the offered services and that the selection of bet variants available on this first-person shooter is a decent one. Therefore, when choosing one of the listed platforms, you will not have to worry about the betting versatility.

Odds and Payouts

The next thing we assess is the level of payouts you can receive for Valorant BTC betting. We also pay special attention to the odds size. They should be neither too low nor too high, as there are risks of non-payment and fraud in both cases. Fair odds are the mandatory feature of the best sportsbooks that we have listed on this webpage.

Payment Options

We also head to the cashier and check the list of available payment methods. We anticipate the desire of bettors to have flexibility in this aspect, so we ensure that recommended platforms have plenty of cryptocurrencies integrated, and Valorant Bitcoin betting is not the only option. The choice of networks for each token is also essential, as they have different fees and speeds of transaction processing.

Bonuses And Promotions

Having different bonuses on Valorant crypto betting is always appreciated by players, and we, as bettors ourselves, are well aware of this. Therefore, we check the selection of promotions and bonuses not only for newbies but for regulars as well. We choose only those online operators that can boast different special offers, tournaments, and rewards for all categories of bettors.

User Experience

User Experience And Interface

User-friendly navigation on the website is also an essential feature of the finest sportsbooks. A well-thought user interface allows bettors to find desired sports events quickly, while intuitive controls let even newbies manage to place desired bets quickly and without any unpredictable issues.

Customer Support

Even if some issues arise, top-tier Valorant cryptocurrency betting sites have a professional customer support service. This team should reply to your questions quickly and resolve any issue effectively. All the sportsbooks we recommend to you have a live chat, at least in English, that works 24/7. The average response time is under 10 minutes. Some of them also have multilingual customer support and several means of communication.

Betting Options

Even the biggest Valorant fans also want to bet crypto on some other sports for a change. Keeping that in mind, we list the operators that have a decent sportsbook collection and provide multiple real-sports betting events along with esports. Soccer, tennis, rugby, basketball, and several other popular kinds of sports are represented among betting options there.


Loyalty Programs

Last but not least, we check if there is a loyalty program available for active players. Frequent visits and active Valorant crypto betting should be rewarded. The majority of listed gambling destinations offer special loyalty programs and have unique prizes for active bettors. Those can be free bets, cash rewards, no-wager bets on selected esports, etc.

How To Get Started With Betting On Valorant With Bitcoin

To make your first Valorant bets successfully, make sure to follow this step-by-step guide:


Select a cryptocurrency you want to use for betting and create your wallet. You can also use a crypto exchange in this step.


Buy tokens to be able to make the first deposit.


Pick one of the trustworthy Valorant sports betting sites (it can be one of the sportsbooks listed above) and fill in the registration form to create your account.


Head to the cashier, select the cryptocurrency that you would like to use for deposits and copy the wallet address. Pay attention to the network of the address.


Open your wallet and press the Send/Withdraw button. Then, insert the copied address and select the corresponding network. Choose the number of tokens you want to transfer. In a couple of minutes, you will have your funds credited.


Choose Valorant among esports and use controls to place bets and determine their size.


The last step is to wait for the outcome of a game and see payouts automatically credited to your balance if your predictions are correct.

Best Valorant Tournaments For Crypto Betting

Valorant’s meteoric rise in the esports arena has brought a slew of tournaments perfect for crypto betting enthusiasts. Let’s dive into the crème de la crème of Valorant tourneys that should be on your radar for laying down some digital coin bets:

Valorant Champions Tour (VCT)

At the zenith of Valorant esports, the VCT unfurls with stages like Challengers, Masters, and the Champions event, roping in elite squads from across the planet. This is where the high rollers of crypto betting come to play.

Valorant Masters

Nested within the VCT framework, the Masters events are battlegrounds for teams to snag points for the Champions finale. It’s a global betting buffet, offering a smorgasbord of wagering delights.

Valorant Challengers

The entryway to the Masters, these regional bouts give a sneak peek at the rising stars of the scene, sprinkling fresh odds into the betting mix.

First Strike Tournaments

This was the inaugural major bash in the Valorant competitive saga. Although not a regular fixture, its legacy continues to influence the scene, paving the way for future high-caliber events.

Red Bull Campus Clutch

Targeting collegiate teams the world over, this tourney spices up the Valorant landscape with its unique vibe, spotlighting emerging talents and dishing out some spicy betting action.

These tournaments are the elite of Valorant esports, blending seasoned giants with plucky newcomers, and they’re a goldmine for anyone keen on diving into the crypto betting wave.

Types Of Bets On Valorant At Crypto Betting Websites

One of the reasons for the rising popularity of Valorant Bitcoin betting is the variety of bets that clients of online operators can make to receive a payout. They can cover different aspects of this esports and have their advantages and disadvantages. If you are familiar with sports betting, you will know perfectly how some types of bets work. Others, on the contrary, are more typical of esports.

Match Winner

As simple as its name, the match-winner bet allows you to predict the team’s victory. You just need to wager on one of the teams and hope it will become a winner. We encourage you to gain background knowledge about the team and its achievements before placing a stake on it. Even though the probability of winning here is 50%, the lack of understanding of a team’s capability can decrease it for you.

Handicap Betting

A handicap bet is also known as a spread bet, and it does not only require good knowledge about teams but also some modeling to be able to predict the score difference. In handicap bets, underdogs are given certain points by bookmakers to increase their chances of a win. Let’s say you’ve placed a bet on an underdog team with +2 points. It means that the favorite should win with a 3:0 score for your prediction to be wrong. A smaller score difference will lead to the victory of the underdog or a tie.

Over/Under Rounds

This is a special bet used in fighting sports and esports, and it allows you to bet on the number of rounds the match will have. If a Valorant crypto betting website indicates a number 3 for this bet, it means that you can decide whether there will be fewer or more than three rounds before the winner will be determined. Knowledge of the skills and power of each team would be extremely helpful for successful predictions with over/under rounds bets.


Correct Score

The correct score bet allows bettors to guess the exact score of the round. Such bets are one of the most difficult to predict, so the odds are quite high here. Being experienced bettors, we can advise you not to place big bets on the correct score, as the risk of a big loss is much higher than with other types of bets. It is better to stay on the safe side with correct score bets and place minimum wagers.

Tournament Winner

That is the bet that allows you to predict the winner of the entire tournament. When you decide to wager on a tournament champion, make sure to dive deep into analytics, the gaming styles of different teams, and their capabilities. The tournament winner bet requires a holistic understanding of Valorant esports, so we advise you to take advantage of such wagers after gaining at least some experience in Valorant crypto betting.

Specials Bets

Special bets allow you to place stakes on different Valorant game aspects that are not related to the winning team, the score, or the game outcome. If you decide to give such bets a try, make sure you are well aware of Valorant’s rules, its features, settings, and different nuances of the game. The odds range here depends on the aspect you bet on.

Tips For Betting On Valorant Using Crypto

Even if you are an expert in sports betting, Valorant BTC betting is complex and can be confusing for newbies. We, as bettors, understand how essential a good start of betting is in egaming, so we have prepared five useful tips for betting on Valorant. They should help you to create a winning strategy and succeed in your predictions.

StarCraft 2 eSports crypto betting will be a complete waste of money if you do not really understand what’s happening during the matches

Explore The Gameplay

First of all, get familiar with the game and learn how to play it. Read its rules and understand the mechanics. We also encourage you to play Valorant yourself for this part, as first-hand experience is a quick way to explore the gameplay. This might be extremely useful for your future betting decisions.

Pay Attention To The Game’s Economics

Economics is an essential factor in Valorant, as different teams have different funds they can spend on weapons and defense in this game. As a result, keep track of the finances of a team you would like to see as a winner during Valorant crypto betting. Players with little funds will have a hard time buying weapons, so their chances for victory will decrease.

Study Statistics

Have a deep dive into the game and player statistics before placing any bets on Valorant. Due to the rising popularity of this esport, there are plenty of resources where you can find the information you need. Reddit and various Valorant forums are among them. Furthermore, you can visit the Valorant official website, as there is plenty of useful data there as well. You can find the win/loss ratio of different players, kill/death ratio, shooting accuracy, etc.

Follow Tournaments And Streamers Regularly

For successful Valorant BTC betting, you should be an expert in this game and follow all the news and events inside the game closely. The best way to do this is to follow players and their actions. Fortunately, many professional players stream their gaming process, so make sure to watch such streams regularly. Thus, you will always be inside the events and will not skip anything that can have a major influence on your betting results.

Find A Reliable Crypto Bookmaker

Even though this tip goes last on our list, it is crucial to find a trustworthy sportsbook for your betting activities. Not to spend hours searching for the right website and having a chance to jump into action as soon as possible, you can select one of the Valorant crypto betting sites we have listed on this webpage. All of them are reputable and trustworthy. Moreover, they offer a wide range of bets on this esports.

How To Avoid Scammers In Crypto Betting On Valorant

As well as in any other industry, Valorant crypto betting is full of scammers, so you should be cautious and vigilant when you decide to give this gambling activity a try. Luckily for bettors, several actions can be done to avoid scammers:

  • Always choose a reputable platform, as the website itself will take steps to keep scammers away from its customers.
  • Be cautious with your finances, and do not give any information about your wallet (except for the address necessary for the transaction) to other players, customer support, or any other third party.
  • Make sure the customer support team on a selected website is professional and can help you solve any payment-related issue.

Best Cryptocurrencies For Valorant Betting

The finest online operators have plenty of payment methods, so Valorant BTC betting is not the only option. Aside from this well-known and popular cryptocurrency that has been on the market since 2009, bettors have plenty of other altcoins to bet with. Some of the most frequently chosen among them are:

Ethereum, a second-generation cryptocurrency that offers faster and cheaper transactions than Bitcoin. It also has its own ERC-20 network that can be used for transferring other cryptocurrencies, too.

Tether, a popular altcoin that is often chosen by bettors who value stability. Its function in the crypto world is close to that of USD in fiat, and its price is also close to the US dollar.

Solana, a third-generation altcoin that has eliminated the disadvantages of bet with Ethereum and other second-generation coins. Thus, transaction fees are close to $0.01, and the speed of transactions is impressive. Therefore, you can expect lightning-fast deposits.

Dogecoin, an altcoin originally created for entertainment, has secured its place among popular choices on Dogecoin betting websites, attracting bettors for many years with its low price and moderate volatility. While its affordability adds appeal, experts often suggest that there is little chance of a significant price increase for Dogecoin in the future.

Bitcoin Cash, a token created as an alternative to Bitcoin. However, it has not overcome BTC in popularity even though its transactions are faster and cheaper if we compare them to Bitcoin.

Litecoin is a peer-to-peer cryptocurrency that was created by Charlie Lee in 2011. Recognized for its efficiency and lower transaction costs, it’s an attractive option for online gaming, prominently featured on the best Litecoin sports betting sites. Built upon the same basic framework as Bitcoin, it offers several enhancements such as faster transaction times and a higher coin limit.

Final Thoughts

Valorant crypto betting is on the rise, as esports has already found its admirers. However, high popularity comes with risks of scamming, and newbies can suffer the most from it. Therefore, we have created this guide on how to gamble on Valorant with Bitcoin and altcoins and how to select the best sportsbook for this activity. Make sure to follow the tips listed above to enhance your chances of being among the winners when you begin your betting journey.

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