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Best LoL Bitcoin & Crypto Betting Sites 2024

With over 180 million active monthly players in League of Legends (LoL) gained as of 2023, I can safely assume that this is one of the most popular eGaming disciplines in the world. So, it’s no wonder many sportsbooks accept wagers on the professional LoL tournaments.

So, if you are into LoL betting but tired of fiat sportsbooks, then this article has found the right person. Learn why crypto is better for betting, how to select the best website, and what are the tips for LoL Bitcoin betting. 

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Why Use Bitcoin For Betting On League Of Legends?

Fiat and crypto betting do not really differentiate, but experienced players tend to rely on crypto more often these days. There are three main reasons why so:


Even if betting or gambling is allowed in your country, it still can be considered risky behavior by most banks. They often mark bettors as unreliable clients, so getting a loan or mortgage can be difficult for them. On the contrary, decentralized currencies like Bitcoin on LoL crypto sportsbooks are your way to go. 

Borderless payments

If you select any traditional betting platform, you will most likely see how many regions it does not cover. There are many reasons for that, but the fact remains – you will not be able to use your credit card for payments if you live in a restricted country, unless your payment method is crypto, which is universal. 

The price and the speed of transactions

The infrastructure of any bank is bulky, so fiat transfers are costly and time-consuming. In contrast, blockchain-based currencies are much faster in terms of payment confirmation and validation. Hence, you can expect both cheaper and faster transactions on LoL Bitcoin betting sites. 

How To Choose The Best LoL Crypto Betting Sites?

As an experienced bettor, I have already created my personal list of the best betting websites accepting wagers on League of Legends. But if you want to go for your own research, I have developed a summary of the most crucial criteria for a trustworthy sportsbook. Check it out:


Reputation And Legitimacy

First of all, never use blacklisted or unlicensed betting platforms. Such websites might look solid and offer a lucrative list of bonuses. Yet, they tend to withhold cashouts, imply giant commissions, and can be shuttered at any time. Hence, search only for websites with proper licenses and predominantly positive reviews for LoL crypto betting.


Betting Market Variety

The extended betting line within the sportsbook’s offer is also a sign of a client-oriented and trustworthy company. In the case of League of Legends, the chosen betting platform should not offer only the overall match-winner bet. The line should contain at least the opportunity to bet on the map winner, most kills, first inhibitor, etc. 


Competitive Odds

The third criterion is harder to identify for newbies, but your League of Legends Bitcoin betting platform must offer competitive odds. The best way here is to compare the sportsbook’s offers and ditch those that offer the lowest odds. If it’s too time-consuming for you, then just use the list above, and you will be sure about the fairness of their odds.


User Experience

At first glance, this criterion does not really matter. Yet, my experience clearly suggests that a convenient interface with search features in combination with eye-catching design seriously improves the user experience. Hence, it’s easier to find the desired tournament, match, or type of bet. If the mentioned is the opposite of your sportsbook, you should change it. 


Payment Options And Security

It goes without saying that a proper League of Legends crypto betting platform must offer numerous payment getaways. Ideally, there should be numerous cryptocurrency options, so the decision of how to pay is always yours. A good platform will offer ETH, DOGE, USDT, XPR, and other tokens in addition to BTC. 


Bonuses And Promotions

Even though I think bonuses are not the top priority for good LoL esports crypto betting sites, it is still an important indicator. Worthy platforms usually offer welcome bonuses, cashback rewards, reloads, weekend promotions, and other promotions. Also, the availability of loyalty systems points to the best sportsbooks. 


Customer Support And Service

Finally, do not forget about the availability of customer support. I mean that kind of customer support that speaks many languages and is available at any time. Moreover, the crew should be reachable by call, email, and live chat. This and everything I listed above is offered by the sportsbooks I recommended earlier in this article. 

How To Start Betting On League Of Legends With Bitcoin

LoL Bitcoin betting is relatively easy and straightforward. Also, the betting mechanics with crypto is the same as with fiat currency with one additional step. Here is what you need to get started: 

  • Getting a wallet and buying tokens. If you do not have a BTC wallet, then you will need to create it by using a reliable provider. After, buy your first Bitcoins using an exchange (Gemini, Binance, Coinbase, etc). 
  • Selecting a sportsbook. Use my list above to choose a reliable betting platform. Otherwise, do your own research and open a preferred website. 
  • Registering. Click on the Register button and fill in the required fields to complete the registration.
  • Depositing. Sign in to your account, then go to the deposit section, select Bitcoin as a payment method, and send the first tokens to your account from the wallet. 
  • Betting. Now you can go to the menu. Select the LoL match you want to bet on, the available betting option, and place a wager.  
  • Cashing out. If your wager was a winning one, you can now withdraw the BTC you’ve just won using the same cashier section. 

Most Popular LoL Tournaments

To increase the chances of your Bitcoin bet on League of Legends becoming a winning one, you should know which events are worth paying attention to. Hence, I decided to create a list of the most important LoL tournaments. Let’s review them: 

LoL Bitcoin betting

Spring And Summer Splits

One of the biggest tournaments in the League of Legends season takes place in the US and is divided into two parts: Spring Split (January – March) and Summer Split (June – July). The 10 best teams compete in both tournaments to identify the best teams in each of them. The season concludes with a double-elimination tournament between two winners. In summary, we have over 12 weeks of constant matches to bet on.

League of Legends crypto betting

Mid-Season Invitational (MSI)

Another worthy tournament for LoL crypto betting is called a Mid-Season Invitational because it takes place after the Spring Split. Here, you will see the competition between spring playoff champions from 5 conferences and runner-ups. This is the second most important tournament and my favorite one when it comes to betting. 

LoL Bitcoin betting

League Of Legends World Championship

The culmination of each League of Legends season is a world championship. Since 2011, it has happened annually in November, gathering millions of spectators. The tournament features a dramatic competition between 22 teams from all the world’s regions. Hence, if you are up for betting, this is one of the best opportunities during the season.

LoL Bitcoin betting

Rift Rivals

Another well-known LoL tournament organized by Riot was held during the 2017-2020 period. It was a terrific cross-regional annual competition held in different places. As for now, the tournament has ceased, so there is no opportunity to bet on it. But in case there will be new Rift Rivals competitions, I would recommend trying to make a profit from it. 

The Main Types Of Bitcoin Bets On League Of Legends

The best LoL Bitcoin sportsbooks will offer you lots of different betting options for each match. Now, learn what the most popular wager types are and which of them I recommend for profitable betting. 

LoL Bitcoin betting sites

First Baron Or Dragon

If you have ever played League of Legends, you know that upon killing neutral monsters, the team gets unique buffs. Hence, many betting platforms allow bettors to guess which team will slay the first Baron or Dragon. The odds for such predictions strongly vary from match to match, and so does the probability of losing.  

LoL crypto betting

First Blood

Another popular betting option available across most LoL crypto betting sites is guessing which team will make the first kill. This is not the most prevalent type of bet, as it is associated with quite big risks. Yet, in case you win, the reward will be appropriate. 

League of Legends Bitcoin betting

Map Winner

Probably the most popular offer included in betting lines of 99% of sportsbooks is the ability to predict the winners of each particular map. To do it, enter a particular match, click on the Map Winner betting option, select a particular team, a winning map for the team, and place your tokens. Such a wager is less risky than the first blood, but the odds are also lower.

League of Legends crypto betting

Most Kills

This type of bet is about predicting which player will commit the biggest number of consecutive kills of the enemies. This is a great type of bet for more experienced bettors with analytical data. If you are among them, I recommend using it for League of Legends Bitcoin betting due to the competitive odds behind it.  

LoL esports crypto betting sites

Total Kills

The total kills is about predicting the approximate number of kills occurring during a particular match. For example, over 8 or under 6. Again, such a bet is a good way to get a great profit from your statistical knowledge. 

LoL Bitcoin betting

First Inhibitor/Tower Destroyed

In League of Legends, towers, and inhibitors are the most important components of defense for both teams. Hence, you can guess how many towers the match participants will lose or which team will destroy the first inhibitor. These stakes are for the most experienced players because they are associated with a huge risk.   

Best Bonus Offers For Bettors

As I already mentioned, promotions are a part of marketing by all LoL crypto sportsbooks. So, we should treat them accordingly and always read wagering requirements. However, let me introduce which bonuses are worth attention and, in most cases, really work:

Welcome bonus

League of Legends crypto bookmakers offer it because it sparks the gambling interest of newcomers. However, 100% for your first deposit or even 3-5 deposits has never harmed anyone. But be careful with wagering requirements. In some cases, they are unrealistic to achieve without losing the whole bonus. 

Increased odds

If the welcome promotion is a one-time deposit increase for new players, increased odds are a constant bonus for regulars. For example, for some matches, a certain type of bet will feature 2.5 instead of 2.2, etc.  

Loyalty perks

Most platforms that offer LoL Bitcoin betting have also introduced a hierarchy system for regular players. As you bet more, you get access to special tournaments, hidden betting offers, and increased withdrawal limits.

Tips For LoL ESports Crypto Betting

Unfortunately, there are no experts in the world who know how to always win. I am not an exception here, so I can only advise you with my three golden rules:

Country Restrictions

Ditch out unreliable betting platforms

Do not let yourself fool with more lucrative odds that blacklisted platforms usually offer. Such sportsbooks apply high hidden commissions or even withhold payouts. So, I recommend relying only on credible platforms. 

Learn statistics

I am sure that League of Legends crypto betting is not a question of blind luck as gambling at a casino is. Hence, analytical work can be a great push to increase your winning frequency. Learn about the statistics of teams and players – how many kills they usually do, what maps are their favorite, etc., to make more informed decisions. 

Apply strategies

Managing losses is also one of the most important components of LoL crypto betting. The best way to do it is by applying betting strategies. Not all of them work sufficiently for everyone, but here are my personal recommendations: the Fibonacci betting system, Hedging bets, Martingale strategy, and the 1-3-2-6 system.

Advantages & Disadvantages of LoL Bitcoin Betting Sites


  • High level of privacy
  • Borderless payments 
  • Faster and cheaper transactions
  • Enhanced encryption of personal data


  • Volatility of most digital assets including BTC
  • In some cases, BTC payments might take longer than expected

Final Thoughts

Both Bitcoin and League of Legends were launched in 2009, and ever since then, they have held supremacy over their counterparts. BTC is the number one in the world of digital tokens, while LoL is a leading multiplayer online battle arena.

So, if you are a sympathizer of both and love betting, there is good news for you. The betting market is now offering a huge selection of reliable sportsbooks accepting crypto wagers on League of Legends. Let LoL Bitcoin betting make your hobby become not only fun but also profitable. 

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