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Best Crypto & Bitcoin eSports Betting Sites 2024

Crypto & Bitcoin eSports Betting Sites

Bitcoin esports betting is a rather new gimmick in egaming, but it’s quickly gaining pace. Nothing strange: combine your favorite game, the excitement of a tournament, the rush of participating with your bet, and the easiness of betting from anywhere – and you’ve got the irresistible mix. Well, don’t know about you, but I’m definitely having fun watching Team Spirit solidify its dominance in the world of Dota 2. And, as a crypto pro, I’ve been diving into a bunch of esports sites where you can bet with crypto, and some of them are pretty awesome for chilling and possibly making some cash on the side.

So, let’s break it down a bit. I’m gonna share what I found out about Bitcoin esports betting platforms – the perks and what makes some sites stand out. And by the end of this guide, you’ll get the scoop on the hottest esports tournaments and other fun facts.

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Reviews Of The 10 Best Bitcoin eSports Betting Sites

I’ve been around the block, trying my hand at a bunch of these crypto betting sites, snagging some wins, and checking out bonuses along the way. Based on what I’ve seen, here are my top picks for customers around the world to have a good time betting on esports with Bitcoin:

  1. This platform is fully decentralized and specializes in cryptocurrency sports betting. It covers a variety of sports, from football, basketball, and soccer to cricket, MMA, and table tennis. As for esports, you’ll find all the basics here: LoL, Valorant, Dota 2, CS: Go, and more than 10 other titles. The definite perk of this platform is fully anonymous betting – no KYC for gamblers.
  2. An old and trusted online sportsbook that offers a broad spectrum of betting activities, including sports and entertainment betting, a separate racebook, a variety of casino games, and a loaded section on sports news. Oh, and their list of cryptos is quite extensive.
  3. A versatile cryptocurrency sports betting site offering a variety of options, including sports and esports betting, politics, racing, and casino, backed by competitive odds and attractive bonuses.
  4. BUSR. An online betting platform that operates with not only Bitcoin but other less popular altcoins like Cardano, Solana, and others. It offers sports betting and a selection of casino games and is renowned for its compelling promotions. Note, however, that your betting lines may be limited based on your location.
  5. Jackbit. An online betting site that provides gambling and sports betting on major sports like the NFL and basketball, along with popular esports lines and casino games. It supports multiple deposit methods, including cryptocurrencies.
  6. A digital sportsbook that has a wide selection of betting lines, both sports and esports, and awesome bonuses for those choosing to bet with crypto. And they have a casino as well, with table games, live dealers, and so on if you’re interested.
  7. This place has a bit of everything: tons of sports betting options and casino games to keep the fun going. A few perks here: they are crypto-first; they have a solid VIP club (if you happen to get there); there’s quite a list of games listed in the esports section.
  8. An expansive online sportsbook providing a wide array of betting options across various sports, coupled with casino gaming opportunities, a racebook, and a dedicated poker app.
  9. This site presents a diverse selection of Bitcoin sports betting opportunities, including races, poker, esports, financials, and politics. So, what’s your betting choice: League of Legends or Ethereum price?
  10. An esports-first cryptocurrency betting platform that offers multiple virtual sports markets, from Valorant to e-cricket. It’s user-friendly and has some nice promos, so why don’t you go check it out?

What Is Crypto eSports Betting?

Let’s dive into what crypto esports betting is all about. Betting with Bitcoin on esports is becoming the cool new thing because using crypto to bet is like hitting the jackpot before you’ve even started – no fees, super-fast transactions, and top-notch security.

And I can assure you, betting on esports with crypto isn’t rocket science; it’s pretty much the same vibe as traditional betting. But here’s the kicker: your transactions zoom through without any extra costs. Plus, you’ve got a whole playground of competitions to bet on, loads of bet types to keep things spicy, and odds that can turn a small bet into a big deal.

Just a heads-up, though: keep an eye on those crypto exchange rates. They’re like the weather – always changing. So, you’ll want to be smart about where you convert your cash into crypto to get more bang for your buck before diving into the betting pool.

Is It Legal?

Undoubtedly, BTC esports betting platforms are legal in most jurisdictions worldwide. So, you can bet on your favorite cybersport team without breaking the law. Cryptocurrency is a legal payment method for various services in most countries, including gambling. What’s more, transactions are private and do not share your payment information. 

We prioritize prominent esports betting websites that operate under official licenses and utilize robust methods to protect users’ funds. Commonly, these platforms store money in cold storage wallets and have insurance policies to reimburse clients’ money in case of need. So you can safely and legally wager with cryptocurrency and count on fair and split-second payouts.

Why Use Bitcoin For eSports Betting?

Why should you totally go with Bitcoin for your esports betting kicks? Bitcoin betting sites have got a few aces up their sleeves compared to the old-school payment methods. I’m talking minimal to no fees, keeping things on the down-low thanks to no banks being involved, and a couple more perks I’m jazzed to dive into right here.


Anonymity & Privacy

Users increasingly prioritize Bitcoin esports betting websites since they can guarantee the anonymity of transactions. As you don’t have to provide your bank details, you can deposit and withdraw money privately. Undoubtedly, all financial transactions occur directly between the bookmaker and your virtual cryptocurrency wallet. Banking institutions cannot control the transfer of funds

Withdrawal Times

Fast Transactions

Experienced users know that crypto payments are one of the lightning-fast virtual transaction methods worldwide. You should wait a few minutes while the system checks, confirms the transaction, and credits the funds to your balance. In contrast, when you win on the betting website, you can grab your winnings immediately, as BTC esports betting sites usually pay without delays.

Global Accessibility

Global Accessibility

Lastly, the whole world’s your oyster with Bitcoin esports betting. No matter where you are on this big blue marble, you can get in on the action without worrying about the pesky restrictions that come with traditional banking methods. Plus, these sites are as mobile-friendly as they get, meaning you can make moves and place bets from your phone, chill at the park, or dodge your chores.

So, there you have it – betting with Bitcoin is like upgrading to first class, and you won’t want to go back to the economy.

Traditional Vs Bitcoin eSports Betting

When it comes to the showdown between traditional and Bitcoin esports betting, there’s a whole world of difference, but both have their own cool perks and not-so-cool downsides. After diving deep into the scene, here’s the lowdown on why these two worlds are poles apart yet have something for everyone.

Transaction Fees

Betting with crypto means waving goodbye to those annoying extra charges on your deposits and withdrawals. I’m all about recommending spots where you can top up your account without the intermediary taking a slice. Additionally, the old-school betting sites can hit you with fees left and right – we’re talking anything from 1% to 5% just for moving your money around. Crypto sites? They’re more about keeping it in your wallet, with maybe just a tiny fee here and there.


Inarguably, the best crypto esports betting websites have solid protection against fraudsters and guarantee financial privacy to their users. By placing bets on such platforms, you will not be responsible to banks or government institutions, counting on financial freedom.

ou only need to provide your crypto wallet address to deposit or withdraw funds. In contrast, traditional websites require your personal details to accomplish financial transactions. So, you may bet on primary esports websites and stay almost or, at some sites, totally anonymous.


Regulation & Legal Considerations

Both crypto and traditional betting platforms have to play by the rules, but crypto sites have the upper hand when it comes to who can play. They’re like the international waters of betting – open to all, no matter where you’re betting from. Traditional sites, however, can get caught up in a web of local laws that can limit your fun.

Market Volatility

Cryptocurrencies are wild – today’s fortune could be tomorrow’s lesson in humility. But, if you keep your ear to the ground and stay savvy with your swaps, betting with Bitcoin can be more rewarding than sticking with the standard currency. Sure, it’s a ride, but who doesn’t love a bit of adventure?

User Experience

UX for both esports wagering types will mainly depend on the platform you choose. However, Bitcoin esports live betting platforms guarantee more unique opportunities for bettors. In particular, you can count on profitable BTC bonuses and exclusive promotions compared with traditional platform offers.

Additionally, you may withdraw significantly larger amounts from your account than classic sports betting limits allow. Still, the betting process has no significant differences, and it’s quite straightforward for beginners and experienced enthusiasts.

Platform Availability

Crypto betting doesn’t care where you’re from – it’s all about bringing the action to your fingertips, anywhere, anytime. Traditional sites can get tangled in legal red tape, making them a no-go in certain spots. But with Bitcoin betting, the world’s your playground, with loads of matches to bet on and live action to get lost in.

So, you can bet on cross-border esports matches, watch live competitions, and relish your leisure time. Keep in mind that the majority of both traditional and cryptocurrency bookmakers have unique applications or flawless browser versions, which makes esports betting even more accessible.

Pros And Cons Of eSports Betting Using BTC


  • Global accessibility
  • Robust security and safety
  • Much lower or no transaction fees
  • Platforms are not limited to regulations
  • Anonymous transactions
  • Exclusive BTC bonuses, promotions, and rakeback
  • Mobile compatibility
  • Support of other cryptocurrencies, like XRP, ETH, LTC
  • Countless esports markets and massive odds
  • Lightning-fast payments


  • High volatility
  • It may be complicated for newcomers
  • The need to create a dedicated crypto address
  • If you send money to the wrong address, there will be nothing to do about it

How To Get Started With Cryptocurrency eSports Betting?

Again, if you’re familiar with traditional betting, you won’t feel any specific hurdles with crypto esports platforms. Here’s a glimpse of the procedure sequence for you to understand the drill.


Find A Reliable Site That Accepts Crypto

Start by checking out our handpicked selection of the best Bitcoin esports betting sites. You’ll want to keep an eye out for juicy welcome bonuses, cool promos, a wide range of esports to bet on, competitive odds, and whether you can easily use the site on your phone or tablet. These bits and pieces make all the difference.


Check Availability In Your Location

Found a site that ticks all your boxes? Awesome! Now, make sure it’s a go in your neck of the woods. While most crypto-focused sites are pretty much universal, some might have a few geographical limits, especially if they also deal with traditional currency. A quick check to see if you can access and play on your device is all you need to cross this from the list.


Sign Up And Deposit

Create an account on the chosen Bitcoin esports website by typing your email, mobile number, username, and other details. Go to the Deposit or Cashier section and top up your balance according to the website limits. Enter the amount, pick the coin name or icon, and scan the QR code, or simply copy the bookmaker’s address and confirm the transaction in your crypto wallet.


Get Welcome Bonus

Always keep an eye on bonus terms to make sure you snag that sweet welcome deal. Usually, you’ll need to drop a minimum deposit to unlock it. As a rule, crypto esports betting platforms propose extra cash, free bets, or sometimes both.


Play, Win And Withdraw Your Winnings

Now for the fun part. Pick your game, check out the odds, decide on your bet, and lay down your stake. If luck’s on your side and you win, you can pull your winnings out asap. Just remember, if you used a bonus to bet, you’ll likely need to play through it a few times before you can withdraw. When you’re ready to cash out, hit up the cashier, tap that withdrawal button, punch in the amount, and wait for the crypto to hit your wallet.

Bonuses On Bitcoin eSports Betting Sites

Ready to sail the waters of esports promos? Hold on, we’ve got the map. Whether you’re just stepping into Bitcoin crypto betting or looking to get a bit more bang for your buck, there’s a whole menu of rewards waiting. Let’s break down what’s on offer.

The Welcome Mat: Deposit Bonuses

First up, we’ve got the welcome bonus. It’s like a hearty handshake from your chosen betting site, rewarding you for making your first deposit. The esports betting platforms often match what you put in by a generous percentage – think anywhere from 50% to a whopping 500% – and might toss in some free bets to sweeten the deal.

The Freebie: No-Deposit Bonuses

Then there’s the no-deposit bonus, the unicorn of the betting world. You don’t even need to add funds to grab this one; just sign up and claim your reward. It could be something like 0.01 BTC to bet with or a handful of free esports bets.

Bet on the House: Free Bets

Free bets can pop up as part of a welcome package or as their own thing. Some sites might hand out up to 30 free bets for newbies and loyal users.

The Encore: Reload Bonuses

Feeling like a little extra? Reload bonuses boost your deposit, often on a set day of the week. It’s like getting a bonus round in your betting game.

The Daily Special: Daily Express

The Daily Express feature is a dream for those who love to bet big. Place your stakes and get a chance to increase your winnings by up to 30%.

Money Back: Cashback Offers

It’s not all about winning. Sometimes, betting sites will give you a percentage of your bets back, ranging from 3% to 30%, which can feel like a nice pat on the back for your efforts.

The VIP Treatment

Regulars, fear not. There’s a VIP offer with your name on it, hiding everything from exclusive bonuses and cashback to special promotions and tournaments.

Bring a Friend: Referral Rewards

And if you’re the sharing type, referral bonuses reward you for bringing buddies into the fold. Plus, don’t miss out on birthday bonuses and special promo codes that can drop extra goodies into your lap.

Points Mean Prizes

Some sites let you rack up points for bonus bets on specific events or snag exclusive rewards through promo code stores.

Keep an eye on the terms and conditions to get the most out of these perks. You’ll usually need to sign up, make a deposit, and play through your bonuses a few times. But hey, it’s all part of the adventure in Bitcoin esports betting land.

How To Choose The Best Bitcoin eSports Betting Site?

Sure, it’s not easy to select the finest crypto esports betting sites. You should consider numerous facets when choosing lucrative platforms. Therefore, I’ve done it for you: now, you can opt for exquisite websites with great newcomer deals and countless benefits. But if you would like to browse some more, here are my tips on what to watch for.

Reputation & Credibility

Initially, check the access to the crypto esports betting platform in your location. Despite such websites’ global availability, some countries may still restrict access to betting companies (usually those that accept both crypto and fiat money). I tried to review the presented websites thoroughly so that clients from most countries could bet on cybersport competitions on them.


Regulation & Licensing

I recommend picking only reliable Bitcoin esports betting platforms with official licenses for their activities. These websites usually guarantee fairness and split-second payments, quick customer support assistance, and solid protection methods for robust data security. As we closely observe top-notch bookmakers from our list, you can be convinced of their safety and legality.

Supported Cryptocurrencies

Keep in mind that the chosen platform must support other types of currencies. In addition to Bitcoin, crypto esports platforms should provide alternative ways of depositing and withdrawing funds. So you can also google Litecoin, Tether, Ethereum betting sites, etc. Additionally, the majority of bookmakers support fiat and various traditional banking methods. This way, you can cash out funds in various ways.

User Interface & Experience

User convenience is a crucial facet of website choice. You should be able to effortlessly join a platform and quickly grasp essential deposit and withdrawal details, obtain a bonus, and kick off wagering on your favorite esports team or competition. You can test several platforms without deposits to familiarize yourself with the interface, website navigation, and other features. You should be comfortable using the platform.

Betting Options

The array of wager types on offer is your golden ticket to making the perfect pick. The cream of the crypto esports betting platforms should provide plenty of top-notch tournaments in League of Legends, Dota2, CS: GO, NBA2K, Hearthstone, and other online games. Dive into the list of sports competitions, get cozy with the bet types and odds, and keep an eye out for live betting options if you’re chasing that extra thrill. It’s your ticket to an adrenaline rush like no other.


Transaction Fees

Let’s talk about transaction fees, or rather, the lack thereof. The beauty of betting with Bitcoin and buddies (other cryptocurrencies, that is) is the slim to none transaction fees. It’s all about keeping more of your winnings in your pocket, where they belong. So, when you’re scouting for that perfect betting playground, give a nod to those who make your financial forays as frictionless as possible.

Bonuses & Promotions

We cannot imagine a bettor who wouldn’t like a welcome bonus or other perks from a bookmaker. Promotions are a crucial facet of choosing a betting website. Thus, pay attention to the gifts offered by the selected platform. Pick websites with no-deposit cash rewards or free bets to try your luck without making a financial investment. Peek into the VIP program, scrutinize the promo playbook and choose a platform that lets you play more for less.

Global Accessibility

Country Restrictions

Before you dive in, make sure the coast is clear in your corner of the world. While crypto betting sites are like international waters, offering vast oceans of opportunities, some spots on the map might be a bit tricky. Check this out so that you can legally bet on esports with Bitcoin and altcoins.

Payment & Withdrawal Speed

In the fast-paced world of crypto betting, who has time to wait? Instant deposits are the norm, letting you jump into action without missing a beat. Withdrawals are the speedy sidekicks, usually taking no more than a day to reunite you with your winnings. Just a heads-up: some platforms may not process requests on weekends, so keep this in mind when withdrawing your funds.

Anonymity Levels

Most bettors prefer Bitcoin esports betting websites to remain anonymous. Therefore, you should inspect the registration process details and list of data the website requires during an account creation. As a rule, you must enter an email address, come up with a username, a unique password, and enter a mobile number. If full stealth mode is your style, watch out for sites that want to get too cozy with your personal docs. After all, the essence of Bitcoin betting is keeping it on the down-low, right?

The Most Popular eSports Games For Betting With Crypto

The modern esports market is as exciting as ever, with a plethora of thrilling competitions and breathtaking graphics, dynamics, and adrenaline. What are the favorite picks among bettors, however? Here’s my list of the most popular games with regular tournaments available for Bitcoin esports betting.


Developed by Riot Games, Valorant stands out as a heroic first-person shooter melded perfectly with a battle arena vibe, drawing parallels to giants like Apex Legends, CS: GO, and Overwatch. With its mix of ranked and unranked multiplayer narratives, alongside rich backstories for each character, Valorant has become a battleground for both amateur fans and professional gamers, especially through the Valorant Champions Tour.

Bitcoin esports betting sites offer a plethora of Valorant betting choices, ranging from predicting tournament winners to handicap betting. I’m particularly fond of the Total Maps Played bets, where the challenge lies in guessing the number of maps contested in a match. First-blood stakes and Valorant Props or Outright Winner bets also offer unique ways to engage with the game.

Dota 2

Valve Corporation’s Dota 2 is a behemoth in the multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) genre, rather mainstream among players and bettors alike from across the globe. With its 5v5 team setup and heroes endowed with distinct powers, Dota 2 is the battleground for prestigious tournaments like The International, ESL One, and more. Betting markets abound, from moneyline bets to more nuanced options like map handicaps, making it a favorite among bettors.

I recommend paying attention to the handicap on the map, where you can try to predict which team will destroy Roshan or the First Tower. For your profit, check the odds on Dota 2 on the  Bitcoin esports betting websites from my list.

League Of Legends

League of Legends commands a massive following, with its strategic gameplay where two teams vie to destroy the opponent’s base. The game shines on the global stage with over 140 championships, including the League of Legends Championship Series in North America and its European counterpart.

What’s more, regional leagues are held in various cities with the Riot Games support. Additionally, you can relish the uniqueness of the World Championship of League of Legends with a fantastic prize fund. Bettors are closely following these thrilling events.

The finest betting websites offer a wide range of wagers on League of Legends. In particular, you can bet on the map winner (you need to predict which team will win the map). If you are already an experienced bettor, pay attention to betting on the correct match score (but it’s pretty challenging). I like betting on the total maps played over/under and the number of kills that teams will make on each card. A plethora of Bitcoin esports betting sites suggest First to Reach 5 Kills bets. Here, you should predict which team will be the first to get five kills.

Starcraft 2

Starcraft II, a sequel to the 1998 classic, continues to dominate the real-time strategy scene with its intergalactic warfare and rich narrative. South Korea, the heartland of Starcraft II competitions, hosts tournaments with sizable prize pools, including the Global Starcraft II League (GSL), Starcraft II World Championship Series (WCS), Starcraft II Corsair Cup, etc.

Modern Bitcoin esports betting platforms provide numerous wager types on the game tournaments. Specifically, you can bet on the match winner and determine which team will successfully destroy the other team’s base. You can also pay attention to the winner card stake. Select which player will capture a specific card played in an SC2 match and bet.

CS2 (ex-CS:GO)

Counter-Strike 2, evolving from the legendary CS: GO, has taken the gaming world by storm with its enhanced graphics, sound effects, and maps. The game’s competitive format, involving two teams of five players each, makes for a thrilling betting experience, with options ranging from match winners to total rounds bet.

The Counter-Strike-2 competitive game session consists of 24 rounds. If a team wins 13 rounds, the competition ends. Nevertheless, if the event finishes with a 12:12 score, overtime is used to determine the winner.

Modern Bitcoin esports betting platforms offer numerous wager types on CS2 competitions. For instance, you can select the match-up winner stake. In this case, you need to pick the team you think will win the match. You can also opt for the correct score bet type. In this case, you must bet on a specific score or the total number of rounds.

World Of Warcraft

Briefly, World of Warcraft is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG). Players select and control the hero according to the character’s race, class, as well as their specialization. In total, the game has 24 races and 12 playable classes. The World of Warcraft title is based on your character growing, learning professions, defeating bosses, and battling players in arenas and battlefields.

The most avid gamers can participate in the Mythic Dungeon Invitationals. It is an official World of Warcraft tournament with considerable prizes. Bettors can place various stakes, for example, money lines. These wager types are suitable for small-experienced bettors.

You can bet on match results and handicaps. In the latter, you should try to determine the favorite and the outsider. Also, you can place straightforward wagers on the entire Mythic Dungeon International (MDI) winner.

Types Of eSports Betting Using Bitcoin

Usually, Bitcoin esports betting options remain more or less standard across the platforms. If you are new to it, here’s the list of main types for you.


Match Winner

Match Winner is a bet type where you have to predict the esports match winner. Consequently, you should wager on the team you think will win in a particular match. Let’s imagine you want to bet on Team Aster to win a Dota 2 match. If the team wins, your bet will bring you a monetary prize.


Tournament Winner

Outright Winner is a bet type that allows you to predict the winner of a particular esports tournament. For example, if you believe that PSG Talon will win the League of Legends World Championship or the Intel Extreme Masters, you can make a bet accordingly. If your bet wins, it will be multiplied by the profit odds and credited to your account.


Handicap Betting

Handicap stakes allow you to bet on a specific event during a virtual game, regardless of the tournament outcome. For example, you can pick the number of kills in a match or on an individual map. To give an example, the CS: GO game allows you to bet on additional rounds, etc.


Over/Under Betting

Over/Under wagers allow you to bet on whether a cyber sports team will score fewer or more points than specified. In this case, you don’t need to predict the exact score but should determine the range of possible points.


In-Play/Live Betting

Live esports betting is real-time wagering while the match continues. These types of stakes are suitable for experienced enthusiasts who have an excellent realization of the features of the competition and are acquainted with the teams and their capabilities. For example, if you are a League of Legends fan, are watching the game broadcast, and you are sure which team will win, place a bet on 5, 10, or 60 minutes. In addition, if you’ve been watching the match from the beginning, you can be sure of your favorite and receive a guaranteed win.


First Blood/First Goal/First Point

The First Blood/Kill bet is one of the top-rated esports betting options worldwide. You must predict which team will be the first to kill, score a goal (if it’s FIFA), or spill blood. For example, you bet on BOOM Esports in a Dota 2 match between BOOM ID and Thunder Predator. Thus, you believe that this team will kill the enemy first. If that happens, your bet will win.


Proposition Bets

Betting enthusiasts can wager on a proposition and try to predict a particular event in the game. For example, you can bet on whether a prop will be used in the game. This betting option will interest experienced bettors who realize event features and closely follow various matches.

Tips For Online eSports Betting Using Crypto

For those of you new to crypto, let me share some of the main rules of this kind of betting. Trust me, you’ll grasp it in no time and enjoy your fast and frictionless withdrawals.

Research And Understand The Game

Initially, you should familiarize yourself with the picked virtual game before making cryptocurrency bets. This is a common step for any type of betting, of course. I won’t bet on e-cricket since I know nothing about it. Instead, Dota 2 is my thing. At least read the basic rules and aspects of the game, understand the essential details, and watch the top competitions.

Needless to say, you should find more information about the teams participating in the tournaments. Also, you can read the experienced bettors’ feedback about the chosen championship and its features and get acquainted with the winners of previous tournaments. Explore the available wager types and compare odds offered by betting websites.

Safe Cryptocurrency Practices

Use reliable platforms for cryptocurrency betting, including Bitcoin, Litecoin betting sites, or Dogecoin Bookmakers. Some sites will offer crypto exchange right on the platform.

It’s important to check the current rate daily to exchange crypto coins on the most favorable terms. Additionally, for newcomers, it’s wise to watch video tutorials on working with a crypto wallet. Should you need further insights, reading user reviews about working with different wallets, encompassing both hot and cold storage options, can be invaluable. If you’re unfamiliar with these terms, take your time and do some research.

Choose Reputable Betting Platforms

You should use only solid Bitcoin esports betting platforms to count on legality and security. Besides, trustworthy platforms provide high odds and guarantees to pay out your winnings. You should ensure that the picked website has an official license, utilizes reliable data protection methods, and guarantees spit-second payout speed, in addition to extensive esports options.

What’s more, check for no-deposit bonuses, welcome packs, and other perk types because they will allow you to place bets with a small investment.

Where To Buy Bitcoin For eSports Betting

For those looking to bet with Bitcoins, choosing the right platform to purchase crypto is a vital step. Here’s a detailed rundown of four top-rated exchanges, each with distinct features to suit your needs as you prepare to place your wagers:

  • Coinbase. Imagine a digital candy store where buying crypto is as easy as pie. That’s Coinbase for you. With its super user-friendly interface, you’ll be trading Bitcoin and altcoins in no time. It’s like the Library of Alexandria for crypto knowledge, offering loads of insights on blockchain and the ups and downs of crypto coins. Plus, it’s super-protected, rocking two-factor authentication, keeping most of the digital treasure in a virtual vault offline, and even throwing in a safety net insurance of up to $250,000. Pretty cool, right?
  • Bitstamp. This financial playground is overseen by the New York Department of Financial Services, where you get to enjoy low fees, zero-cost bank transfers, and top-notch cyber guardianship. And if you’re looking to dip your toes into the Bitcoin pool without breaking the bank, Bitstamp lets you do it for free on purchases under a grand.
  • Kraken. Stepping into the crypto seas back in 2011, Kraken has since become the Captain Jack Sparrow of cryptocurrency exchanges. It’s not just reliable; it’s a treasure chest of over 200 cryptocurrencies, guarded by the latest in security tech. As you navigate these waters, low fees, two-factor authentication, and PGP encryption are your mates.
  • Bisq. Enter Bisq for trading crypto without the control of any central authority. With its easy-to-navigate interface and a design that’ll make your heart sing, buying crypto is as simple as ordering your favorite latte. Minimal fees and a shield against scam pirates make it the go-to spot for your decentralized deals.

Future Of Crypto eSports Betting Sites

I’ve been keeping an eye on the Bitcoin esports betting scene, and it’s fascinating to see how it’s booming. There was a time when many thought blockchain technology and Bitcoin’s buzz were just a flash in the pan, but those days are long gone. Now, even the skeptics seem to be coming around.

The perks of using cryptocurrency for payments are too good to ignore—speed, ease, privacy, security, and widespread availability. It’s no wonder Bitcoin has become a hit with bettors. And noticing this trend, bookmakers are getting on board, increasingly offering options to pay with various cryptocurrencies.

From my perspective, the future looks bright for crypto sportsbooks and esports Bitcoin betting. While they might not completely take over traditional fiat-based platforms, I’m pretty sure we’ll see an uptick in bookies welcoming crypto payments and expanding their coin repertoire. I’m also betting on a surge in the popularity of mobile-friendly crypto betting. The idea of placing bets from anywhere without being tied to a desktop is just too appealing for sports bettors. So, I’m expecting bookmakers to roll out more apps for smartphones and tablets, making it even easier for bettors like me to get in on the action on the go.

Final Thoughts

So, I want to summarize my thoughts about Bitcoin esports betting websites. These platforms will be a lucrative choice for both beginners and experienced bettors. In particular, you can count on a healthy stock of virtual sports competitions, countless bet options, favorable odds, and effortless use.

In addition, cryptocurrency payments will ensure the speed of deposits and withdrawals, do not contain supplemental fees, and guarantee privacy. You do not need to reveal your identity for the bookmaker’s services. Moreover, banking institutions will not control your expenses and income. Note that the list contains both crypto-only betting websites that offer almost 100% anonymity and classic betting websites that accept cryptocurrencies and fiat money and are more regulated in nature and therefore require KYC.

Esports bookmakers provide more substantial bonuses for a crypto deposit, including increased welcome packages and great promotions for regular users. So, don’t lose your chance: choose a suitable platform, create an account, browse the list of available esports markets and bet types, wager with crypto, and enjoy your winnings.

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Isabelle Turner, a vanguard in the niche domain of crypto sports betting, began her editorial journey in 2015. With a degree in Financial Technology and a passion for sports, she seamlessly merged the two, offering readers a fresh perspective on betting in the digital age. Her articles, celebrated for their clarity and innovation, have become a touchstone for enthusiasts navigating the crypto betting landscape.