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Best Crypto & Bitcoin Super Bowl Betting Sites 2024

Crypto sports betting is shaking up the traditional betting scene, revolutionizing how we wager on our favorite sports. As bettors get a taste of the perks that come with crypto payments, they’re increasingly drawn to using digital currencies for big-ticket events.

Take the Super Bowl, for example, a veritable mecca of betting opportunities where fortunes can be made. It’s the zenith of the NFL season, pulling in a whopping 50.4 million eager bettors in 2023 alone, with the betting bonanza topping off at a staggering $16 billion.

In my roundup, you’ll discover the elite Bitcoin Super Bowl betting hotspots. I’ll also lay out tips for selecting a crypto betting hub, detail the various bets and bonuses on offer, and clue you in on the hottest cryptocurrencies for betting, among other insights.

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How To Choose The Best NFL Super Bowl Betting Sites With Crypto

I should say that today, it’s not so easy to find a reliable, secure website given the large number of offers on the market, many of which do not meet quality standards at all. That’s why it is important to determine the main factors you have to take into consideration when looking for the crypto betting Super Bowl sites.

Variety Of Betting Choices

Of course, for every American football fan, the opportunity to stake on Super Bowl matches is the main criterion when selecting a betting site. However, the tournament only takes place once a year. Thus, in the interim, it is great to be able to wager on other big events in other sports (basketball, tennis, golf, hockey, etc.).

Anonymous Betting Accounts

Sometimes, one of the main advantages of crypto payments, namely anonymity, can be offset by the bookmaker’s rules if it requires personal information sharing and verification during registration.  Therefore, if you want to maintain your privacy, then you should choose the best Bitcoin Super Bowl betting sites where you can set up anonymous accounts.

Quick And Safe Crypto Transactions

Traditionally, cryptocurrencies are famous for their fast payments since they do not have to go through banks and financial institutions. Transfer times vary depending on the currency selected and the bookmaker’s rules. I recommend checking the average transfer time that a betting website offers. If the sportsbook indicates a transfer time that greatly exceeds usual terms (1-24 hours), then you should look for another site.

Minimal Transaction Costs

When using crypto sportsbooks, you will encounter transaction costs, and your task is to choose a site with minimal costs in order not to spend extra money. In my list of platforms, you will find Super Bowl betting sites with crypto that offer the optimal transaction cost.

Low Transaction Fees

You probably know that crypto transactions are beneficial because they do not provide high fees. So, when you see that a sportsbook that provides NFL Super Bowl betting with crypto includes high fees, it is better to compare the offer with others.

Special Offers

I personally consider this factor quite important because the availability of special offers on the sportsbook always makes gambling more fun and obviously more beneficial. Special offers that attract me are extra bonuses and promos for users who make stakes in crypto or wager on particular matches during the Super Bowl.

User Reviews

The experience of other gamblers can tell a lot about the pros and cons of a particular sportsbook. That’s why I recommend paying attention to their reviews while searching for the best platform for gambling. Additionally, it would be useful to get familiarized with professional reviews of trusted sports gambling experts.

Widely Used Cryptocurrencies For Super Bowl Betting

As the number of virtual currencies on the market grows, it becomes clear that each of them offers some particular features. So, for one reason or another, not every cryptocurrency will be convenient for sports gambling. Below, I list the 4 most popular options I use on crypto betting Super Bowl sites.



Of course, Bitcoin, as the leader of the crypto market, has become the leading currency for sports gambling. One of the main reasons for the success of BTC in gambling is its prevalence, so gamblers can bet on the best Bitcoin Super Bowl betting sites. from almost anywhere in the world.



LTC is the number one altcoin on betting websites. In addition to ease of use and an increased level of security, this currency offers one more feature that is very attractive to users. This feature is the speed of payments. After all, transactions with Litecoin are processed in 2.5 minutes, which is much faster than BTC payments (they require about 10 minutes to be completed).



The uniqueness of this virtual currency is that it does not have the disadvantage inherent in almost all cryptocurrencies, namely volatility. The absence of this feature, which repels many users, is due to the fact that Tether is tied to a traditional currency – the US dollar. Thus, the relative stability of the Tether exchange rate made it a very popular currency on crypto betting Super Bowl sites. Moreover, the fact that payments are processed within 1 to 5 minutes (15 minutes in case of high congestion) attracts many players.



A unique feature of Ethereum is that it offers a separate, full-fledged financial infrastructure based on blockchain technology. That is, it offers increased security, convenience, flexibility, and expanded payment functions. ETH payments traditionally take from 15 seconds to 5 minutes to be completed.

Top Super Bowl Crypto Betting Bonuses & Promotions

Platforms where you can bet on Super Bowl with Bitcoin delight their clients with a variety of bonuses, such as welcome deals, cashback, tournaments, holiday promotions, etc. Also, I’d like to mention a special category of encouragement that is often available for gamblers who decide to make stakes with crypto. Moreover, given the enormous interest in such an important American football event as the Super Bowl, many bookmakers present unique promos for those who wager on matches of this tournament.

How To Start Betting On Super Bowl With Bitcoin

The first steps in any field are always a little confusing. Therefore, I offer my guide  to the attention of all beginners that will help you avoid difficulties and inaccuracies when you start Bitcoin Super Bowl betting. The guide includes the following steps:


Register a crypto wallet account. Once you purchase coins on an exchange, you need to store them somewhere. Therefore, you need to select a suitable wallet and register there.


Set up a sportsbook account. Select a platform from my list where you can bet on the Super Bowl with Bitcoin and sign up.


Make a deposit. Go to the Payment section to deposit. Determine crypto as your payment option, enter the sum, and confirm the operation in your digital wallet.


Start gambling. Navigate to the Sports section and pick the Super Bowl stakes. Decide what type of stake you choose, get acquainted with the odds, and make your first Bitcoin Super Bowl bet.


Withdraw your winnings. Go back to the Payment section. Pick Payout, indicate the amount, and select crypto as your payment method. Wait a bit for the money to be credited to your wallet.

Popular Types Of Super Bowl Bets Using Bitcoin

One of the factors that make NFL Super Bowl betting with crypto so popular is the great number of wagering opportunities. After I tested the best platforms for Super Bowl bets, I have identified several main types of stakes that you should familiarize yourself with.

Moneyline Bets

Moneyline is staking on a particular team winning. This type of bet is often used during the Super Bowl, as many spectators are long-term fans of certain participating teams and always wager only on their favorites. This option is also known as a straight stake since you wager directly on the potential winners.

Point Spread Bets

This type of Bitcoin Super Bowl bet allows you to gamble on the difference in the score. If you make such a bet, it means that you assume that a certain difference in the final score will be achieved or, on the contrary, not achieved.

Over/Under (Totals) Bets

This type, which is also known as staking on totals, allows gamblers to bet on the final number of points/goals/runs that will be scored in a match. If both participating teams gain more than the total, the “over” wins. In case they gain fewer points, the “under” wins.

Parlay Bets

This Bitcoin football betting type is ideal for those who like to experiment and take risks. To use the parlay staking system, gamblers need to make several stakes and combine them. Here, you win only if each of the combined stakes wins. If even one of them loses, then you lose everything.

Prop Bets (Proposition Bets)

This type of wager adds excitement to the gambling process because here, you are not staking directly on the outcome of the game (the winning team or the number of points). If you pick this stake on the Super Bowl betting site with crypto, you gamble on the occurrence or, conversely, non-occurrence of certain events during a match (injuries, disqualification, fight, violation of rules, etc.).

Pros And Cons Of Bitcoin Super Bowl Betting Sites


  • Worldwide popularity
  • Accelerated and simplified payments
  • Enhanced privacy
  • Higher limits
  • Lower fees


  • High volatility
  • Lack of regulation

Final Thoughts

The integration of crypto technologies into the world of virtual staking has already marked a new stage in the development of the sportsbook industry. The improvements that have become available to gamblers thanks to the introduction of crypto technologies in gambling businesses cannot be ignored. Anonymity, accelerated payments, minimal transaction costs, worldwide prevalence, etc., take Super Bowl betting to another level. Therefore, I highly recommend you pay attention to the best Bitcoin Super Bowl betting sites if you’d like to enhance the security and comfort of gambling on your favorite sporting event.


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