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Best Sites For Handball Betting With Bitcoin & Crypto 2024

Just because handball doesn’t have as many fans as football or hockey doesn’t mean that this sport doesn’t offer a huge amount of stacking opportunities. Recently, more and more gamblers have been turning their attention to this part of the gambling market. Handball offers quite a lot of games per season, and it is very easy to find analytics and statistics on handball teams. These factors open up exciting gambling opportunities.

What makes handball betting even more attractive is the ability to place wagers using virtual currencies. Those who have already tried crypto gambling once do not want to give it up because crypto transactions are much faster and safer.

For everyone who is interested in handball betting with Bitcoin, we have prepared our comprehensive review and list of reliable bookmakers.

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Advantages Of Betting On Handball Using Bitcoin

While conducting our research on Bitcoin sportsbooks, we identified the main reasons for their growing popularity. Below, you can see the main advantages of BTC staking on handball.

Global Accessibility

Even those who do not use any virtual currency know about Bitcoin. The reason for that is the fact that BTC very quickly became the most famous and widespread decentralized crypto in the world. You can use BTC almost everywhere, which greatly simplifies the life of a punter because they can make bets on crypto handball sportsbooks from any region.

Reputation and Trust

Bitcoin appeared on the financial market in 2009. Many predicted a rapid fall for it, but the currency not only did not turn out to be a bubble, but it began to develop. Today, it is a leading virtual currency that is an example and basis for developers from all over the world. Any sportsbook that decides to add crypto to the list of proposed payment solutions chooses Bitcoin first.

Anonymity And Privacy

When it comes to any financial operations, the very first thing we should strive for is safety. BTC handball betting provides the maximum level of security for your funds thanks to blockchain. Moreover, crypto technology allows users to make anonymous payments.

Payout Time

One more reason why Bitcoin handball betting attracts so many gamblers is payment speed. While most traditional payment methods take at least a day to complete a transaction, the payout period with Bitcoin lasts from 10 minutes to 2 hours.

How To Choose The Best Crypto Handball Betting Sites

Range Of Betting Choices

The variety of betting choices includes a range of events of varying levels (mid-league games, world championships, etc.) and the availability of diverse types of stakes. In addition, pay attention to the provided selection of sports. Although your main goal is handball betting with Bitcoin, it is always great to have the possibility to wager on other sports and try new strategies.

Special Offers

Many bookmakers encourage their clients with exclusive offers. Since crypto payments are much faster and easier, using crypto for betting is beneficial not only for gamblers but also for sportsbooks. That’s why the best Bitcoin handball betting sites want to reward those who choose crypto as their main payment option and entice others to join. Usually, such special offers are free bets or cashback.

User Experience

We can tell you from our experience that the top way to understand what exactly a particular sportsbook can offer you is to get acquainted with previous clients’ reviews. Advertising or a brief summary about the bookmaker on a news portal will never give you the same information about Bitcoin handball bookmakers that you can get by reading reviews. The fact is that by reading testimonials, you get acquainted with the experience of the same gambler as you, so this is the best way to determine whether the sportsbook is suitable for you or not.

Client Assistance And Service

High-quality client support is one of the main factors that determine the reliability of any sportsbook. Gamblers should always have the possibility to contact the platform support team if they have any questions or want to solve problems that have arisen. Therefore, we recommend looking for sportsbooks that provide 24/7 support and offer several communication channels (phone, email, live chat).

Promotions And Bonuses At The Best BTC Handball Bookmakers

We always insist that it is very beneficial for gamblers to choose sportsbooks with good and varied bonus systems. The best Bitcoin handball betting sites allow punters to take advantage of such standard incentives as welcome deals, reload bonuses, cashback, holiday promos, etc. Bonuses are a great opportunity to experiment with a risky bet because they often give you the opportunity to pay for this bet with bonus money or return half of its cost.

Moreover, BTC handball betting sites provide special propositions for everyone who picks cryptocurrency as the main payment solution.

How To Start Betting On Handball With Bitcoin

To make your gambling experience as safe and smooth as possible, we have compiled a detailed guide. Our step-by-step instructions presented below will help you go through all the stages at the beginning of your gambling journey.


Explore Our List of Bookmakers

Our selection of crypto handball betting sites includes only licensed sportsbooks. You can choose any option from those presented and be confident in your safety. When choosing, pay attention to the availability of the platform in your region.


Sign Up At Your Preferred Site

After you make your choice, register at the site. To sign up, you need to provide the sportsbook with the required personal data. If necessary, pass the verification stage.


Add Funds To Your Account

Now, make your initial deposit. To do that, you need first to purchase BTC on an exchange and register a personal digital wallet to transfer crypto there. Then, go to the Payment section on the Bitcoin handball betting site, specify crypto as a type of payment, specify the deposit amount, and confirm the transaction in your wallet.


Start Betting

As soon as your money is deposited into your sportsbook account, you can start betting. Go to the Handball section to view current and upcoming events and study the presented odds. Determine your budget and strategy and start placing bets. If the BTC handball betting platform offers a greeting bonus, don’t forget to use it to make your first wagers.


Collect Your Winnings!

If your strategy works and luck is on your side, go to the Payment section to withdraw your winnings. Enter the sum, specify crypto as the payment solution, confirm the transfer, and check the payment completion in the wallet.

Popular Handball Competitions For Bitcoin Betting

Handball betting with Bitcoin does not limit your betting opportunities in any way; moreover, crypto sportsbooks sometimes offer an even larger market than traditional ones. Handball fans will be happy to know that, using virtual currency, they can place bets on all the major handball tournaments that are held all around the world.

Liqui Moly Starligue (France)

ObjecThis is the largest handball event in France, which has been held annually since 1952. 16 teams participate in the tournament. However, for almost 10 years, this competition was called a one-team league due to the fact that PSG won 9 times in a row until 2022.tive reviews. Unbiased ratings. Transparent expert information

Handball Bundesliga (Germany)

The Handball Bundesliga was launched in Germany in 1966. The tournament shows the competition of the best 18 teams every year. Many teams include not just the best handball players in Germany but also in the world, so the league games are some of the most famous among a global audience. From 2,000 to 13,000 people attend Handball Bundesliga games.

Nemzeti Bajnokság I

This is a competition of the top league in Hungary that was founded in 1951. Throughout the history of the league, Hungarian teams have shown excellent results and have raised players who are popular all over the world. So, it is not surprising that today, the Hungarian tournament is one of the leading competitions in terms of interest among spectators and gamblers.

Liga ASOBAL (Spain)

Crypto handball sportsbooks also offer staking on the most important handball event in Spain. The top league in Spanish handball was launched in 1958 as Division de Honor, and it was renamed in 1990. The league includes 16 teams (FC Barcelona, Ademar Leon, etc.) that compete with each other each year. Each team plays 30 matches during the tournament.

Summer Olympic Games

Of course, performing at the Olympic Games once every 4 years is the most anticipated event for both players and fans. At the Olympics, the best teams in the world that have qualified compete for the title of Olympic champions. It is considered one of the most prestigious in the world of sports. The long wait and scale of the event attract many spectators, and the large number of matches held in a short period brings many gamblers to the sportsbooks.

IHF World Handball Championships

The World Championship is one of the oldest big handball tournaments, which was first held in 1938 by the International Handball Federation. For a long time, the championship schedule was quite chaotic, but since 1993, the event has been held every 2 years. The competition is held among both men’s and women’s teams, which increases the number of matches on which crypto handball betting sites accept stakes.

Famous Club Teams In Handball

In every sport, there are leading teams and players whose games always cause the greatest excitement among fans and the interest of bookmakers. Below, we would like to introduce you to three of the world’s most famous handball teams, whose matches always guarantee high odds on Bitcoin handball sportsbooks.

FC Barcelona Handboll

The main Spanish professional handball club was founded in 1942. However, it was not until the late 1950s that the team began to play according to the rules of modern handball. For a long time, the club did not occupy a leading position in the handball world, but with the arrival of one of the world’s best coaches, Valero Rivera, everything changed. The club was able to win 62 titles (Liga ASOBAL – 30 wins; EHF Champions League – 11 wins; EHF Cup – 5 wins; and others).

THW Kiel

This German handball club has over 100 years of history, being founded in 1904. THW Kiel is the most successful club in the Bundesliga, having won the German championship 23 times. In addition, the team won the EHF Cup 4 times and has 4 wins in the EHF Champions League.

Paris Saint-Germain Handball

The most famous French handball club was opened in 1941 and since then has changed its name 6 times. Since 2012, after the club was bought by a Qatari investor, it has been considered one of the richest clubs that lures the best handball players in the world, such as Nikola Karabatić. The team is a ten-time French champion.

Types Of Bets On Handball At Bitcoin Betting Sites

When it comes to handball betting with Bitcoin we recommend trying various types of wagers, especially since handball is a sport in which a variety of wagering opportunities are available. Changing bet types allows you to thoroughly study the pros and cons of each of them and choose the strategy that best suits you and your budget.


Match Winner Bets

This is the simplest bet type because here, you wager specifically on one team that you think will win. This type is also called Moneyline and is available on all Bitcoin handball betting sites as a standard offer.


Handicap Betting

This one is a betting option that equalizes the strength of participating teams. The final score of one team is changed by the addition of a pre-announced handicap.


Total Goals (Over/Under)

Bitcoin handball bookmakers accept total bets on specific statistics of the game. For instance, you can wager on the probability that a particular player will provide more than three interceptions in a match. If there are four or more interceptions, you will win. You can also bet on saves, goals, etc.


First Goal Scorer

This one is a prediction for the first goal of the match. You indicate which team will score a goal first and bet on it. In case of a goalless draw or the first goal from another team, your wager loses.

Tips And Strategies For Handball Betting With Crypto

Handball betting with Bitcoin would not be fair and safe if it was possible to predict the results and guarantee a win. There could not be any strategy that guarantees you success. However, gambling has its own rules and patterns, knowing and considering which gamblers can improve their chances of success. Use the following tips from our team of professional bettors:

  • Expand your knowledge about the game and the principles of betting. For successful gambling, it is not enough to know the rules of the game; you need to familiarize yourself with game statistics, analysis of teams and players, etc.
  • Don’t be fooled by the hype. It attracts viewers, and bookmakers take advantage of it. However, often, the hype around a certain team or event is provoked by something that is not directly related to the game and doesn’t affect the results (for example, a fight in a previous game or an internal scandal).
  • Manage your bankroll. This means the correct distribution of bets across levels, taking into account your betting budget and the potential of each wager.

When betting on Bitcoin handball sportsbooks, the choice of strategy is determined by the choice of wager type. So, the strategies that are most often used by punters are:

  • Individual total betting strategy;
  • Handball corridor wagering strategy;
  • Underdog betting strategy;
  • Express betting strategy on favorites.

Final Thoughts

Previously, it was believed that sports that do not lead in popularity among spectators, such as handball, are not very interesting to gamblers. However, today, everything is changing. The online betting industry is developing, and gamblers want to discover new opportunities for themselves, so they are starting to explore the markets of less popular sports, including handball. Moreover, now there is the possibility of crypto handball betting. Using virtual currencies simplifies and speeds up the process. Moreover, sportsbooks offer special bonuses to those who use crypto for betting.

We see no reason not to try handball betting with Bitcoin right now. Remember to use the tips from our team and bet responsibly!


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