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Best Tether (USDT) Sports Betting Sites 2024

For those with even a passing curiosity in the crypto scene, it’s clear as day that Tether stands out as a titan—rock-solid, unwavering, and a beacon of reliability. Since bursting onto the scene in 2014, Tether has been spreading its influence far and wide, not least in the realm of sports betting.

These days, the buzz among gambling connoisseurs is that USDT betting is quickly outshining its BTC counterpart as the go-to choice. Naturally, we couldn’t just sit on the sidelines. We’ve rolled up our sleeves and put together an in-depth look at how Tether is making waves in the betting stakes. Plus, we’re thrilled to roll out the red carpet for our curated selection of the top Tether sports betting platforms.

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General Information about Tether

Launch Year2014
Blockchain PlatformsMultiple
Backed ByReserves

Our Criteria For Choosing The Best Tether Sports Betting Sites

When we compiled the list of bookmakers, we tested and analyzed many options on the market. Thanks to our many years of experience as gamblers, we were able to select secure and reliable staking platforms. Below, we share with you the main criteria on which we based our choice of Tether bookmakers. Tether Sports Betting

Blockchain Infrastructure

The main advantages of virtual currency, such as anonymity and security, are provided by blockchain technology. For this reason, a reliable sports staking site will support blockchain transparency, process transactions quickly, and work with all three blockchain networks: TRON, ERC-20, and OMNI, on which USDT is issued.

Transaction Speed

Tether is well-known for its high-speed transfers, so when you pick a Tether betting platform, you obviously expect fast service, and the site should not fail your expectations. Usually, Tether transactions provided via Tron take only a few seconds. USDT payments made via ERC-20 make you wait for up to 1 hour. Payments made via OMNI take from 40 minutes to 2 hours to be completed. Of course, each platform can make some adjustments during transaction periods, but they should not significantly exceed the standard transfer time.

Deposit & Withdrawal Fees

We always take into account commissions for deposits and payouts set by the website because, after all, no one wants to overpay or lose part of the winnings. Tether, like most cryptocurrencies, provides users with the opportunity to either avoid commissions altogether or pay a minimum amount. So, sportsbooks with inflated fines may turn out to be scams.

KYC/AML Requirements

KYC and AML requirements are found on many sportsbooks, but not many gamblers like them because they create the need to share personal data. Though, some sites are known for allowing customers to gamble anonymously. That’s why some of the Tether-supporting platforms do not require clients to get verified.

Platform Trustworthiness

Studying the testimonials of real gamblers and professional reviews of experts will help you decide whether to trust a particular Tether betting app or site. It is extremely important to familiarize yourself with the experience of users who have personally tested a particular site’s services in order to understand whether it is right for you. We wouldn’t recommend relying only on what the website itself says about its service because it is in its interests to advertise itself as best as possible.

Variety Of Sports Offered

USDT sports betting opens up many opportunities for gamblers, offering a variety of sports, a diversity of tournaments, and a large number of stake types. So, don’t pick a site that will limit these opportunities by offering a small selection of sports on which you can stake. In the process of preparing our selection of the top Tether gambling platforms, we selected websites that offer gamblers to make stakes on sports, eSports, and virtual sports.

Betting Odds

Staking odds are exactly what determines how big your winnings will be if your wager has been successful. The odds are determined by the betting sites themselves. Usually, they are based on the popularity of the tournament, public interest, expert forecasts, etc. When one of these factors changes dramatically, the coefficients are also adjusted. There are a lot of nuances when it comes to how to choose the most profitable odds, but the simplest rule is that the higher the odds, the greater the amount in case of winning.

Bonuses And Promotions

Extra encouragements from Tether bookmakers should always be considered when looking for a gambling platform. If a website presents a generous welcome deal, seasonal promos, and privileges for VIP customers, it is definitely worth your attention. Bonuses and promos are a great opportunity to increase your winnings.

Transparent Terms And Conditions

If a platform conducts official legal activities, then it has nothing to hide, which means you can find all the information about the terms of service provision on the official website. Before registering on any bookmaker site, read the rules for receiving bonuses and wagering requirements and explore the Withdrawal section (max and min limits, payout time), etc.

Why Do People Like To Use Tether For Betting?

Today, the market is filled with different cryptocurrencies, but not all of them are in demand in the gambling industry. Tether betting on sports is one of those tendencies that is gaining more and more fans all over the world. As a result of our comprehensive research into sports gambling with Tether, we have come to the conclusion that there are several main reasons for this growing popularity. Below, we present to you the main advantages that USDT gambling offers.

Stability And Less Volatility

Usually, one of the main reasons not to use crypto for staking is the high volatility inherent in most virtual currencies. However, Tether sports betting sites offer currency stability unique to the crypto industry. The thing is that although USDT is a virtual currency, it is pegged to the US dollar. This assures the minimum volatility. So, when you convert fiat money into USDT, its value remains the same, and you have nothing to lose.

Accessibility From Anywhere In The World

Tether has long become one of the most popular options among crypto users. Moreover, it has firmly strengthened its position in the gambling industry. You can use this crypto to bet on your favorite sports from anywhere in the world

Anonymity And Privacy

The ability to make anonymous payments when staking on sports is one of the most attractive features of Tether sportsbooks. The complete anonymity of users is ensured by the structural feature of the virtual currency, which is based on the blockchain mechanism. This technology provides high-quality protection for users’ personal and financial data.

Avoidance Of Any Banking Restrictions

The independence of cryptocurrency from financial structures and government agencies is a huge plus for gamblers. This level of decentralization allows Tether bookmakers to speed up transaction times and minimize (and sometimes even eliminate) payment fees.

Speed, Transparency, And Security Of Transactions

Sportsbooks that accept Tether as the main staking currency are considered the new generation platforms because they take the gambling service to the next level. The service advancement is achieved primarily by speeding up and simplifying transactions. Moreover, when you use Tether betting, you protect your money and financial information from theft. Thanks to the blockchain, third parties do not have access to users’ sensitive data.

Is USDT Sports Betting Legal?

The legality of USDT sports betting depends on your location. It is automatically legit if, in your region, there are no restrictions on crypto usage and sports gambling is legal.  Therefore, before you register on a sportsbook and start placing stakes with Tether, find out about the peculiarities of gambling and crypto regulation in your region. In addition, to protect yourself and your sensitive data, always check the staking platform for a license and official regulator.

How To Start Sports Betting With Tether

Getting started is much easier than you might think. It will be especially easy for those who are already familiar with fiat-supporting gambling sites. In general, Tether sportsbooks are not very different from them at their core. Since we have gone all the way from a beginner in Tether sports gambling to a completely comfortable user, we are pleased to present you with detailed step-by-step instructions on how to start staking with USDT below.


Choose A Recommended Sportsbook Listed On This Page

For security reasons and convenience, we recommend that you use the list of websites prepared by our experts after analyzing all the offers on the modern market. By picking USDT sports betting site from our selection presented earlier in the article, you will be 100% sure that you are choosing a legal site with an official license and high-quality service.


Create An Account

After you look through our selection and decide on the option that best suits you, you need to pass the registration procedure. It is necessary to provide a site with your personal information like name, country of residence, email, etc. Some Tether betting sites may require clients to go through the verification process. To verify your account, you need to confirm your identity by uploading a photo or copy of any document confirming your identity to the site.


Deposit USDT Into Your Account And Get A Bonus

Go to the Payment section on the platform. Choose the Deposit function and determine the sum and currency. Then, navigate to your e-wallet, where you store your USDT and confirm the payment. Take into consideration the minimum limit set by the USDT betting site.

The process of getting a greeting offer depends on the site. On some platforms, you need to contact a support team to receive it. Others replenish your account with bonus cash automatically after the registration and first deposit.


Begin Placing Bets

When your Tether betting account is successfully replenished, you can select the game you want to bet on. When choosing which wager to place, take into account not only your preferences in sports but also current matches, forecasts, odds, and other factors. If you are a beginner, do not place very large stakes right away. Spread your wagering budget across multiple sports and experiment with stake types.


Cash Out Your Earnings

Navigate to the Payments section on the Tether betting website. Pick Tether as your withdrawal method, and enter the sum you want to cash out and your digital wallet address. Confirm the operation. If the money has not arrived in your account within the maximum period specified by the sportsbook, contact the support team.

Promotions And Bonus Offers On USDT Sports Betting Sites

One of the frequent tips we give to beginners is not to ignore bonuses and promos provided by sportsbooks. If the conditions for receiving and using a particular bonus are quite fair and acceptable, then taking advantage of the bonus offer is an excellent opportunity to increase your chances of winning big. Most Tether sportsbooks provide gamblers with a standard set of encouragements that usually include a greeting deal, seasonal promos, tournaments, and a loyalty program.

The welcome offer is available only to newcomers. Usually, the wagering requirement for it on Tether-supported sites varies from 30x to 40x. Also, many sportsbooks present special bonuses for punters who use Tether to encourage more gamblers to use this currency for staking.

Types Of Bets At Tether Bookmakers

It is very convenient to know all your options at once, that’s why we list the types of stakes available at most Tether bookmakers. Below, we’ve briefly described the features of each type.



Totals as a standard stake type are in high demand in Tether online sports betting. These stakes apply to almost all sports. They allow wagering on the total quantity of points gained in the match or any other aspect that can be summed up. When you place a total stake, you wager on over/under numbers, trying to predict if the game outcome will be over or under the provided values.

Moneyline Bets

This is a classic sports gambling stake which is placed on the match’s outcome. Moneyline stakes are wagered on a particular player or team which you think has more chances to win. When you bet on the winner, there are only two possible outcomes. You win if you have guessed the match winner and you lose if your guess was wrong.


This type of stake on USDT sports betting sites is created by the combination of two or more wagers. To make this stake win, each of the wagers that were combined must win. Even if one of them loses, you lose the accumulator. Although this stake is quite risky, it can bring big winnings, and many platforms reward punters who choose the accumulator with higher payouts.

Point Spread Bets

This type of stake is best suited for games such as football or baseball, where you can bet on one team that you think is stronger and has a better chance of winning. Thus, this is Tether betting on the advantage in winning. That is, you don’t need to guess the number of points with which the team will win, but simply bet on the team.

High Salary

Futures Bets

This type is the so-called long-term stakes that you place long before the start of the game. Typically, futures are placed on the winners of major tournaments or league games. These stakes are especially popular in the US among Super Bowl fans who have already decided on their favorites a long time ago.

Proposition Bets

By choosing this stake type, you can wager on certain events related to the game but not the actual outcome. Tether betting platforms offer stakes on the performance of a particular player, statistics, fights, time-outs, etc.

Popular Tournaments For Tether Online Sports Betting

Tether sportsbooks offer a large selection of sports on which stakes are accepted. However, there are a few major tournaments that attract the most attention:

FIFA World Cup. The tournament is held every four years, hosting matches between 32 teams and collecting stakes totaling approximately $35 billion.

UEFA Champions League. The approximate amount of all stakes for the season is $13 billion.

NFL. The tournament final (Super Bowl) gets over 100 million viewers each year and $1 billion in stakes.

NBA. 30 teams play 1,230 games, gathering a huge audience around the world.

NCAA Basketball. The tournament is held annually, and stakes on it amount to about $8.5 billion.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Tether Sportsbooks

After we have studied all the available information about Tether gambling and personally tested Tether sports betting sites, we are ready to highlight the main pros and cons of this. We have outlined everything we liked and didn’t like in the table below.


Minimal volatility due to the currency peg to USD
No supplemental taxes for deposits and withdrawals
Enhanced transaction security
Anonymous payments
Accelerated and cheaper transactions


Not so widespread as Bitcoin betting sites

Best USDT Crypto Alternatives In Betting

It goes without saying that USDT sports betting and BTC sports gambling are the best alternatives to each other. Therefore, if you want to try sports gambling with another cryptocurrency but with the same level of convenience and security, then BTC sportsbooks are the best option. Some of the most significant advantages of Bitcoin as a staking currency are decentralization, anonymity, and speed. Tether betting can also be replaced by wagering with such reliable options as Ethereum betting, Litecoin sports betting, and Dogecoin betting, which ensure safe and fast payments.

Final Thoughts

To summarize the extensive research conducted by our team, we want to say that Tether betting is the future of sports gambling. If you are still in doubt or whether it is worth giving this crypto a chance, then feel free to cast aside your doubts and join Tether betting platforms. Start receiving improved service today, which the entire industry will come to tomorrow.By choosing a USDT sports betting site, you provide yourself with safe gambling and fast and simple transactions. Moreover, you get access to a huge number of staking opportunities (a variety of sports and types of bets) and special bonuses.

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