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Volleyball betting with Bitcoin

Best Sites For Volleyball Betting With Bitcoin & Crypto In 2024

These days, volleyball is among the top 5 most popular sports worldwide. The number of fans is estimated to be nearly 900 million, which surpasses the number of baseball and golf connoisseurs. Therefore, there are dozens of betting websites that cover the biggest volleyball tournaments. Yet, only a fraction of them allow you to bet with crypto. 

Why is it better to bet on volleyball using BTC, how to select the best platform for volleyball betting with Bitcoin, and what are the most popular types of bets so far? As an experienced bettor and volleyball fan, I have created a comprehensive guide that will answer all these questions. Keep reading!

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Why is Volleyball Betting With Bitcoin So Popular?

Given that the number of betting platforms accepting fiat is huge, it seems easier to find a reliable one from the bigger list. However, I believe that the benefits bettors receive with Bitcoin volleyball betting are worth spending more time searching for crypto platforms. Here are a few of the most prominent features of betting with Bitcoin:

No geo-restrictions

Remember about the shy geographical coverage of most traditional betting platforms. Thus, if you happen to live in a region out of reach for such bookmakers, using your local currency or a credit card from a local bank is impossible. Meanwhile, cryptocurrencies as a universal digital payment method will allow you to overcome these restrictions.

Cheaper and faster payments

The decentralized nature of crypto eliminates middlemen, such as banks, and offers a much easier system of confirmation and validation processes. Thus, all the transactions usually are faster and cheaper when compared with banks.

Privacy and anonymity

Most bettors know that the biggest advantage of crypto volleyball betting is anonymity. No one wants to be marked by the bank as a gambler, which might result in loan or mortgage refusals. Hence, in order to avoid it, you can use Bitcoin and bet anonymously.

Key Factors To Consider When Selecting A Volleyball Crypto Sportsbooks

However, the availability of crypto payment methods does not make a website automatically reliable. Hence, you should pay attention to the additional criteria. In my opinion, the following list is a must-have for a betting platform worth your attention. 

Security And Privacy

Obviously, if you decide to use a sportsbook with a crypto payment method for privacy preservation, your top priority will be a great level of data security as well. The best volleyball Bitcoin betting sites feature a 128-bit SSL encryption certificate, which ensures top-notch security for all the sensitive information you provide. All the sportsbooks mentioned in this article do feature it.

Credibility And Reliability

Another important criterion for a good platform is its trustworthiness. Predominantly positive reviews by professional and amateur bettors and independent experts point to the credibility of the sportsbook. Also, licenses and certifications are obligatory indicators of reliability. Needless to say, I recommend only credible and reliable platforms I’ve tested by myself. 

Sports, Lines, And Odds

The third characteristic of recommended crypto volleyball betting sites is the availability of tools. For example, coverage of preferred sports, huge betting lines, and competitive odds are essentials for a reliable sportsbook. The list of platforms at the beginning fulfills all the mentioned criteria.

Quick Withdrawals

The high speed of fund transfers lies in the core of cryptocurrencies, but slow sportsbooks eliminate this advantage. Hence, I suggest readers select only those platforms that offer fast withdrawal processing. Ideally, such transfers should be instant, but most platforms usually require up to 24 hours to cash out your winnings.

Bonuses, Promotions And VIP Programs

Most platforms for crypto betting have a huge number of different bonuses to keep and entertain their clients. But in most cases, such promos have unreasonably high wagering requirements. My goal was to find volleyball BTC sportsbooks that offer cost-effective loyalty programs and bonuses with normal wagering requirements.

Support And Customer Care

The last but not least criterion is the approach of preferred sportsbooks towards customers. The best indicator of customer care is 24/7 multilingual support. Moreover, bettors should have at least a few support options, such as live chat, phone calls, or an active email address. Luckily, all the mentioned betting platforms on this page do offer such options.

How To Bet On Volleyball With Bitcoin?

Having a list of trustworthy betting platforms, you will now need to do what is the easiest. At this stage, you will need to register and start betting. Even though experienced players are perfectly familiar with these processes, I will still present a detailed guide to make it easier for newbies:


Use My Toplist Of Sportsbooks

The first step you already know is selecting the betting platform itself. To do it, avail the results of my research, which is the list of the best volleyball BTC betting sites. Another way is to conduct your own research by applying the factors I’ve mentioned. Do it carefully and always compare a couple of sportsbooks to make the choice. 


Register For An Account At The Chosen Website

Visit the chosen website and click on the Register button. The pop-up window will ask you about a few details, such as email, name, phone number, country of residence, etc. Provide this information, agree with the terms and conditions, and finish the registration. Never indicate false data, as it may result in shutting down the account.


Deposit BTC

Next, go to the deposit section in the account menu and select the crypto payment gateway. Here, indicate that your payment method is Bitcoin, type the sum you want to deposit, and confirm the transaction in your wallet. If there is no problem with network scaling, the payment will be instant. In case you do not have any coins yet, visit an exchange platform and buy some BTC first.


Research The Best Volleyball Events For Betting

To make your volleyball betting with Bitcoin profitable, you should rely only on the events and tournaments you know best. Otherwise, your predictions may not be that accurate, hence resulting in losing wagered money more frequently. Later on, I will make my personal list of the best events for betting.


Select And Confirm The Bet

Once you made up your mind on the preferred tournament, select the match and click on it. You will see the available types of bets and corresponding odds for each of them. Make your prediction and place your bet. To learn which are the most popular betting options, continue reading.

Different Types of Volleyball Games

Volleyball exists in different formats, which are equally interesting to watch and are suitable for profitable Bitcoin volleyball betting. Moreover, the tournament coverage and betting line are almost the same for all formats. Here is the full classification of game types:

Men’s And Women’s Volleyball

Men’s And Women’s Volleyball

First of all, there are women’s and men’s tournaments. The rules are the same, but generally, men’s volleyball is more power-driven, so you will definitely see more side-outs. Also, the net height is different. Assuming men are generally taller, the net for such games is placed slightly higher if compared to women’s competitions.

Coed Volleyball

Coed Volleyball

Do men and women ever play against each other on a professional level? That is what coed volleyball is about. It features a mix of men and women in both teams. Meanwhile, the ratio could be 3/3, 4/2 or 5/1. It is one of the most spectacular types of this sport.  

Indoor Volleyball

Indoor Volleyball

As for the match locations, I would say that indoor volleyball is the most popular one on a professional level. Traditionally, both men and women play volleyball on a large hard court with a net in the middle. The first team to win 25 points will win the set. To win a match, a team needs to win 2 sets out of 3. Indoor matches are among the top betting choices on crypto volleyball betting sites.

Beach Volleyball

Beach Volleyball

The most popular type of volleyball among amateurs is its beach variation. From a technical view, beach volleyball is closely tied with the traditional (indoor) game variation. There are a few slight differences, but the biggest one is the location – the matches take place on beaches. This version of volleyball is also played on the highest levels and is popular among bettors with crypto wallets.

Popular Volleyball Competitions For Bitcoin Betting

Reputable volleyball Bitcoin bookmakers offer huge betting lines on tournaments with different levels of popularity. However, I prefer to bet on the top world-known tournaments that are always in demand and are the most suitable for profitable betting. 

FIVB World Championships

FIVB World Championships

The biggest indoor men’s and women’s volleyball competition is the World Championships. 24 teams participate in the final stage of the tournament to determine the best international team in the world. It is held every 4 years and gathers millions of TV spectators. Derived from my experience, all volleyball betting platforms include FIVB World Championships in their betting lines, so feel free to use your tokens for betting on this event.

World Grand Champions Cup

World Grand Champions Cup

The predecessor of the FIVB World Championships for both men’s and women’s international teams was the World Grand Champions Cup. Even though this tournament did not give any points for the World Ranking, it was also one of the most prestigious championships. The World Grand Champions Cup ceased in 2017 and was replaced by the FIVB World Championships. Hence, it is not an option for volleyball betting with Bitcoin anymore.



The history of volleyball at the Summer Olympics started in 1964. Both men’s and women’s indoor and beach tournaments at the Olympics feature 12 qualified teams competing in group and play-off stages. These tournaments take place once every 4 years during each Summer Olympics. Needless to say, it’s available in all volleyball crypto sportsbooks.

Famous Club Teams In Volleyball

International tournaments can be profitable for experienced bettors, but they take place quite rarely. Hence, your main profit with both fiat money and cryptocurrencies will mostly depend on club competitions. Such tournaments take place every year on a regular basis. Here are the most popular teams:

Sada Cruzeiro (Brazil)

Sada Cruzeiro (Brazil)

If you are a passionate fan of volleyball, you know how strong the men’s Brazilian national team is. But not only the national team of this country is worth attention for crypto volleyball betting. I recommend you pay attention to Sada Cruzeiro Vôlei, which won the Brazilian Superliga 7 times and became the champion of the South American Championship three times.

Vakıfbank Istanbul (Turkey)

Vakıfbank Istanbul (Turkey)

As for the women’s club teams, my recommendation falls for Sultanlar Ligi, which is a professional Turkish league. The professional club Vakıfbank Istanbul possesses a Guinness record for holding a 73-game winning streak in domestic and international competitions. The team has won both the World Championship and Champions League multiple times.

Lube Civitanova (Italy)

Lube Civitanova (Italy)

If you are a fan of Italian volleyball, then, without a doubt, Lube Civitanova is a team worth paying attention to. This men’s team has won the internal championship 7 times, plus 5 Italian Cups and 3 Italian SuperCups. So, if you are looking for fun and profitable Bitcoin volleyball betting in club tournaments, then Lube Civitanova is your top choice.

Pros And Cons Of Using Bitcoin On Volleyball Betting Sites


  • Borderless payments
  • Enhanced privacy
  • Top-notch standards of data encryption
  • Tournament-related promos and bonuses
  • Faster withdrawals without additional fees
  • Coverage of the main volleyball tournaments


  • Volatility of Bitcoin
  • Fewer number of websites accept crypto

Final Thoughts

The rising popularity of cryptocurrencies for volleyball betting is understandable due to several factors. High levels of privacy and faster and cheaper transactions, along with enhanced withdrawal limits, are only a few of the numerous advantages of BTC over fiat currencies. Moreover, these days, crypto sportsbooks cover all the competitions bettors are usually interested in and offer lucrative bonuses just as fiat platforms do. Even though cryptocurrencies are volatile and less prevalent than fiat, they still show an increasing dynamic in terms of users. 

So, in my opinion, the future of betting is unimaginable without crypto. Hence, I can highly recommend volleyball betting with Bitcoin. 

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