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Who We Are

Welcome to SafeHamsters – the future of online sports wagering. Established in 2023, we’re a team of cryptocurrency enthusiasts, sports fanatics, and tech geeks who decided to merge our passions into a platform with honest and professional reviews promising to improve the safe and innovative betting experience.

Our Mission

To redefine online sports betting by offering our community a platform that’s transparent, quick, and free from the boundaries set by traditional currency systems. We aim to promote the adoption and understanding of cryptocurrencies while delivering an unrivaled sports betting experience

Why Trust Our Reviews?

  1. Quick & Thorough Assessments: Drawing on the principles of efficiency, our review methodology cuts through the noise, swiftly delivering insights so you can make informed choices faster.
  2. Universal Coverage: Our reviews span platforms from all corners of the globe. Regardless of your location, we bring you unbiased evaluations free from regional biases and currency concerns.
  3. Clarity in Reporting: In an industry where transparency is paramount, we ensure that every aspect of a betting site – from bets to payouts – is presented in a clear and verifiable manner.
  4. Safety-First Approach: Your security is our top concern. We meticulously assess the safety measures of each platform, ensuring that our recommended sites uphold the highest standards.
  5. Value-driven Analysis: We recognize the importance of getting the most out of every bet. Our reviews delve into fee structures, helping you identify platforms that offer competitive odds and low costs.

Our Offerings

Extensive Sports Selection

From the traditional games like football and basketball to the digital realm of esports, we’ve got you covered. Dive into our reviews that span across countless global sporting events.

A Spectrum Of Betting Options

Tailored for all — whether you’re inclined towards straight bets, passionate about parlays, or thrilled by in-play wagers, our platform offers insights catering to every bettor’s style.

Embracing The World Of Crypto

Beyond the renowned Bitcoin, our reviews encompass a broad spectrum of altcoins, ensuring our users enjoy flexibility in their cryptocurrency betting choices.

Get To Know The Team Better

Our team, consisting of experienced experts who are able to analyze online casino sites, has deep roots in the world of online gambling. Driven by passion and precision, we strive to introduce our audience to the latest ideas and the latest changes in the industry.

Marcus Delaney, currently serving as the Editor-in-chief of SafeHamsters, began his career in journalism writing articles about football back in 2014. With a passion for the sport and a keen eye for analysis, he quickly garnered attention in the industry, setting the stage for his extensive tenure in the betting sector.

Isabelle Turner, a vanguard in the niche domain of crypto sports betting, began her editorial journey in 2015. With a degree in Financial Technology and a passion for sports, she seamlessly merged the two, offering readers a fresh perspective on betting in the digital age. Her articles, celebrated for their clarity and innovation, have become a touchstone for enthusiasts navigating the crypto betting landscape.

Our Promise

We are committed to responsible gaming, promoting understanding of cryptocurrency, and ensuring that our users have a memorable and positive experience on our platform. Your trust is our most valuable asset, and we promise to uphold it with integrity, transparency, and dedication.

Thank you for considering SafeHamsters. Let the games begin!