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Best Solana Sports Betting Sites 2024

Solana betting might not be the most popular among cryptocurrency-friendly sportsbooks, but there are plenty of bettors who opt for it to make deposits and withdrawals. Clients’ preferences encourage online operators to integrate Solana into their payment systems to meet the current demand. In this guide, we will take a look at reasons why Solana is in the top 10 cryptocurrencies on betting websites and how and what bets to place. We also provide you with tips on successful betting with this cryptocurrency. Furthermore, we compiled a list of the most trustworthy Solana betting sites and give you an insight into how we select them.

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Why you should trust us

Being betting newbies once, we know how confusing it might be when new payment methods appear, and you do not know whether they are better or just the same as those you are used to. With Solana, the pros of using it definitely outweigh the drawbacks, so we encourage you to experience transactions with SOL tokens on betting sites yourself (if you still haven’t). The speed of transactions and low fees are just some of the reasons to do this. However, financial convenience is not the only convincing point on the list of main advantages.

Main Advantages

  • SOL betting is anonymous, and you do not need to share your banking details with third parties.
  • Solana is not only a token but also a network for transactions.
  • The way transactions in SOL work makes the transaction fee extremely low (around $0.01).
  • Deposits arrive instantly, as the network accepts up to 50,000 blocks per second. Their speed is higher than for Bitcoin, Litecoin, and several other popular cryptocurrencies.
  • Solana staking offers a decent percentage, so you can multiply your winnings from betting.
  • Solana’s blockchain records are open, which contributes to the high transparency of transactions.
  • This cryptocurrency and network are the top choices in the NFT world. So, consider betting with SOL if you plan to obtain NFTs in the future.
  • Finding Solana betting sites is relatively easy.

Key Disadvantages

  • Solana is less decentralized than other popular cryptocurrencies. As a result, its security is lower compared to competitors.
  • The price of this token decreased significantly, and it might take years until it increases.
  • Investors are not interested in Solana as much as in other tokens.
  • Solana has a limited number of projects (around 350). This is not many if compared with competitors (e.g., Ethereum has about 3,000 active projects).

Solana Sports Betting Vs. Regular Sports Betting

If you are still hesitant about Solana betting and consider sports betting with fiat money a safer option, the table below can help you compare both betting types.

Solana Sports BettingRegular Sports Betting
Your funds are safe, as the blockchain technology and network transfers minimize any third-party activitiesFraud and scams are not uncommon, as the system can be hacked easier
Account safety is monitored via regular check-upsDigital safety might be compromised
Solana wallets are highly secured with complex keys and several levels of authenticationA bank account or e-wallet are less protected, and your finances might be at risk
Transaction fees are extremely low. They are clearly stated when you make a deposit or withdrawalConventional payment methods might have converted fees. Online operators often have withdrawal fees
SOL betting sites often have free bets and free tokens distributedWhen betting with regular money, no-deposit bonuses and prizes are quite rare

What To Look At When Choosing The Best Solana Betting Sites

Despite all the advantages of betting with Solana, you should still stay vigilant, as not all betting destinations are reliable. This caution applies equally when seeking out the best Litecoin betting sites or Bitcoin sites, where security should be a top priority. Choosing an unsafe website might lead to the loss of your funds and your personal data disclosure. We, as experienced bettors, understand all the risks involved in Solana platforms, so we check each operator we recommend thoroughly to minimize the possibility of a negative betting experience.

Features that we pay attention to (and you should pay attention to too) when choosing the best bookmaker with the help of SOL or any other cryptocurrency are described below.


Trustworthy Solana sportsbooks have several features that show how they value the security of their customers. Just one of them is SSL encryption to ensure the protection of personal data and money of bettors. Then, such brands also require account verification and encourage their customers to set complex passwords and implement two-factor authentication.

User Experience

User Reputation

User satisfaction is another essential factor of the sportsbook’s reputation. Therefore, we read the feedback of customers about the Solana betting destinations we recommend. The ones we recommend to our readers have prevailing positive comments from users about the overall gaming experience and some services like banking and bonuses.

Betting Variety

The finest Solana sportsbooks have a wide range of betting options. Not only the most popular sports are integrated into it, but some emerging or uncommon kinds of sports are also available in them. Then, we explore the choice of events and bet variants. We, as bettors ourselves, understand that betting versatility is as important as safety.

Fast Transactions

Fortunately, for bettors who choose Solana betting sites, deposits are always instant regardless of the selected website. However, the speed of transactions might differ from sportsbook to sportsbook when it comes to withdrawals. Only the best online operators can boast rapid processing of cashouts, which normally does not take longer than 6 hours.

Responsive Support

As unexpected issues can happen at any website, we test customer service before recommending any Solana betting platform to see how responsive the support team is. From our experience, we can tell that the top-tier brands have live chat in several widespread languages, along with email and mobile contacts. The average response time in live chat is under 5 minutes.

Bonus Offerings

The selection of bonuses is decent at most reputable websites. They have special offers for newbies and regulars and update them regularly. Furthermore, different tournaments and special races are not uncommon for Solana betting sites. Thus, only brands with a robust selection of bonuses are included in the list of betting destinations on this webpage.


Platform Licensing

The finest cryptocurrency sportsbooks should hold a betting license. Such permits should be issued by a reputable gambling authority that audits their activities and controls the way customer policies are implemented. For the prevailing number of brands that we recommend to our readers, this authority is Curaçao eGaming or MGA, as it is one of the most open to crypto betting.

Fair Odds

Fair odds are essential, too, when we select a reputable Solana sportsbook. Trustworthy betting destinations find a perfect balance between a desire to earn and offer decent wins to the bettors. Therefore, we check if the odds are not too low, neither for favorites nor for underdogs. The websites listed on this webpage have decent odds, so you do not need to worry about their fairness if you select one of those destinations.

Easy Withdrawals

Last but certainly not least, the withdrawal process should be transparent and contain minimum conditions. Account verification and a minimum withdrawal sum of around $20 are the features of a trustworthy online operator. None of the selected Solana sports betting sites has a minimum withdrawal requirement of $70+, high withdrawal fees, or requires you to bet your deposit more than one time before the cashout. We advise you to avoid any brand that has such conditions.

How To Get Started With SOL Betting

Finding the best Solana sports betting site might seem challenging at first, especially if you are new to the betting or crypto world. We, as bettors ourselves, understand how helpful a step-by-step guide on crypto betting activities is. Here is what we encourage you to do to find yourself in a trustworthy sportsbook and have no second thoughts about how you began your Solana betting journey.


Go To Any Verified Website From Our List

Our experts reviewed hundreds of online operators with Solana payment methods and betting versatility to check their reliability and ensure we have only the finest sportsbooks on our list. Therefore, you might select any brand listed on this webpage and be confident of its reputation and the security of the services it offers.


Register On The Site

Look at the upper right corner to find the Register button and press it. A special registration form will pop up. Make sure to fill in all required information; otherwise, your account will not be created. Any sportsbook will require your email address and password. Other information may vary, as betting sites may often request your username, country, currency preferences, and your full name and phone number.


Make A Deposit With SOL And Get A Bonus

To make a deposit, you should press the Deposit button. Then, select Solana among other payment methods. Then, copy the address on the screen and head to the place where your SOL tokens are stored. Insert the copied address there and indicate the sum of the deposit and the desired network. After that, confirm the transaction and wait until it is processed. It is often possible to claim a welcome bonus on the first deposit at this stage.


Enjoy Betting

While you wait for your deposit to be credited, you can explore the options for Solana betting. Look through the sports events and bets. As soon as your deposit arrives, you can start placing your first bets. We encourage you to begin with small or moderate bets and bet types with higher winning probability at first, not to lose all your credits at once.


Withdraw Your Winnings

When the event is over, your bets will be calculated. The time dedicated to it varies from several minutes to up to an hour and depends on the number of bets placed by all bettors. If your predictions are correct, the winnings will be automatically credited to your balance. You can withdraw them at the cashier when you would like to do so.

Depositing And Withdrawals At Solana Betting Platforms

We have already described those processes shortly above, but there are a few essential things we would like to pay special attention to.

Reputation And Trustworthiness

Depositing Process

When you select the Solana payment method at a sportsbook to copy the address, make sure that the chosen network is Solana. If you pick any other network, your SOL tokens will be lost. Then, go to your wallet and double-check the betting platform’s address and the network before withdrawing funds from your wallet to make a deposit. Not doing so increases the risk of funds loss. 

Licensing And Regulation

Withdrawing Process

Withdrawals mirror deposits. Thus, you should go to your crypto wallet and copy your Solana address. Then, head to the cashier, paste the copied address, and indicate the size of the withdrawal. Double-check all values. Please note that you should wager your deposit at least one time before withdrawals become available. If you have a bonus claimed, the wagering requirements are much higher.

Most Popular Sports At Solana Bookmakers

Unfortunately, not all kinds of sports are available at Solana bookmakers, yet their selection is comparable to what you might find on a typical Ethereum sportsbook or Dogecoin sports betting sites, offering bettors decent flexibility. The five most popular sports listed below are always available to bettors at such sports betting venues, including those akin to an ethereum sportsbook. Thus, you will not run out of betting options anytime soon.


Soccer is the most popular kind of sport across the world, so no wonder each Solana betting platform we recommend has its matches integrated. Bettors have a decent choice of bet types applicable to soccer sports events. Featuring quite low scores and often having a clear favorite, betting on soccer appears to be easy and is perfect for newbies.

American Football

Rugby, or American football, has become more popular recently, so more bettors are interested in it nowadays. While soccer is suitable for newbies, betting on American football might not seem that simple. Indeed, we encourage you to take a look at the rules and take a deep dive into statistics. These actions might increase your chances of successful betting.


Being an indoor kind of sport, basketball matches are played during winter. Thus, it is not only basketball fans who place bets on basketball, but football fans opt for it during the winter break. It is a team sport, and its matches often end with high scores. Thus, point-spread bets are quite popular with basketball bettors. However, moneyline bets and over/under bets are also frequently selected for SOL betting on basketball.


This is the only non-team sport in the top 5, and it is common in crypto sportsbooks. Bettors are not required to have any specific knowledge to make successful predictions on tennis matches, as only a general understanding of the rules is often enough. Many bettors appreciate this kind of sport for its unpredictability: favorites are not always clear, and victories of underdogs are not uncommon. As a result, there is always a chance to scoop a big win if you bet on tennis.


Baseball is a team sport that is most preferred by bettors from the United States, but bettors from other countries also bet on it quite often. It is available on multiple Solana betting sites and often features a wide range of bet types to choose from. Complex rules require a deep dive into statistics to secure big wins, so those who are fond of sports analytics often try their luck at baseball.

Types Of Bets On SOL Betting Sites

The versatility of betting is highly appreciated by bettors, and those websites that offer SOL betting have all the popular bet types integrated. If you are a newbie in sportsbooks, we encourage you to learn more about each type before placing a stake to avoid any confusion that will cost you money. For your convenience, we added a short overview of the most common bets.


Moneyline bets belong to straight bets, and they are often chosen by newbies because of their simplicity. This bet type allows you to place a stake on a team or a bettor that you believe will be the winner in the sports event. As simple as that! If a tie is possible in a match, three-line money bets are available. The drawback of moneyline wagering is the size of the odds: they are normally quite low.

Point Spread

Point spread bets are quite unusual and require some situation modeling to make them work. Bookmakers can add or deduct points from the teams in a match. Thus, you should pay attention to those points when predicting the winner, as they will impact the outcome. Let’s say Liverpool plays with Manchester City, and it has +1 points added by bookmakers. If you place a stake on Liverpool’s victory, the team should either win or end the match with a draw. In case of a tie, this +1 point will be added to the final score, and Liverpool will be considered a winner for bet calculation.


Over/Under bets are also highly popular at Solana sports betting websites, as they remind bettors of high/low card games. Bookmakers define certain numbers, and you can guess whether the total score of the match will be over or under one of those numbers. If your prediction is correct, you will receive a payout. This type of bet is more popular with high-score sports, but fans of soccer are also able to place them.


Accumulator bets allow you to combine several bets in one. Odds for combined bets are much higher than for individual bets. However, a bigger win potential comes with certain risks. To receive a payout for an accumulator bet, each prediction should be made correctly. If you are wrong about at least one of them, the accumulator bet will be lost.

Prop Bets

With prop bets, you do not have to guess the match outcome or predict the winner of a match. You can place stakes to predict certain episodes. Examples of prop bets might be guessing that a certain player will score a goal, will be penalized with a yellow card, etc. Odds are often quite decent for prop bets at SOL betting sites, as predicting such episodes is not easy.

Live Betting

Live betting is the most exciting and one of the riskiest. Unlike all other types of bets that should be placed before an event begins, live bets are placed right in the middle of the action. However, bets change quickly here, and you might be often distracted from watching the sports event. Thus, live bets are not suitable for fans who are willing to cheer their team and watch closely everything that happens on the screen.

Tips For Betting On Sports With Solana

Solana sports betting is more effective when you take into consideration the tips that we, as experienced bettors, have been using over time. The list of tips below is not complete, so you can come up with your own ones after betting for some time, but they are top pieces of advice to use to secure an enjoyable betting journey for yourself.

Research The Sport You’re Betting On

Never bet on a sport you know nothing about. Deep dive into game rules and understand all the aspects of a match that impact the offered bet variants. Only when you know how a certain kind of sport works you can explore bets to see which of them may work.


Use Only Reliable Betting Sites

Let’s say you are an expert in a certain kind of sport, but you chose an unreliable website. This strategy will take you nowhere, as you risk losing your winnings or never being allowed to withdraw them. That is why we encourage you to select one of the trustworthy Solana sportsbooks we list on this webpage. If you are determined to choose the betting site on your own, then do not forget to follow the tips on finding the best operator described in this guide.

Check The Fees

Always check the fees the operator has before registering and betting. Ideally, there should be no fees for deposits and no/minimum fees for withdrawals. If you see that it charges too much for transactions, the best option is to search for another website.

Betting Odds

Compare Odds

Explore the odds at different Solana betting sites to see which of them offers the highest ones. The size of the odds is essential, as you do not want to spend too much effort predicting something with low probability and then seeing you are paid out decently for your successful bet. When comparing odds, of course, focus on the sports events you plan to bet on in the future. 

Use Bonuses To Boost Your Bankroll

Do not miss a chance to claim bonuses offered for SOL betting and boost your bankroll. When you are a newbie, it is a good idea to receive a welcome offer, as sign-up rewards are often lucrative. Moreover, they will give you more opportunities to explore available bets and practice placing them without the necessity to spend too much of your own funds. Other rewards might have attractive terms and conditions, so make sure to take a look at every promotion the sportsbook has not to miss a valuable one.

Outlook For Solana Sportsbooks

The future for Solana sportsbooks is promising, as it has plenty of projects and plans that will provide any betting website with the possibility to build its sportsbook on the Solana platform. Moreover, sports betting sites with Solana are already exploring opportunities in the cryptocurrency eSports betting world, and it is probable that SOL bettors will soon have a chance to experience Solana eSports themselves. Finally, the number of betting destinations that offer this cryptocurrency is growing steadily, so Solana betting will be more accessible in the future.

Final Thoughts

Sports betting with the Solana token is suitable for many bettors, as it allows bettors to gamble safely and take advantage of lightning-fast transactions. Fortunately, there is already a decent choice of reputable operators that accept Solana for deposits and withdrawals, so finding one that suits you most should not be an issue. Now that you know what features to pay attention to when choosing a trustworthy website and are aware of the best tips for successful betting, we believe your SOL betting journey will be smooth and fun.

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