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Best Crypto & Bitcoin Football Betting Sites 2023

Bitcoin football betting is gaining momentum as cryptocurrencies are fast, secure, and anonymous

Football is one of the favorite sports in America among kids and grown-ups, sports fans and bettors. If you also enjoy football events, you may try your luck and place bets on the upcoming matches. Yet, to do this, you need to pick a reliable website and decide on the payment method you’ll use to replenish your account. In recent years, Bitcoin football betting is gaining momentum as cryptocurrencies are fast, secure, and anonymous. We’re here to tell you more about crypto betting and how to use Bitcoin to place bets on football.

 Why Switch To Bitcoin For Football Betting?

If you are a newbie to football betting, we advise you to start with crypto sportsbooks right away. However, if you are an experienced American football bettor who uses fiat currencies, we also encourage you not to ignore an opportunity to take your betting experiences to the next level with Bitcoin or different altcoins. We also had hesitations before switching to football betting sites that accept Bitcoin, but we did it and would do it again! Here are the reasons why you should not ignore these innovative betting destinations:

More dynamic betting thanks to faster transactions (both for deposits and withdrawals).
Fewer restrictions and more betting possibilities.
Flexibility and increased security.

Pros And Cons Of Football Betting With Bitcoin

Of course, it is not all perfect in football betting with Bitcoin, and there are several disadvantages to using cryptocurrencies. However, for us, the benefits of those blockchain-based payment methods still outweigh the few drawbacks they have. Still, it is up to you to decide if Bitcoin or altcoins are suitable for your betting activities. To let your decision be backed by arguments, we will take a closer look at the pros and cons of crypto football betting.


The seven most essential advantages of crypto sportsbooks are explained below. Their list is not complete, of course, but those are the features that will certainly improve your NFL betting. For us, bettors with over 10 years of sportsbook experience, they appeared to be game changers.

Enhanced Privacy

Anonymity And Privacy

With NFL crypto betting sites, you no longer need to feel uncomfortable because your bank knows about your sportsbook activities. Crypto brought anonymity to punters all across the world. As a result, your privacy increased, too. Banks are no longer aware of your bets on American football, as well as other institutions that have access to your financial transactions.

Lower Transaction Fees

Low Transaction Fees

A big choice of cryptocurrencies available on crypto football betting sites allows players to pay less for their deposits and transactions. Of course, fees are still charged to cover the cost of block confirmations in blockchain, but they are much lower compared to those demanded by banks or e-wallets. The exact sum depends on a selected cryptocurrency, but they can be as low as $0.01, as they are with Solana deposits and withdrawals.

Fast Transactions

The speed of transactions on Bitcoin football betting sites is higher than on fiat ones. Both deposits and withdrawals are processed instantly. The exact time required to process a transaction depends on a selected token and network load, but even cryptocurrencies with the slowest transaction time (like Bitcoin) are faster than fiat deposits or withdrawals. Fast transactions are one of the ways to add dynamics to your betting experience, as you do not need to wait long between a deposit and the time when money is credited to your balance.

Very Fast Transactions

No Chargebacks

Chargebacks available for credit and debit card holders are seen by some bettors as fraudulent activity and might be confusing. With Bitcoin and different altcoins available at crypto NFL betting sites, you do not need to worry about chargebacks, as there are none. You always receive what you have deposited, and this sum cannot be refunded. Nonetheless, you can initial a withdrawal transaction at any time, so chargebacks are basically unnecessary.

Wider Accessibility

Global Accessibility

Online crypto football betting is more flexible than fiat one, and, as a result, it is more accessible to bettors from around the world. The number of jurisdictions that allow cryptocurrencies for sportsbooks or at least do not forbid them grows every year. Therefore, crypto betting is a perfect option for you if a traditional sportsbook is restricted in your country of residence.

Bypassing Banking Restrictions

No Bank Denials

Unlike some traditional payment methods that might be restricted in certain regions or countries, USDC operates on a global scale. This means that bettors from various parts of the world can easily access and use USDC for wagering. Additionally, USDC boasts a diverse ecosystem, including decentralized applications (DApps) and numerous cryptocurrency exchanges, further enhancing its accessibility. Its presence across multiple platforms and exchanges eliminates significant barriers, making it convenient for users to acquire USDC.

Transparency And Security


Last but not least, it is security that makes many bettors choose American football betting with Bitcoin, as cryptocurrency transactions have several levels of security, and any fraudulent activity or hacking is rarely successful with them. Therefore, we rest assured that our money is well-protected when we have any cryptocurrency on our sportsbook balance. You can feel that confidence, too, if you opt for crypto betting.


As for the cons, there are some, of course. They mostly do not influence your betting experience directly. Still, it is good to consider the other side of the coin to understand how to act to minimize their impact if you decide to enjoy online crypto football betting.

Legal And Tax Implications

As cryptocurrencies are not legal in some jurisdictions, customers of BTC football betting destinations might face certain legal issues or tax implications depending on their country of residence. Some countries require you to pay taxes from your cryptocurrency winnings, while others don’t. However, if Bitcoin and other altcoins are not restricted by your government, this drawback will not impact you much.

Lack Of Recourse

Irreversibility of transactions for cryptocurrencies is probably one of the major cons of live Bitcoin football betting, as a wrong address or network will make your deposit or withdrawal lost. However, this drawback can be easily eliminated by yourself. From our side, we always double-check the address and ensure that the network matches it.


Both fiat money and cryptocurrencies experience price changes from time to time. However, cryptocurrencies are more volatile, so they can experience price drops or rises more often. Therefore, we advise you to select more stable coins (USDT, XRP, or LTC) when you decide to keep your balance and do not withdraw for quite a long time. With cashouts soon after the winnings, any supported coin will work fine, and your winnings will not be affected by market volatility extremely fast. To minimize risks, consider converting your winnings from any token into USDT, USDC, or even fiat soon after withdrawal completion.

Lack Of Regulation

Indeed, cryptocurrencies are not controlled by any state, so the lack of regulations might stop some bettors from using them for their sportsbook activities. With the best Bitcoin NFL betting sites, this drawback is minimized, as top websites are often licensed by a respectful gambling authority that provides regulation and secures customer protection.

Limited Adoption

Even though Bitcoin football betting sites are available for players from different countries, they are not as common as fiat sportsbooks. Therefore, depending on your country of residence, your choice of cryptocurrency-friendly betting venues might be somewhat limited. Nonetheless, cryptocurrency adoption grows steadily, and we can see more and more crypto or mixed (both fiat and altcoins accepted) websites.

How To Start Bitcoin Football Betting

Now, when you know all the pros and cons of Bitcoin NFL betting and see the positive impact of crypto sportsbooks on your betting experience, we can imagine your desire to start enjoying it. We had similar feelings, too! Use our step-by-step guide below to ensure you spend minimum time between finding a trustworthy website and your first bet.


Find A Reliable Site

In this guide on the best NFL crypto betting experience, we offer you a shortcut and allow you not to spend hours searching for a worthy sportsbook, as we have already done thorough research for you. Thus, you can select any of the betting destinations listed above and start the registration process. If you still would like to surf hundreds of online operators to find the most suitable one for yourself, you can refer to a list of crucial features that should be taken into consideration when selecting a reputable sportsbook. It is provided further in the article.


Check Accessibility

If a website is restricted to your country, you will most probably get a message about this as soon as you try to access it. However, in cases when Bitcoin football betting seems to be accessible at first glance, it is still a good idea to look through its terms and conditions and ensure that your country is not on the list of restricted jurisdictions. Otherwise, you may face issues with payments and verification later.


Register And Deposit

When accessibility is checked, you can create your account. Press the Register button and fill in all the required information. Usually, it is an email address, username, and password (make sure to make it strong to have your funds secured). As soon as your account is created, head to the Deposit section and select a suitable cryptocurrency. The finest crypto American football betting sites have 5+ tokens to choose from. Copy the generated address for the selected network and insert it in your crypto wallet along with the deposit sum.


Get Your Bonus

As soon as your deposit is credited to your balance, you will be offered a chance to claim a welcome bonus. You can activate it before your first bet is made. Please note that all sign-up bonuses have certain wagering requirements that should be met before you are able to withdraw the winnings.


Play And Withdraw

After those easy steps (that normally take us 5-10 minutes to complete), you can choose your favorite football league, find a desired event, and start placing bets at crypto football betting sites. Those can be your single or multiple wagers per football match. If you were lucky to have correct predictions, your winnings will be credited to your balance shortly after the event is over. You can then withdraw them to your crypto wallet.

Polygon Sports Betting Sites

How To Choose The Best Football Betting Sites That Accept Bitcoin

Having explored dozens of the best Bitcoin football betting sites, our experts have come up with a list of features that should be considered. We encourage you to ensure the selected website meets at least half of those features, as a trustworthy and safe betting destination contributes to almost half of the successful betting experience.

Reputation And Real Player Reviews

We always pay attention to the reviews on the crypto NFL betting site that we plan to use to place a wager. Customer reviews can tell you a lot about how the sportsbook treats players and if they can enjoy a convenient betting experience. Reputation is essential, so if you see a lot of negative feedback, you can consider the possibility of finding another sportsbook for your wagers.

License Availability

Another feature that should not be ignored is the license availability. All reputable football betting sites that accept Bitcoin should be certified by at least one gambling authority that regulates its services and controls customer protection policies. As a license is a sign of a long-term player with serious intent in the sportsbook industry, make sure you do not select a brand that is licensed nowhere.

Security Measures

As Bitcoin football betting is related to money, security measures used by the betting destination are extremely crucial. All the finest NFL crypto betting sites have SSL encryption to secure your transactions and protect your personal data. Moreover, they require you to create a strong password and activate two-factor authentication to secure your account. KYC policy is also important, and most trustworthy betting websites have it implemented.

User Interface

While some might consider the convenience of the user interface not to be among the essential features of the best crypto sportsbook, we can confirm that it matters in the long run. User-friendly navigation, quick search, a favorites section, as well as easy access to customer support and banking are crucial for you to be willing to return to this website regularly. Furthermore, it is additional proof that a sportsbook values its customers.

Market Variety

You should also pay attention to the diversity of sports and events integrated. It is good if the website is licensed and has convenient navigation, but a lack of desired betting events can ruin exciting betting for you. Therefore, we encourage you to take your time and explore if the selected betting destination has a variety of markets, leagues, and matches that can keep you interested in its services for a long time.

Competitive Odds

Something that is even more essential than betting versatility is fair odds. We check them thoroughly to ensure players are paid fairly and odds are neither too low nor too high (yes, too high odds can also be a bad sign). If a sportsbook offers much higher payouts than competitors, there is a risk of non-payment. Therefore, ensure you have checked the offered odds before registration.

Customer Support

Top football betting sites that accept Bitcoin also provide excellent customer service for their players. Currently, a standard for fine customer support is a live chat available 24/7. It should provide help in at least several languages, and its members should respond to you within 10 minutes. We access selected websites by these criteria before recommending them to you. We advise you to pay attention to customer service, too, as you might need it at some point in the future, but nobody might respond.

Bonuses And Promotions

If you enjoy bonuses and rewards and would like to receive some when you enjoy football betting with Bitcoin, make sure to explore the promotion section before registration. We recommend choosing a sportsbook that has lucrative bonuses for new and active bettors. Those might include free bets, sign-in bonuses, reload offers, and cashback on losses. Also, check if bonuses are regularly updated and pay attention to the availability of loyalty programs.

Transaction Speed

Transaction speed is something that is not easy to check before registration. However, we do test this feature of the best Bitcoin NFL betting sites that we recommend to our readers. The finest brands have instant deposits and process withdrawals within 6 hours. For loyal customers, cashouts can be processed almost instantly. Some information about transaction speed can be found in the terms and conditions section, so you might look through it if you decide to find a trustworthy operator on your own.

Transaction Fees

Another feature related to transactions is fees. Those are often indicated in terms and conditions, but they might not be specified for each separate payment method. No worries, as we have explored transaction fees, too, and selected live Bitcoin football betting destinations with no hidden fees for deposits or withdrawals. Practically all of them do not charge extra fees, so you will pay only a network fee that depends on a selected cryptocurrency.

Mobile Compatibility

We do not forget to check if a selected website is compatible with mobile devices. As many bettors opt for wagering on the go, mobile compatibility is essential. Many top sportsbooks even create their websites to be mobile-first. As for the list of recommended BTC football betting sites we offer you in this article, all brands are mobile-friendly and have dedicated apps or well-adapted mobile web versions.

Anonymity Level

As anonymity is one of the main reasons why many bettors choose crypto betting over fiat one, we consider anonymity when deciding whether to recommend a specific sportsbook or not. If you prefer to have a completely anonymous gambling experience, we advise you to find a sportsbook that contains only cryptocurrencies among banking methods. Such brands might not have a KYC policy, so you would not need to verify your identity before withdrawal.

Betting Limits

Betting limits are essential both for low and high rollers, so make sure to explore this aspect before registering at any crypto NFL betting site. Often, each event has a wide range of bets, so you can put anywhere between $1 and $5,000 on stake. Yet, everything depends on the market, selected kinds of sports, and events. Therefore, once you have preferred sports events, take a look at their betting limits to see if the sportsbook caters to your needs.

Bonuses On Crypto Football Betting Sites

Ensure that a selected sportsbook has a decent choice of bonuses when it comes to crypto NFL betting. To avoid unpleasant surprises for this part, we encourage you to ensure there are at least several promotions suitable for NFL bets. Some of the bonuses you might expect to see at the best crypto sportsbook are:

Welcome offer. It usually consists of free bets and cash rewards. Wagering requirements are obligatory, and they should be met before withdrawals.
Reload bonus. It is a certain percentage of deposit matches offered to active players.
Cashback on losses. It can be weekly or monthly. Often, it has no wagering requirements.
Free bets. Those can be granted for leveling up on the VIP program or dropped randomly.
Races. Special rewards are available for the top players on the leaderboard.

The Most Popular American Football Tournaments For Betting With Crypto

If you are an American football fan, you most probably already have your favorite tournament and specific events you follow. However, those who are new to rugby might be surprised to know that there are several top championships available, and they are all of fine level. The best football players and the strongest teams are represented there. Let’s look at the three best tournaments that are available at all the best NFL crypto betting websites

For successful Bitcoin NFL betting, we encourage you to take a deep dive into the statistics to have a clear picture of favorites and underdogs.

National Football League (NFL)

This is the main annual championship that every fan of American football can follow throughout the year and place bets on its matches. The best teams from all over the country compete in 2 divisions for the title of the best team of the year. If you prefer to make bets on football regularly and enjoy spectacular matches at the same time, this is your first-choice option. For successful Bitcoin NFL betting, we encourage you to take a deep dive into the statistics to have a clear picture of favorites and underdogs.

Super Bowl is a single event (yet the most anticipated one) that takes place on the second Sunday in February

Super Bowl

Super Bowl is a single event (yet the most anticipated one) that takes place on the second Sunday in February. This is a match in which winners of two NFL divisions meet to determine the ultimate champion of the year. It is watched by millions of people, and it is easy to find at all the best Bitcoin NFL betting sites. For this event, no deep dive into statistics is needed as the two best teams compete. You can basically just rely on luck for the Super Bowl betting.

The College Football Playoff is another popular tournament in American football

College Football Playoff (CFP)

The College Football Playoff is another popular tournament in American football. Many college students follow the playoffs in this league, and they are often willing to make winning bets. Therefore, many popular Bitcoin football betting sites have CFP events integrated. Before placing bets on any event in this tournament, we would truly recommend you watch at least several games and take a look at detailed statistics of different college teams, how many touchdowns they have, and who their best quarterbacks are.

Types Of Wagers On NFL Crypto Betting Sites

You can enjoy single or multi-game NFL bets at Bitcoin sportsbooks, and some of the most popular types of wagers used by many players are:

Moneyline bets that allow you to predict the winner of a match.ply bet on the winner of the game.

Handicap bets that give an underdog an advantage. A weaker team receives extra points from the bookmaker that are applied to the final score to determine a winner.

Totals allow you to guess if the total match score will be higher or lower than a certain number.

Proposition bets give you a chance to predict if specific events will happen during a match.

Future bets allow you to predict the champion of the entire tournament. You can make them early in a season as the odds are higher than at the end of a season.

Live Crypto NFL Betting

Live American football betting with Bitcoin is a special dynamic type of betting that takes place during the event. Bets are placed when the match is live. Odds and bet types change all the time, so you should stay vigilant. For live betting, watching an event is important, so ensure you have a good connection to the Internet and a cozy place to watch an event and place a bet on it.

NFL Betting Tips Using Bitcoin

Of course, there is no winning strategy that can guarantee you a positive result when betting on sports. Still, based on our betting experience, there are some tips that can improve your chances of a successful outcome. Here are several crypto betting tips that are worth considering.

Improve Your Football Knowledge

Improve Your Football Knowledge

It is difficult to make statistics-based bets if you are not aware of the rules, teams, their style of playing, and their strong and weak sides. So, ensure you have a clear picture of each team on which you bet and its current potential.

Use Reputable Bitcoin Football Sportsbooks

Use Reputable Bitcoin Football Sportsbooks

Choose only trustworthy crypto American football betting sites, as they offer reputable services and secure betting. Reliable sportsbooks with licensed services have low risks of non-payment and fair odds.

It is wise to set up a monthly or weekly budget and stick to it

Manage Your Bankroll

It is wise to set up a monthly or weekly budget and stick to it. Moreover, try not to go beyond it or chase losses. Trying to compensate for your losses is the last thing you would like to do, as it often leads to an even bigger loss.

Make sure to follow all the changes regarding transaction fees, as you would not like to find out that you have been charged extra.

Stay Updated On Transaction Fees

Make sure to follow all the changes regarding transaction fees, as you would not like to find out that you have been charged extra. If a crypto NFL betting site that you use changes its transaction fee policy and charges extra, consider changing the operator.

Follow the news from the crypto and football worlds and analyze how you can use this information for a more beneficial betting experience.

Stay Informed And Be Patient

Follow the news from the crypto and football worlds and analyze how you can use this information for a more beneficial betting experience. Also, be patient, as big wins might take some time to come. Often, it is a matter of months, not days

The Future Of Bitcoin Football Betting Sites

A global trend of cryptocurrency popularity and governmental openness to this blockchain payment method makes crypto betting more popular. Therefore, the number of markets that offer Bitcoin football betting will increase steadily. Furthermore, some sports that are currently fiat-only will become crypto-friendly with time. Finally, we can expect certain cryptocurrency innovations, like De-Fi, to be integrated into sportsbooks.

Final Thoughts

A global trend of cryptocurrency popularity and governmental openness to this blockchain payment method makes crypto betting more popular. Therefore, the number of markets that offer Bitcoin football betting will increase steadily. Furthermore, some sports that are currently fiat-only will become crypto-friendly with time. Finally, we can expect certain cryptocurrency innovations, like De-Fi, to be integrated into sportsbooks.

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