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Best Monero Sports Betting Sites 2023

Bettors increasingly select cryptocurrency for fast and anonymous online payments worldwide. Monero, or XMR, is a decentralized digital currency that guarantees effortless transactions, zero or low commissions, and an opportunity to stay private. So, trustworthy Monero sports betting websites will assuredly become a global phenomenon due to their numerous advantages and lucrative proposals for enthusiasts.

Move on to our in-depth review to determine the XMR-supporting platforms’ exclusive benefits, primary features, available bonuses, and other essential details. Look at the advantageous list of 10 prestigious Monero websites for your profitable winnings.

Why Use Monero On Betting Sites?

The confidential digital Monero currency appeared in 2014. Its developer is Nicholas van Saberhagen. This cryptocurrency enables private transactions and instantaneous sending and receiving of funds. Nonetheless, third-party organizations (for instance, banking institutions) cannot determine your payment amount, source, and final destination.

Monero is one of the top-rated 30 cryptocurrencies worldwide, and it continues to grow in popularity and boost opportunities for sports betting fans. Note that the virtual currency use allows you to avoid geo-restrictions. Therefore, you can quickly top up your account on the best Monero betting websites and withdraw your winnings, regardless of your location. 

Benefits Of Monero Sports Betting Sites

Based on our close research and invaluable experience, we recognize a myriad of reliable betting online platforms that support XMR. Consequently, we want to share the primary Monero bookmakers’ advantages in the exhaustive guide below. 

Complete Privacy

Crypto & Bitcoin sports betting is a godsend for bettors unwilling to share their financial information. Since Monero payments are untraceable, you can bet without registration (or by entering only an email and creating a username) and avoid going through the verification process. However, it applies to sportsbooks that support only cryptocurrency. Still, if you pick websites that also accept fiat payments, you most likely will need to register and verify your account.
As banking organizations cannot monitor XMR transactions, you can make anonymous deposits, place sports bets, withdraw your winnings, and not share your financial information. You don’t need to use fiat money and can remain financially independent.

Excellent Security

In a nutshell, cryptocurrency is based on blockchain technology that is difficult for hackers to crack. What’s more, you must complete two-factor authentication to access transactions in your XMR virtual wallet. Additionally, Monero has a reserve of digital cash to refund to its customers in unpredictable cases.
Therefore, you can safely use a sportsbook accepting Monero to spend your spare time and cheer for your favorite team. Furthermore, the finest XMR websites from our list operate legally under official licenses and utilize reliable protection methods.

Low Fees

Usually, you can deposit on Monero sportsbooks without supplemental fees. It is one of the main substantial advantages of cryptocurrency use. Occasionally, some online platforms may charge small withdrawal taxes.
Nevertheless, these amounts are significantly lower compared to the fees offered by websites with traditional payment methods. Thus, you can avoid spending your money on additional fees and use all the advantages of betting websites, assuredly saving your finances. 


Commonly, Monero betting sites are gaining unbelievable popularity due to decentralized data networks. Monero guarantees a high protection level and user privacy. Cryptocurrency enables transactions to be documented in an immutable public blockchain database, eliminating the need to provide personal information during XMR transactions. 
Therefore, your funds will be reliably protected from fraud. Additionally, decentralized currencies save bettors’ time and funds, allowing XMR transactions to be processed faster and cheaper.

Global Access

Demonstrably, online XMR platforms operate worldwide. While betting websites with traditional payment methods may not be available in some regions, crypto sportsbooks that accept Monero work regardless of gamblers’ jurisdiction. 
Needless to say, some countries’ laws prohibit paying for the bookmakers’ services using debit cards or bank transfers. Still, as any legislation does not regulate XMR, you can use tokens without limits. Meanwhile, we prefer utilizing such websites on phones and tablets to play on the go, keep ourselves posted on essential events, and not miss unique proposals.

Transaction Speed

Demonstrably, the Monero token provides efficient and fast transactions. As a rule, XMR payments are made instantaneously. Prominent bookmakers presented in our list guarantee instant deposits (the system credits funds to your balance within a few seconds).
Keep in mind that withdrawals may take longer, but the transaction process does not take more than 5-6 hours. It is much faster compared with classic payment options. If you use credit or debit cards and bank transfers, you must wait up to 5 business days in some cases.

Less Regulatory Oversight

As already mentioned, Monero is not controlled by the government or financial institutions. Thus, you can use the chosen XMR betting website services and not show your expenses and winnings. This advantage of cryptocurrency provides complete anonymity and preserves the financial freedom feeling.
Besides, you may utilize Monero regardless of your region’s jurisdiction. The global cryptocurrency availability guarantees you instant payments from any location and provides the opportunity to test different websites and win more prizes.

Growth Potential

Based on our thoughtful research, we can assure you that Monero sports betting platforms will gain more popularity. Since the XMR websites provide unique user opportunities, like zero taxes and privacy, crypto bookmakers will be quite in demand. Besides the advantages we mentioned above, we should note impressive platform bonuses.
You can receive beneficial Monero welcome packages and other unique offers. Additionally, bookmakers propose increased payout limits using the Monero cryptocurrency. All these factors have a positive effect on the XMR sites’ success.

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How To Choose The Best Monero Bookmakers

As experienced reviewers, we have played on various Monero sportsbook sites countless times and know how important it is to select a suitable platform. Therefore, we have carefully prepared meaningful facets, which you should consider opting for the finest platform for spending your spare time.


Reputation And Credibility

You should pick respectable virtual platforms with a positive reputation and good user feedback. Besides, you may view the year the website was launched. Moreover, you can check the availability of awards or premiums on the bookmaker page and read reviews of players who have already utilized the platform’s services. 
Although we recommend only reliable and profitable Monero bookmakers’ sites, a preliminary search and familiarization with substantial information about the picked site will not be excessive.


Licensing And Regulation

Inarguably, we prefer websites with official permits for their activities. We carefully check this fact before adding virtual platforms to our list. Therefore, we advise you to review the availability of a license and other official activity permits on the picked website.
Additionally, as some Monero betting platforms may not be available in certain regions, you’d better inspect the provider’s terms and conditions. You should ensure you can legally utilize the bookmaker services in your region.

Security Measures

Drawing from our experience, we can say that the cream of the crop online betting platforms must utilize reliable and full-fledged encryption methods to protect user information. Mostly, all the cryptocurrency websites in our list are safe and appropriately protected from hacker attacks or scammers. However, you’d better ensure the bookmaker sites propose two-factor authentication and guarantee the privacy of bettors’ information.

Betting Options

Unconditionally, you should view the list of available sports offered by Monero bookmakers. In particular, look at such top-notch options as football, tennis, MMA, horse racing, basketball, hockey, etc. Additionally, observe the availability of esports competitions on the chosen betting website.

Besides the markets, familiarize yourself with the wager types offered by the picked virtual platform. In particular, ensure you can utilize total wagers, parlay stakes, or place bets in real time.

User Experience

Our team recommends reviewing the design, navigation, and usability of the selected platform since you want to receive the most out of your choice. We believe the best Monero site should have an excellent interface and convenient navigation on a desktop and a mobile device.

We prioritize realizing the depositing sequence, viewing the section with available sports, and appreciating how effortlessly you can bet on the desired sport. You should be comfortable using the website services for a positive user experience.

Customer Support

Undoubtedly, Monero betting websites should provide an opportunity to start a conversation with customer service quickly. Namely, we recommend observing the availability of live chat support for effortless round-the-clock communication with managers. Such a method guarantees an opportunity to receive necessary assistance without issues.

Additionally, you must check the mobile numbers for contact by phone for controversial matters. Furthermore, consider an email address presence for supplemental communication with employees of the picked bookmaker.

Transaction Speed And Fees

Our investigation has shown that the best Monero betting platforms guarantee instant deposits and quick withdrawals. Such a benefit encourages bettors to use cryptocurrency online sports betting platforms more actively. However, we advise you to review the payment details specified in the chosen website rules.

Moreover, you should ensure that the chosen website has no commissions for account replenishing and withdrawing funds. Although bookmakers may charge a fee for cashing the winnings out from your account, the amount should be much less than offered on websites with traditional payment methods.

How To Get Started With Monero Betting Sites

When it comes to using the finest Monero sportsbooks, you should recognize all meaningful details. Therefore, based on our knowledge, we have prepared a comprehensive guide that helps you kick off betting and obtain thrilling prizes. Move on to reading the article to figure out this essential information.


Choose A Betting Site From Our List

Initially, go through our list of lucrative variants, which includes top-rated BTC, ETH and Litecoin sportsbooks, and opt for a suitable Monero sports betting site according to your wishes and needs. Inspect meaningful nuances about the platform’s bonuses, sports markets, bet types, and other features, ensuring that your choice caters to your preferred cryptocurrency and betting preferences.


Go And Register

Sign in to the selected betting website by indicating your name, email, and phone number, and create a username and unique password for logging in. We recommend utilizing numbers, letters, and special signs for robust security. 


Deposit With Monero

Go to the Deposit section on the picked website, view available payment methods, and select Monero. Indicate the amount to top up, wait until the platform transfers you to the XMR wallet, and follow the instructions to confirm the procedure.


Get Your Welcome Bonus

Commonly, if Monero sports betting sites provide welcome packages, you must replenish your account according to the website limits, indicate a promo code (if you have such a voucher), and obtain a monetary bonus to your balance.


Place Your Bets And Withdraw Your Winnings!

Select a sports competition and the bet type from the bookmaker proposals, indicate the wager amount, and confirm your intention. Wait for the match results and grab your winning via the Withdrawal section and XMR wallet.

Bonuses And Rewards At Sportsbooks Accepting Monero

Thankfully, the finest Monero sportsbooks suggest breathtaking bonuses for newcomers and regular enthusiasts. As experienced bettors, we have obtained various perks numerous times and created an in-depth list of the most advantageous bonuses available for players. 

Depositing And Withdrawing XMR From Betting Sites


Occasionally, it is difficult for beginners to deal with online betting websites’ operation. Therefore, we want to explain in detail the features of depositing and withdrawing funds on virtual platforms. To top up your account on the chosen bookmaker website, you must log in to your account, go to the Deposit or Cashier section, and view the available replenishment methods. Select Monero and click the icon or the appropriate name. 


Enter the deposit amount (according to the website limits) and wait until the bookmaker generates the QR code or displays the address to which you  need to  send the money. Then you have to scan this code or copy and paste the address in your Monero digital wallet, enter the amount, and the funds will be sent to your balance.


In contrast, go to the Withdrawal section and select a Monero wallet to cash out XMR winnings. Thereafter, enter the amount you want to receive according to the website’s limits. Confirm the procedure and wait until the system credits the cryptocurrency funds. Commonly, you may receive your winnings within a few minutes. Nevertheless, sometimes you have to wait from 1 to 2 hours. It depends on the picked sportsbook platform’s terms.


Since we have used Monero sports betting services countless times, we have recognized that most sites do not charge extra transaction fees. However, frequently, platforms implement small taxes for withdrawing funds from users’ accounts. As a rule, it is a small percentage compared to the commissions of bookmakers with classic payment methods.

Betting Options At Monero Sportsbooks

No doubt that you can make plenty of profitable bets on Monero betting sites, choosing traditional or esports competitions. We have created a brief overview of the most common sports we often bet on:


Worldwide fans follow these sports events. Namely, we advise you to watch and wager on the Champions League, Europa League, World Cup, and countless national leagues.


The most typical competitions with considerable odds are Eurobasket, Champions League, Eurocup, Euroleague, etc.


Here, you can select from a healthy stock of men’s and women’s singles and doubles competitions in different countries.

Horse racing

These competitions have taken the breath of players for many years. Pay attention to races in Great Britain, the USA, and Ireland, and make your predictions.

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We recommend you pay attention to the Sanderson Farms Championship (USA), Alfred Dunhill Links Championship (Scotland), and The Ascendant LPGA Benefiting Volunteers of America (USA).


Top-notch events where you can pick your favorite are ONE Fighting Championship, Real Fight Arena, etc.


Like other numerous sports enthusiasts, we prefer the National Hockey League, ECHL | Premier AA Hockey League, Federal Prospects Hockey League (FPHL), etc.

Alternatively, you can try your hand at betting on esports with Bitcoin or on the best Dogecoin betting sites; in particular, pay attention to League of Legends, CS-2 (formerly Counter-Strike), DOTA 2, Fortnite, Valorant, etc. You can also bet on virtual matches such as football, basketball, tennis, etc.

Types Of Bets At Bookmakers With Monero

As experienced reviewers, we have tested numerous wager types on the superior Monero betting online platforms. Therefore, we have chosen the most lucrative of them and can explain their features in the detailed guide below.

Straight BetsGamStop: Gambling Self-Exclusion Tool

A straight or single bet is a stake on a specific sports event, including options such as money line, point spread, over/under, and more. For example, you can bet on the money line that a particular team will win the Super Bowl. If your prediction comes true, you will be the winner.

Parlay Bets

A parlay bet (accumulator or multi-stake) is a wager of two or more combined stakes. The bettor should win each small bet to withdraw the winnings for the parlay bet. We consider this type of betting to be more risky, but the winnings size can be much more significant.

Combination Bets

Combination wagers on Monero betting platforms are types of permutation stakes. Such wagers involve several wager options, for instance, double or trebles. Regularly, this stake type is called a synonym for parlay. Nonetheless, it’s a mistake.
If you choose the combination bet and predict the result in at least two wagers, your stake will be successful. In contrast, if any of the bets do not win, a parlay option will be considered a failure, and you lose everything.

In-Play Betting

In-play betting, also known as Live betting, allows you to wager during a sporting event in real-time. Thus, you can watch the start of the match, determine the favorites, and bet while the odds change according to the game events. Such an option enables you to receive the desired dose of adrenaline and stay in tension during the competition.


Totals allow you to bet on a certain number of points that the selected team can score. Namely, you may determine how many goals a sportsman will score or try to predict the number of props that will be used to win. You can also bet on wins in the regular season, etc. This stake type is the most popular betting option among beginners and experienced enthusiasts.

Future Of Monero Betting Sites

Since Monero betting websites offer a wide range of benefits for players in 2023, mirroring the advantages often found at the best ethereum betting sites, we can assume that the amount of XMR used for betting will continue to increase in the future. Crypto payments, as they do at the best Ethereum betting sites, will continue providing anonymity to players, fast transactions, and minimal or zero fees. Therefore, we consider that websites will actively add this payment method to their list, following the example set by the best in the field.

In addition, bookmakers will start developing applications for mobile devices or better adapt websites to the various parameters of smartphones, just as the best ethereum betting sites have done. Mobile betting will continue to grow its following, and sportsbooks cannot afford to ignore that fact, lest they fall behind the best in the industry.

Final Thoughts

Consequently, Monero sports betting websites are an excellent choice for worldwide sports enthusiasts. This cryptocurrency guarantees complete anonymity and effortless financial transactions. You do not need to wait up to 5 days to obtain your XMR winnings from your player account. 

Furthermore, Monero payments occur without supplemental taxes. You may count on zero commissions on deposits and much lower withdrawal fees compared with traditional banking methods. Besides, you can bet anywhere, despite your region’s jurisdiction and country laws. 

We prioritize only cream-of-the-crop betting websites with profitable bonuses, numerous sports and esports competitions, giant odds, and breathtaking promotions. You can pick a desired match, select a suitable stake type from various wager options, and relish your leisure time.

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