MLB (Major League Baseball) stadiums are impressive in their sizes, designs, costs, and histories. ​​Interestingly, the average cost of an MLB stadium is $600,000, which highlights that this sport develops intensively. Besides, experts deem that the American sports industry will grow, and new professional venues will cost around $10 billion.

I have lined up essential information on MLB stadium development and described it in the review. Read the article to learn about the most expensive MLB stadium, the oldest one, and other unique venues and their building costs.

Highlights: The Top-Rated Baseball Stadium Statistics

  • In 2023, over 66.2 million baseball fans watched Major League Baseball games in stadiums. 
  • Citi Field and Yankee Stadium are the two most expensive MLB stadiums. 
  • The renovation of Angel Stadium cost $100 million, while the construction cost $24 million.
  • Fenway Park is the oldest MLB stadium, which was built in 1912 and continues to operate to date.
  • The Oakland Coliseum is the largest MLB stadium, and it can accommodate up to 56,782 spectators.
  • MLB stadiums spend up to $300,000 per match for games hosting.

Baseball Stadium Statistics Overview

It takes around $1 billion and up to 3 years to construct an MLB stadium

The truth is that the average building cost ranges from $500 million to over $1 billion. It is based on the venue size, location, financing, design, and market demands. In particular, Yankee Stadium is one of the most expensive and newest MLB stadiums. Its building cost was around $1.5 billion. How long does it take to build a stadium? On average, building a new MLB stadium takes 2 to 3 years. The time depends on the project design, size, location, funding, and potential delays and challenges that may occur during the process.

MLB teams can generate revenue in the range of $30 to $100 per seat

The average baseball stadium capacity varies from 38,000 to 42,000, depending on the venue, its design, and renovations. However, the smallest Tropicana Field stadium in Florida has around 25,000 to 26,000 seats. In contrast, new MLB stadiums may have up to 60,000 seats. For example, Dodger Stadium has approximately 56,000 seats for baseball fans. The income generated per seat at a Major League Baseball (MLB) stadium can vary widely based on factors like the team’s popularity, stadium location, seat category (e.g., luxury boxes, club seats, general seating), and the game’s significance. However, on average, MLB teams can generate revenue in the range of $30 to $100 per seat per game.

Keeping sports arenas in tip-top shape annually drains more than $10 million from a city

Municipalities often bear a financial burden exceeding $10 million per annum for the maintenance of sports facilities. This observation, corroborated by Brookings, underscores the economic impact on host cities. Camden Yards, colloquially referred to as Oriole Park, stands as a paragon among contemporary baseball venues. Despite its acclaim, it imposes a $14 million yearly fiscal encumbrance on Maryland’s citizens.

Top MLB Stadiums In The USA

There are 30 MLB stadiums in the USA. Many of them were built a century ago, like Fenway Park built in 1912. Yet, along with other stadiums, it is still in the rating of the best such venues in America. So, let’s discover the top MLB stadiums below.

Fenway Park – The Oldest Stadium In MLB

LocationBoston, Massachusetts
TeamBoston Red Sox
Cost Per Seat$435
Roof TypeOpen

What is the oldest stadium in the MLB? It is Fenway Park, built in 1912. Still, it continues to be the home of the Boston Red Sox team. Numerous sports enthusiasts name it as America’s Most Beloved Ballpark. 

The main feature of this stadium is The Green Monster. It is a left-field wall covered in green-painted metal and 37 feet (ca. 11 m) tall. Obviously, it is the highest wall in the MLB. Besides, this oldest MLB park is considered one of the most challenging venues for fielders and hitters due to the short distance from the left-field wall to home plate and tight foul territory.

Oakland Coliseum – The Largest MLB Stadium

LocationOakland, California
TeamOakland Athletics
Costaround $530 million
Cost Per Seat$11,234
Roof TypeOpen

When it comes to MLB stadium sizes, I should note that the largest venue by seating capacity is the Oakland Coliseum. If the venue opens with full seats, it can accommodate up to 56,782 spectators. This stadium was opened on September 18, 1966 and can host both football and baseball matches. Due to the convenient location of the Oakland Coliseum, fans may use Oakland International Airport to arrive at live events in this location.

Tropicana Field – The Smallest MLB Stadium

LocationSt. Petersburg, Florida
TeamTampa Bay Rays
Cost Per Seat$8,232
Roof TypeFixed
SurfaceArtificial turf

The smallest MLB stadium is Tropicana Field. It was constructed in 1990 and is known as Florida Suncoast Dome. The venue has a seating capacity of around 25,000 to 26,000 seats to watch baseball games. Although it is the smallest MLB venue of such type in the USA, it hosts the Tampa Bay Rays’ regular-season Major League Baseball games, playoff matchups, and special promotional events and nights.

Top 10 Most Expensive MLB Stadiums By Building Cost

How much does it cost to build a baseball field? As noted, it costs from $500 million to over $1 billion and depends on such facets as design, size, location, and more. Nonetheless, the government and investors contribute to the construction of stadiums, creating exquisite and expensive locations. Let’s explore the ten most expensive MLB stadiums below.

#1 Yankee Stadium

It is the most expensive baseball stadium, as its construction cost up to $1.5 billion. It is located in the Bronx, New York, and is the home of the New York Yankees team. Yankee Stadium was opened in 2009 and has a mixed modern design with the latest amenities. Nowadays, there are around 47,300 seats.

#2 Citi Field

This stadium was opened in 2009, and its construction cost $900 million. It is the home of the New York Mets, as it replaced Shea Stadium. The venue is known for its comfortable seating arrangements​​​​ and homage to the Mets’ history. The capacity of the stadium is approximately 41,922 seats.

#3 Nationals Park

The total building cost of this venue was $611 million. It is located in Washington and started hosting matches on March 30, 2008. It is the home venue of the Washington Nationals. There are over 41,300 seats for sports fans, and it is considered one of the best locations with an eco-friendly design.

#4 Rogers Centre

The total cost of building this sports venue was $570 million. It is located in Toronto, Canada, and is the home of the Toronto Blue Jays. This location was opened in June 1989 and had the SkyDome name. One of the essential features of this place is a retractable roof, which may be closed or opened depending on the weather. Rogers Centre is designed for 55,000 attendees.

#5 Marlins Park

This sports venue cost $550 million and is known as the Miami Marlins’ home field. The stadium is designed for 36,742 spectators, who are always impressed by the modern interior and retractable roof. The roof can close or open in 13 minutes, allowing the game to continue despite the weather conditions. I should also note two 450-gallon fish tanks located directly behind Home Plate.

#6 Target Field

The cost of this stadium is $545 million. Here, the Minnesota Twins team is based and hosts numerous matches. The designers spent huge amounts of funds on environmentally friendly features, like energy-efficient lighting, rainwater recycling systems, etc. Target Field offers over 38,544 seats with unique views of the Minneapolis skyline.

#7 Safeco Field

Safeco Field, located in Washington, USA, cost $518 million to build. It is the home of the Seattle Mariners and has 47,929 seats for fans. Notably, a bulk of money was spent on creating a retractable roof, recycling programs, energy-efficient lighting, and other green initiatives. 

#8 Citizens Bank Park

The cost of the Citizens Bank Park building was $458 million. As known, it is the home venue of the Philadelphia Phillies, and it is located in Philadelphia. The stadium can accommodate up to 42,792 visitors and impresses with Philadelphia-themed food options and various attractions.

#9 Petco Park

This MLB stadium cost $450 million. It is the home of the San Diego Padres, located in California. It was opened on April 8, 2004, and is considered one of the newest baseball stadiums. There are 40,209 seats for visitors. Baseball fans may also find a team store, a restaurant, and suites on the stadium’s territory.

#10 Miller Park

This stadium is located in Milwaukee and has 41,900 seats for sports fans. This baseball venue is the home of the Milwaukee Brewers. Its construction cost $400 million. There are available retractable roofs that can close and open in 10 minutes and allow teams to host games regardless of the weather.

Statistics Of MLB Stadium Construction

Traditionally, the building cost of MLB stadiums varies, depending on location, construction technology, and modern amenities included within each venue. Let’s discover some notable statistics regarding MLB stadium costs below.

The Smallest Cost Of Stadium Building

The fact is that the two oldest stadiums (Fenway Park and Wrigley Field) cost relatively low compared with modern prices. The total amounts were $650,000 and $250,000 respectively. For example, in 2012, such buildings could cost $15 million and $5.8 million.

The Costs Of Innovative Designs

The Chase Field MLB stadium in Arizona cost $354 million and has several fascinating features, like an extensive air conditioning system, a swimming pool, and an exclusive retractable roof to protect teams and visitors from intense heat. 

The Most Expensive Renovations

Every so often, the renovation of MLB venues costs more than the original construction. How many baseball stadiums are there in this category? I can highlight only two. The renovation of Angel Stadium cost more than its original construction. The first price of the stadium building was $24 million, but the updating cost $100 million. Similarly, the Wrigley Field renovation started in 2014 and is continuing now. The total cost of all updates is around $1 billion.

Private Investments

The Oracle Park stadium, located in San Francisco, was the first privately funded baseball venue. Its total cost is $357 million. Fans can be impressed by the 80-foot Coca-Cola bottle and the nine-foot statue of Willie Mays.

The Cost Of Operating

On average, MLB stadiums have considerable operating expenses that may reach up to $300,000 per match. This sum covers payments for game-day staff and energy costs. Baseball fields such as Dodger Stadium, Yankee Stadium, Citi Field, and Oracle Park are considered the most expensive to operate.

Bottom Line

Over 171.1 million fans in America follow baseball events and occasionally visit stadiums to watch live matches. How many MLB stadiums are there? Thirty baseball venues are located in the US, and each can offer something special both for teams and the audience. As my review shows, the construction of an MLB stadium is costly and requires substantial investments. Still, this fact did not stand in the way of new field developments, and now we can enjoy professional games in the finest venues.